Figure Shield Deflector Box Protective Cases for Star Wars Black Series Figures Review



When the Star Wars 40th anniversary Black Series figures came out on those awesome, yet oversized cards, they were a collection that I wanted to keep minty fresh.  I had no idea how I could protect the cards and I didn’t want to just hang them up like other figures and many of my cards were unpunched.

Thankfully, Figure Shield appeared out of nowhere and produced cases for those figures.  I already reviewed them (click this link if you missed it) and they are hanging on my stairway down to the man cave.

Figure Shield also came up with their own cases for protecting 3 ¾” figures on normal sized cards.  I reviewed them as well (click this link) and they had a bunch of positives but a few things I’d like to see improved.

When they announced they now had protection for Black Series Star Wars figures (the DFR1) , I decided to put in an order to check those out seeing how I’m already along for the Figure Shield ride and I knew I had at least 10-15 figures that seem to command a higher price on the market that I should probably protect in case I ever decide to sell my collection.

I unfortunately didn’t see before ordering that these only fit the red line cases and aren’t compatible with the older Orange and Blue line boxes. Oh well.  I have enough of the current series figures that can use them.

The cases arrive flat, wrapped in plastic, so you have to assemble the boxes.  They take no time at all and I go through it in the video at the end of the feature.  These cases are really clear compared to the slightly cloudy look the other sets of cases I’ve purchased from Figure Shield.  That was a big positive for me. Just like their other cases, these are high-quality PET, and are acid-free and UV resistant.


Once the box is put together, the figure slides right and is snug and secure in the protective packaging.  There is a small slot where you can slide the peg hook out and be able to hang them up that way.



For those who don’t want to pull that peg up and really keep your Black Series boxes as case fresh as possible, Figure Shield also has for purchase hangers that stick on the back of the packaging so you can still hang it up!   I thought that was a pretty cool idea.  For an extra 25 cents an order you, get one hanger and two small, clear circle stickers to put over the tabs to really make sure that your figure will not slip out of the box.


The one thing I was disappointed with was with the flaps on the top and the bottom and how it was designed.  When displaying these figures, I want the front to look as clear and unobstructed as they do without any kind of protection.  Unfortunately, no matter what way you place the figure in the box, the tab front the top or the bottom flap will appear on the front of the box.  It’s very distracting and I wish the boxes were designed with the flaps both facing the back.


I emailed Figure Shield to ask why they chose that and it was communicated to me that the engineer of the packaging said the boxes would be sturdier if they were that way.  Hey, I don’t make them or engineer them, so I have no idea.  I’ll take them at their word but I think some people will be put off by this.


While I’m happy with the cases, I do hope they fix the issue with the tabs and create ones that will fit the older series figures.  For the price point, though, I don’t think you can go wrong with what these cases offer.  To order some for yourself, head on over to Figure Shield’s website.

Enjoy the video!