WWE Extreme Rules 2018 PPV Predictions


Source: WWE.com

While it hasn’t taken as long to get to this PPV as the last one, WWE programming has made it seem so.

Before I run down the extremely (pun intended) long card for Sunday night’s show, I have to get my two cents in about Brock Lesnar.  Let me just start off by saying that I am one of the people that think they need the belt off Lesnar.  It simply blows my mind that he and Vince came to an agreement for a substantial amount of money to sit at home, not work, and keep a championship title off of TV.  I simply don’t understand it but then in one small way, I do.

When Lesnar appears in the ring again, the crowd is going to boo the hell out of him and perhaps the majority out there will want him gone as much as I do.  Maybe WWE’s plan is, and has been since this deal went down, was for whoever takes the title off of Lesnar (now looking like Summerslam again, according to some posts yesterday), to become the hero in the eyes of millions of WWE fans.  That is unless that person is Roman Reigns.

If they do Lesnar vs. Reigns once again, I hope the live arena watching it makes the backlash against the Lesnar/Goldberg match at Wrestlemania 20 seem like a whisper compared to it.  I want people booing, giving the finger and walking the hell out of that arena as both men walk down that aisle.  That’s the only way Vince, Dunn, and co. will get it.

Diatribe aside, here’s what I think will happen on a card that looks to be decent.  I’m glad I’m not hyped for it because then I tend to be more entertained because my hopes aren’t up.  None of these matches seem “extreme” while some are nauseating gimmick matches.  Oh well…


The New Day vs. SAnitY (Tables Match) (Extreme Rules Kickoff)

Source: WWE.com

I don’t think Sanity’s debut has had the impact it should.  They should have come in more cryptic or at least with some sort of purpose.  They were advertised to show up to TV, then didn’t then show up a few weeks later and beat up The New Day.

This match actually has an “extreme rules” gimmick, so why it’s delegated to the preshow when the next match I’m going to talk about isn’t is beyond me.

Sanity needs the win here to show they’re some kind of force to be reckoned with.  If they don’t beat the three goofballs I can’t stand watching anymore, then Sanity is DOA.  Here’s hoping sensible booking comes through.

Winners: Sanity.


Finn Bálor vs. “Constable” Baron Corbin

Source: WWE.com

Does this seriously need to be on a PPV?  This is a match that should be on Raw or the pre-show.  Look how the mighty Finn Balor has fallen.  Once the chosen one to be the first ever Universal Champion and hold the belt is now in a feud with Baron Corbin who is boring as hell.  This new “constable” thing hasn’t helped him either.  It’s so painful to watch.

Balor should get the win here but I think they need to keep the heat on Corbin in order for these two to continue to feud and for Corbin to stick it to Angle in their awful backstage segments.  I don’t want to really type out who I think will win, but it is what it is.

Winner: Baron Corbin


“Woken” Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt (Champions) vs. The B-Team –
Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I really don’t know what to think or where to go with this.  I find the pairing of the “Woken” one and Bray Wyatt unbelievably boring when they should have been a pair to actually watch.

I’m all for the “B-Team” to be elevated but their shtick of being lucky and not taking things as seriously as they should just doesn’t make me want to cheer them or see them with the belts.  Their antics actually make me think they’ll devalue the belts.

I actually think we’ll see a championship change here because if they don’t win, they have nothing better to do than break-up.  I guess the same can be said for much of the Tag Team division on Raw anyway, right?

Winners: The B-Team


Carmella (Champ?!?!) vs. Asuka –
Smackdown Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

Just like Balor, this is what poor Asuka has been reduced to: selling to Carmella.  Think think back to any of her matches in NXT – she would destroy anyone with the skill set of Carmella within seconds.  Hell, she’d take out people with lots of talent quickly and efficiently.  She’d never take her eye off the prize like she has been written to over the past few weeks.  It’s unbelievable.

James Ellsworth, who I actually don’t mind for comedy relief and plays his role well, will be “locked” in a shark cage and it will be hanging above the ring.  I’m sure many people are thinking, “yeah, that worked in preventing from people from interfering in the past!” Of course I’m being sarcastic here.  Maybe this is WWE’s way of giving the finger to both Enzo and Cass by putting Cass’ ex in the same kind of match. I dunno.

Anyway, I think this “feud” is going to continue and until Ellsworth is really incapacitated in some fashion, he’s going to continue to help Carmella get pins or DQs to retain the championship.  I do hope I’m wrong, though.  Carmella is awful.

Winner: Carmella


Alexa Bliss (Champ) vs. Nia Jax –
Extreme Rules Match for the Raw Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

WTF is WWE doing with Nia Jax? She’s heel, she’s face and against bullying, then she’s a heel and bullying Rousey, then she’s, well, something, and then placed in this match as a face.  I just don’t get it.  Remember how that happened constantly to The Big Show? The writers should be ashamed of themselves.

