Star Wars – The Force Awakens Rey & BB-8 Sixth Scale Figures by Hot Toys Review


Sorry, people.  I liked The Force Awakens. Do I agree that it followed Episode IV: A New Hope a little too closely and that there were too many coincidences and maybe too much comedy? Sure! But I thought it was a fun movie and I picked up some sixth scale figures from the film over the last two years.

This figure set was released late summer of 2016.  I didn’t buy it right away as I was slowly building my sixth scale collection, focusing a bit more on the original trilogy, and getting some figures that were released in the past.  I wasn’t until last summer that I picked it up, snagging it through Ebay from a seller, getting it $60 cheaper than the $289.99 price it was at on Sideshow’s website before it sold out (and I didn’t get dinged with any customs). That made this set a little less painful to the ol’ wallet book. It was also the only way to get a sixth scale BB-8 up until this year.

Seeing how my collection has grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years and I have the Jedi Training Rey and BB-9E on their way, I thought it would be a good idea to showcase these figures on my site and give them the love they deserve.

The packaging is the same as the other Star Wars figures from Hot Toys. Both figures are presented on the front, while there are some credits on the back. Inside is another fantastic collage featuring the figures. I’ve stated numerous times how much I love these damn things!

I’m going to break down the Rey figure first. I features about 28 points of articulation and can be posed very well. I didn’t find much hindrance at all due to the outfit or any joints that are too tight or loose, except her right leg.  That was just a tad looser than usual.

The outfit mimics what you saw on the screen.  The fabric is tailored well, like usual, and the slip on pieces on her arms are pretty amazing to look at.  It’s amazing how they actually make these things.  The can be removed by just taking off the hand and sliding them off.

The belt feels more plastic than the fake leather found on other figures.  The same can be said for the piece on her left wrist.  That’s too bad because I am a fan when they use more realistic material instead of stuff that looks and feels plastic.

The bag isn’t removable and it didn’t seem to open.  I didn’t try too hard because I didn’t want to damage anything.

I’m always a fan of the shoes/boots Hot Toys creates for their figures and these boots are another pair of footwear they nailed.  They probably cost more to make than the shoes I wear.

I think Hot Toys knocked it out of the park once again with an actor’s likeness for the portrait. I think this really looks like Daisy Ridley. Unless these things are abominations, I just can’t see myself nit-picking a sculpt like this or wasting the time looking at stills from the movie, trying to break down something that’s not 100% accurate. When I take a figure out of the box and yell, “DAMN!” and my friends and family see this figure and are blown away, I think Hot Toys did their job well.  The expression is very neutral and I’m fine with that.

Make sure to be careful with the two hanging pieces of hair.  Although they are a softer plastic, I’m sure that if you continue to play around with them, or when you’re changing outfits and not careful, they could potentially snap off.

There are so many hands with this figure – six hands that are bare and six hands that are gloved. No matter which way you want to pose her (regular or scavenger look), you’re covered here.  The gloves feature some real intricate detailing and almost help convince me to keep her scavenger look as my main display…..but then the awesome face sculpt brings me back to the reality that that will never be.


Below are the extra pieces and articles of clothing to put on Rey to display her scavenger look.  The backpack is most impressive and has many removable pieces.  I was going to take them out and photograph them all but time was limited and I also didn’t want to screw anything up.

The left shoulder piece is attached by removing Rey’s left hand and cloth piece. It’s really easy to do and I didn’t worry about about the bands on the shoulder piece snapping.

The goggles I did worry about snapping because of some luck with other pieces from Hot Toys breaking and then needing repair due to a bit of pressure or having to pulling.  Thankfully they had a lot of give and I could put them over her head with little effort.

Putting everything on Rey gives you the second display option.  While this does look great and matches her in the movie, I’m just not interested in posing her like this in my cabinet.  I’m curious as to how many people out there do.  It doesn’t look bad whatsoever. It’s just personal preference.

Putting the cloth piece on her head was a chore.  To put this and all the other stuff on her for these photos (and video embedded at the end) took me about 20-25 minutes.  I struggled with the headpiece.  It was very hard to stretch over Rey’s head and I didn’t want to scratch/scuff the head.  Not only that, the two little pieces of hanging hair would poke out of the cloth.  If I wasn’t taking my time and kept noticing them protruding through the fabric, I may have actually broke them off.

Once I got it on and took some pictures, I then pulled the piece of cloth up to cover her face to get her third display option,  it caused the elastic part of the fabric surrounding the top of her head to lift up because it wasn’t getting support from the piece under her chin any longer.  Constant readjusting and playing with this piece continued when trying to place the goggles in the proper position.  All of this was a pain in the ass and I won’t be doing it again, although it all does look cool when it’s finished.

Rey comes with Luke’s lightsaber (with removable blade), her staff, and pistol/blaster.  All seem to be pretty damn screen accurate to me.  Adding all of these gives you even more posing options alongside the different costumes you can choose from.  There’s actually a lot of bang for the buck with this set, and I haven’t even gotten to BB-8 yet!

Below are a series of pictures with Rey posed with different looks and weapons.  As usual, click to see the full sized image.  You can see that if you track this sold out two pack down for your collection, you’ll have plenty of ways to pose statically or dynamically.  I actually had a ball posing and taking pictures of this figure.

BB-8 really surprised me with this set. Not only is he larger than I anticipated (although I saw the height he was in the promo pics), but he has the same magnetic and rolling mechanism as the droid in the film and the Sphero remote control toy! Add to all of that a few small accessories and a light-up feature for his “eye” and sensors, and you get one hell of an amazing sixth scale “figure.”  It seriously blew me away when took it out of the packaging last year.

I find the colours to be pretty screen accurate but he seems really clean.  Considering this set is based on them both being on Jakku, I think it would have been cool for the droid to have some weathering on him.  Then again, if it did, I may be clamoring for it to be clean.

The light-up feature is demonstrated in the video at the end of this feature, but it easy to activate.  Just pick BB-8’s head off the body and flip the switch. Voila!

There are two accessories that can be attached to BB-8 if you want to add some more personality to the droid.  I have yet to actually display him with these on him because I just like the look of the droid without them, especially just hanging beside Rey.  The accessories are easy to plug in and they had no issue staying in place.

I’m telling you, if you missed out on this BB-8 figure in this two pack, get the re-release that comes with even more accessories.  You won’t be sorry!


One of the other extras for buying this set is the exclusive environment piece that sits on top of the standard hexagonal base that came standard with The Force Awakens figures. It’s based, of course, on Jakku’s environment and features a little area for BB-8 to balance.  I’m happy they included this because that droid can potentially roll if left unattended.

DSC_0096In retrospect, if I had paid the full price for this, I think this set would have been worth it. With the amount of detail, accessories, different looks for Rey, and well-engineered, illuminating BB-8, AND a bonus base piece to boot, you’re getting a lot here.  This was another awesome release from Hot Toys and I’m glad I didn’t miss out on it and I’m kinda embarrassed for not getting around to featuring this sooner.

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Enjoy the video!