Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1/4 Scale Baby Turtle (1990 Movie) Accessory Set from NECA Review


NECA knocked it out of the park last year when they released their ¼ scale (18”) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles based on their appearance from the 1990 feature film.  They cost me an arm and a leg to get seeing how the license was only for the US, but thankfully, my buddy Dave of Mad Rush Media helped me out.

During Splinter’s origin story in the film, we got to see the turtles before they were transformed into their teenage forms.  It was a memorable scene but in no way did I ever think we’d ever see figures of those baby turtles.  To tell you the truth, it never crossed my mind! I think that’s why it was such a surprise to see NECA make this accessory pack that features the baby Turtles in plastic form!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Amazon.com was shipping these to Canada.  The shipping price wasn’t actually too bad ($10) and I think I had to pay an additional $9 in customs fees, which was OK with me.  I paid the piper figure that I wouldn’t get a better deal from anywhere else IF I could grab them here in good old Ontario.

The packaging follows the same theme as the quarter scale figures with the skyscrapers around the outside of the box and the same style look of what’s included on the sides and the back of the box as their larger counterparts.

The four baby turtles in this set are virtually identical except for the spots and some detailing are on their front shell and on their skin.  I totally get using the same mold for all of them but I would have like to see maybe two different heads to give more diversity to the set.  I’m sure this would have increased the cost, but I would have been OK with paying $10 more if that was the case.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down to watch this film (I don’t watch many movies) so I’m not sure which turtle is which.  On NECA’s product page for this set, they seem to have it laid out with who is who, so check that out.

The figures have articulated heads and arms.  There is no movement in the legs, though.  The mouths have some slight movement to them so even if the heads aren’t different, you can have some of the turtles with their mouths open and some closed to give a bit more variety wherever you are displaying them.


The additional accessories the set comes with is a pizza box, that looks quite similar to a pizza franchise known to many, and four pieces of pizza.  When you add the four pieces that individually came with each quarter scale turtle, you can have yourself one full pizza! Tubular!  What I think is really cool about the pizza box is the detailing of the grease and oil that is stained in the box.  It reminds me why if ever I order from Pizza Hut, I eat it with a fork and knife.  Yeah, I know, this isn’t a Pizza Hut box…but remember the TMNT 2 game for the NES? Ahh…at least the proper pizza place was a sponsor there.

Damn! You can have so much fun just posing these guys getting all excited to get some ‘Za! All you need is some Technotronic “pumping up the jam” or “spinning that wheel” courtesy of a DJ in the background! The kids may not get that.

This set also comes with a bag of corn chips.  I’m thinking one of my turtles will be holding this on my shelf.  I’d say it would remind me to buy corn chips, but I can only stomach so many of them.  Pork rinds, on the other hand, could be shoveled in my mouth every day without any complaints.

If that wasn’t enough, NECA threw in an extra hand for the quarter scale Michelangelo to work with the spinning nunchuck accessory that is also included with the set.   I’m definitely utilizing these two pieces for my Mikey figure.  It will go really well with the figure’s personality.


Lastly, the figures come with a sticker sheet of bandages.  I really have to go back and watch the movie during my vacation to be able to place these accordingly.  Sorry to disappoint for not having any of these on the figures for this feature.

DSC_0199For a size comparison, I thought it would be cool to put a nunchuck twirling Michelangelo beside one of the little baby turtles.


So, for the price point, I think this set is a good value and if you’re someone that have purchased all four quarter scale TMNT figures, I’m sure splurging a bit more for these is a no-brainer.  These baby figs are going to stand beside their full-grown counterparts on the shelf they’re on in my man-cave and I’m sure many people are really going to dig them when they notice them.  I really can’t wait to see what NECA will unveil at this year’s SDCC for this line and how the Foot Solider and Shredder figures are shaping up.


Miss out on my look at the quarter scale figures? Click the links to see my reviews of Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael.  The Raphael in his trench coat disguise should finally be up some time next week, so stay tuned for that.

Enjoy the video!