Star Wars: Praetorian Guard Sixth Scale Figure By Hot Toys Review

DSC_0027One thing, though, whether you like the plot of a movie or not, you can perhaps still think that some characters, creatures, aliens, and/or costume designs were pretty cool. I’m in the crowd that quite enjoyed most aspects of The Last Jedi and am not jumping on the hate bandwagon.   I know by saying that, I’ve probably alienated some readers.

When the Praetorian Guards were unveiled, I immediately knew I was getting at least one of them for my sixth scale collection.  The updated look/homage to the Emperor’s Royal Guards were immediate to me and with Hot Toys getting to those as well, this purchase was more of a no-brainer.  I mean, it’s too bad what happened to them happened in film, but that’s whole another topic.

These guards had different looks in the movie due to slight variations on their helmet designs and the weapons they wielded.  Considering the outfit from the neck down is the same, that meant marketing knew more money was to be made from this design choice when it came to selling figures on any size.

Hot Toys offered two editions of this figure.  Each package has two helmets and two different weapons so you could technically have three different looking guards but four with distinct weapons.  Some people could be buying up to four of these guys to get all the guards in the film represented on their shelves.  The Paradox Nerd already interviewed a fan (Trooper Guy) that had four!

As you can see from the box below, I chose the one that came with the heavy blade.  The look of that weapon and the other ones it includes very the most appealing.  I also like the look of the helmets that came in this box.  I’m not a big fan of the helmet that really distinguishes the one that is armed with the double blades.

Speaking of the box/packaging, this figure doesn’t have the usual credits on the back!!! I was so surprised because it gave some variation on the same old/same old.  Those credits are now on the bottom of this box.  The inside still features another excellent picture featuring figures, too!  Once again, I’m happy to say that all the parts and the figure were packed snug.

Say what you want about this guy, but the minimalist approach makes him stand out to me. That and he’s so red and glossy!  The figure is 12″ tall and is on a standard body – nothing new there.  I run through the articulation in the video at the end of the feature but I’ll say that you have a surprising good amount in the arms, you can stretch out the arms almost 180 degrees, and utilize ankle and knee articulation.

As mentioned, the segmented armor actually has more movement in the arms than you’d think.  I thought they were going to be pretty stiff but the softer plastic really allows you to use the elbow articulation.  I move it around in the video for you to see.

As well, in the shot below to the right, you can see some sculpting in the armor but there’s not too much on the front or back.  I know it keeps the figure looking clean but I’m sure there will people that will dislike how it may not break up the monotonous look of the figure.

Pulling the lower cape piece away, you can see this guy is rocking the tight leather pants like the guys in Mötley Crüe or other popular 80s hard rock/metal bands did.  Points for that but due to it, you’re not going to get any movement in the upper legs.  While you do get articulation in the knees, there’s not much and I’m sure you’ll get a wrinkled look if left for more than a short period of time.  I really didn’t bend mine too much.  The boots and lower leg armor follow the aesthetics of the top half of the figure.  I’m wondering if this is how they’ll do the Emperor’s Royal Guards when they drop.

The helmet the figure is shipped with was one the one I was going to immediately take off after reviewing and stick the other one for display in my cabinet. Hell, I even said so in my video.  Seeing how it’s been a week since I filmed to when I’m about to have this feature go live, now I’m not so sure.  I’ve taken a liking to it more than I thought and pointed piece gives this guy quite a bit of character. It’s like he’s more high ranked than the other (if you bought two).

I wish the grate-style area for the mask had something to give it just a bit more of a pop.  It’s a cool design but there’s just simply nothing breaking up the red.

You can see the sculpting of the horizontal grating on the front of the mask while there is other subtle details sculpted onto the sides and back.  The head was easy to pop off and on during my time interchanging them.

I suppose everything I said about the first helmet can be applied to this one except the tip is now pointing down and is directly vertical.  I also found there to be less additional sculpting on the back of the helmet.

This figure includes six hands in total, although only four are pictured below.  I had already swapped them out to take photos, so you see all of the on the figure throughout this feature.  It’s not the most or least amount of hands a Hot Toys figure has ever come with but what is included works.


The first weapon that is included is the heavy blade.  It is shipped in two pieces but snaps together about 1/3 down easily.  The weapon is light and doesn’t feel brittle.  You won’t have to worry about it getting it damaged if it falls out of your figure’s hands.


It’s cool to be able to pose the figure stagnant or in action and have it still look commanding and menacing.  Click the pics below, as usual, to take a closer look!

The second weapon is the whip staff.  It comes in two versions – compressed or extended.  What I really like about having both options is being able to place both the heavy blade and either version of this weapon on both hands and have him look like he’s standing guard or in action.

The extended version has wiring that can be manipulated to make it look as it’s in mid-motion.  I love this option and it’s going to really make me switch out the helmet and the weapons every few months.


No matter what kind of pose with what version of this weapon you choose, you’re likely to get some great poses to choose from!

The extended whip is lightweight and doesn’t affect the balance of the figure no matter how you have the figure have it held.

As usual, the figure comes with a stand and I’m really digging this one.  I find the graphics, along with the colours, all make this one really pop.  It looks high end thanks to the crisp name piece.  I’ll be using this one!


Hands down, this figure is a win in my books.  I do wish it was a little cheaper, though.  Then again, I think of the engineering and production that went into the figure’s arm armour plates to make this figure functional and the unique extended whip staff was a ig cost.  When I take those into consideration (and those pants, man) I can see where this is money well spent.  It almost makes me want to pick up a second.  Almost!


Enjoy the video!!!