Star Wars – Force Link 2.0 (Han Solo cards) Wave 2 and Toys R’ Us Exclusives Review


It doesn’t seem that long ago that I finally got around to sharing the figures I picked up as a part of the Han Solo movie wave featuring Force Link 2.0 technology.  I’ve been extremely busy with the secret project I’ve been working on and work but with things finally winding down, I can back to being more timely.

This feature is going to take a quick look at four of the newest 3 3/4″ figures from Hasbro as well as two Toys R’ Us exclusives: a five pack of figures from The Last Jedi and a deluxe Stormtrooper.

Here in Canada, we’re lucky enough that our Toys R’ Us stores didn’t close and have been bought out.  As of this moment, there are no plans to rebrand and things are business like usual.  The store I usually go to is hit and miss, but the great thing is that has been great over the past year, although they were extremely late getting to some of the last waves of Black Series figures and the first bunch of Han Solo movie figures.

The four 3 3/4″ figures I’m featuring here I didn’t get from TRU in the store or online.  I got them thanks to a fellow collector! I’d like to thank my buddy Ben who I’ve recently befriended over the past few months on various Star Wars FB groups I’m a part of.  He’s seen my passion for collecting and my love of sharing that on my site, so he’s helped me out get many figures lately.  Thanks, Ben!

Before I start, I’ll state again for new people seeing this stuff on my site for the first time, is I collect these and display them in the box and on the cards.  It works for me and I’ve been doing it since high school.  There – said and done.  I just like showing what I’ve purchased on here and give people some of my insight and a closer look.  Now…on to the figures!

Kylo Ren

I suppose I’ll start with the figure I start with in the video embedded from my YouTube channel at the end of this feature, Kylo Ren.  I can’t believe how many figures I have of this guy already when I combine the 3 3/4″ and Black Series figures.

That being said, I think it’s OK to have one represented by Force Link 2.0 technology and one that has the helmet on but the hood off.  While it may be yet another Kylo Ren, at least it’s one with another variety to display or hang on your wall like I do.


Supreme Leader Snoke

I’ve been hankering for a Snoke figure in this scale for a while now, especially with having two 6″ figures.  I could be mistaken but I think this is the same figure that came with the playset encompassed in that large BB-8 that was released before The Last Jedi came out.  That mo-fo was like $300 here in Canada and there was no way I was paying that much just to get two figures.  Seeing how I keep the majority of the stuff in the package, that price point was just not gonna do it for me.

Thankfully I waited because those damn sets never really went down anywhere I’ve seen here and now I have a 3 3/4″ Snoke.  I think the figure looks great but I have a funny feeling it could just be a tad taller.  Does anyone out there have this figure and the one from the playset and let me know how they compare?


Princess Leia Organa (Hoth/ESB)

I said this in my vid, but I think this is the figure many were salivating the most for.  You can’t go wrong with more Leia figures and this version of Leia is a fan favourite.  I really love the Hot Toys sixth scale figure I got earlier this year and this one isn’t too shabby, although the likeness isn’t there as much as other figures in this scale.  I’m not sure if it’s just a blah paint job or if the sculpt just isn’t not hitting the spot.

The outfit looks decent but take a look at that blaster! It seems so large compared to the figure.  Is it just me?



While others were really hankering to get their hands on the Leia figure, I was really looking forward to Moloch the most.  I dug the short time he had on the screen in the Han Solo film and when he took the mask off in the film, the first thing I asked myself was if his upcoming figure could do it, too.  It does! This is going to be one of those figures I’ll be getting one to take out of the package because not only do I think Hasbro did it justice, I have to be able to take the mask off.  Stay tuned because when I eventually find one in the wild, I’ll update with a photo or two with the mask off.


The Last Jedi 5 Pack – Toys R’ Us Exclusive

At $60 Canadian, this is kind of hard to swallow. I mean, you know this thing will eventually get a price cut.  I saw it online, got free shipping and money off the online price so I said screw it and snagged it.

The Kylo Ren (wow! Another one!) and Rey are repacks, so they’re nothing really to write about.  The Poe Dameron may have been included with a vehicle but I don’t buy many of them, so I don’t have this figure.  The same goes with the First Order Snowtrooper.  I have a sixth scale figure and one from The Black Series, but not in the 3 3/4″ scale.  That really helps swallow the price for this set.

The main goodie here is the hologram style Maz Kanata figure.  It’s the same sculpt as the one that is on the card and the one from the Battle on Krait 4-pack, but an exclusive is an exclusive and I like hologram figures.  For those who utilize the Force Link 2.0 feature, they’ll get a lot of bang for their buck here.


Stormtooper (Deluxe) – Toys R’ Us Exclusive

There were a lot of cheers and jeers when this figure was announced.  Many applauded another Trooper for army building and it having some battle damage on the chest, arm and helmet.  People also dug the stand and the explosion and blaster effects.  Others said it was too much ($50 Canadian) for what it came with.

I totally get both perspectives.  Most of the TRU exclusives here in Canada always end up being about $40 and then the price drops.  I got it for $10 less than retail so I didn’t think it was that bad.  I’m just happy I was able to score one to add to my collection of Troopers and if I ever have the room to open all my Troopers up to display them, this one will really pop on the shelf.  It looks like many fans in the US on the various FB groups I’m on are really interested in getting this figure, too and it’s weird to see us here in Canada get stuff before them.  Hopefully they’ll get a larger distribution so all fans can get one.

Those are my quick thoughts on the newest figures I’ve gotten and I totally forgot to include my little Porg 2 pack and Dewback! Perhaps another time….

Enjoy the video!