On the other hand you have Alexa Bliss, who has been perfect in her role and nailing almost everything – in the ring (getting better) and on the mic.  She’s still the perfect person to have as the champ on Raw.

Ronday Rousey has been “suspended” from Raw now for almost 30 days and that’s why she can’t compete.  Mind you, she performed at a show at Madison Square Gardens and WWE said it wasn’t Raw TV, so that was OK.  Now she’s also allowed to sit ringside for this match for some reason that doesn’t makes sense when you’re suspended from something. I’m sure the (fake) powers that be are figuring there would be no way she’d interfere in this match.  Well, yeah, of course she’s going to.  That’s why the belt won’t switch hands.

Rousey will get involved in some capacity and cause a DQ on one of the ladies.

Winner: Alexa Bliss via DQ


Jeff Hardy (Champ) vs Shinsuke Nakamura –
US Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

At least we can thank the makers that Nakamaura’s tactics of kicking people in the junk didn’t continue with Hardy or else, seeing how this is an event with “extreme rules,” we’d be getting a “roshambo” match.  You know, a match where they take turns kicking each other in the jimmy and the last man standing wins!  I actually do think Vince would give us that shit.

I think a title change is happening here and it will be to reward Nakamaura’s work as a heel over the last few months and give us a good guy chasing the title story line for Smackdown.  As well, with Hardy’s recent DUI, WWE may be sending him a message, although I would think they would have done it a lot sooner.  Who knows?  What I do know is this match may be one to steal the show and there will be a title change here.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Dolph Ziggler (Champ) vs. Seth Rollins –
30-Minute Iron Man Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Source: WWE.com

I’m not sure why they just didn’t make this Iron Man match 40 or 45 minutes. I mean, I do know – time restraints and other matches on the card, but these two almost went 30 minutes on Raw last week!

The match will be within one fall or in a tie close to the end where Drew McIntyre will interfere somehow again, causing Rollins to either miss out getting a pin.  This will allow Ziggler to win with one pinfall or the match ending in a draw.

With all the work they’re doing with Ziggler and McIntyre, I don’t think a Ziggler loss and split with McIntyre is in the cards this early.  I think the belt on Ziggler is the right move until they’re forced to fight each other and Rollins in a triple-threat match down the road where McIntyre comes out on top causing the two to split.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


The Bludgeon Brothers (Champs) vs. Team Hell No –
SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Source: WWE.com

I have no interest in the Bludgeon Brothers as they’re currently marketed.  While some nostalgia with Team Hell-No being back is kinda cool, I think it won’t last long as Kane will probably continue to focus on his political career.

That being said, I think The Miz gets involved in some capacity and costs Team Hell-No the match.  Where they go from here to write Kane off TV and split the group up after this, I’m not sure.  I’m curious to see where they all headed after this show.  I  wouldn’t be against one more, but brief, Team Hell-No title reign, though!

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers


Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens (Steel Cage Match)

Source: WWE.com

Here we have match in an “extreme” setting and it’s not even for a feud that really needs it.  Seriously, why do these two need to be in a cage? There’s no use for it!  The Reigns/Lashley match actually deserves it more than this I’m sad to say.

Unless Owens sneaks out somehow, I just don’t see Strowman losing here.  He’s been sticking it to Owens for weeks now and has taunted him continuously. Strowman will get the win here and both men hopefully move on to something new.

Winner: Braun Strowman


Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley

Source: WWE.com

Lashley’s return, up until about two weeks ago, has been a joke.  Inserting him with Reigns is a good idea, but really, who should people get behind here? There’s no real reason right now to get behind Lashley except for Reigns haters to see him beat Reigns.

Reigns, on the other hand, has a small section cheering him on, but that’s a minority and a win will just stir up the hate.  And you know we’re going to get the typical Reigns match:  he’ll start off strong, get thrown into the ring post and/or the stairs, get beat down most of the match and then he usually wins. Will we get that with Lashley?  I’m not sure and I hope not.  I think Lashley needs this win to look strong.  If he doesn’t win, he’s just another guy on the roster.  The unfortunate thing is Vince isn’t giving up on Reigns on being the top guy yet.

Winner: Roman Reigns if it isn’t a double DQ


AJ Styles (Champ) vs. Rusev –  WWE Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m curious as hell to see if they’ll actually let their champion close the show defending the title.  I think this will be a great match and the two different (excuse the pun) styles will contrast nicely and make the match a real back and forth visual.

I’m one who would be happy if Rusev won the championship.  Hell, it would make for a good story line to have Styles chase the “bad guy” (although people chanting “Rusev Day” don’t believe he’s the heel) for the belt up to Summerslam but I think that’s where they’re going to go with Nakamura winning the US Championship.

Nonetheless, I don’t think this match between these two is going to be a one and done thing.  I’m also anxious to see how vocal the crowd is going to be behind Rusev here!  It’ll be a fun match!

Winner: AJ Styles