Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


As the year started, it seemed like Hot Toys/Sideshow had a plethora of figures released so quickly together that it made your head spin.  Things have cooled off, for me at least, over the past few months and that’s OK considering I’ve had other stuff on my plate.  That all looks to change as I have this figure to now in my hands and three others coming within the next month.

A Jedi Knight Luke redo has been on fanboys’ want list for a long time.  Sideshow released one back in 2006, way before I was collecting sixth scale collectibles, and I didn’t want to track one down as it is way inferior to what we’re getting these days.  A couple of months after Hot Toys announced their Jedi Luke (this figure I’m showcasing today), Sideshow also announced their own that also comes with accessories to transform Luke into his Endor look.  I find the face sculpt in their promos to be not as accurate as Hot Toys’, so I kept the preorder for this figure.

The box is the same old, same old.  I’m happy that the boxes aren’t something I’m too concerned with because mine came badly dinged up in the right corner.  It also affected the picture flap on the inside.  Thankfully, nothing was affected in the figure trays.  Everything was in place and secured.

This figure comes in just a smidge over 11″, which helps keep the figure in scale with the rest of the sixth scale, crew.  Luke is a bit shorter than Han, so that keeps things in check.  All the standard articulation is found here and I go into it more in the video at the end of the feature.  All the articulation was just right – not to stiff and not loose.  As you move the knees, though, you’ll find the pants coming out of the boot just a bit and some people may not like that look.  It’ll be hard to press them back down without taking the boots off.

The outfit on this figure is tailored well although the outfit is not as complicated as some on the other figures that have come out this year.  The vest looks fantastic and seems to fit perfectly on the figure.  The belts are removable and so is the vest so you can display your figure without it.

The boots and the top belt are made of the same leather-like material we’ve seen before and it’s a high quality.  The belt has some weathering on the front buckle and an hook for the lightsaber hilt.  The pouch is not removable.

Ever since filming my video review, I’ve really been back and forth just a bit on this sculpt.  I love it but then there are some angles where something just doesn’t seem spot on.  I realize that Mark Hamill’s likeness tends to be one of the most difficult to get right and I think the sculptors over at Hot Toys have done the best representation yet.  I think I’d score it an 8.5 out of 10 right now (and has gone down and up by .5 over the past few days).

The hair, to me, is done really well.  The expression chosen works for me and I like how the mouth is open just a bit, exposing some teeth.  I’m also a fan of the position of the pupils on this figure.  I’m not a fan of figures looking to the right or left, so these eyes, looking up slightly, works for me and the poses I’ve put the figure in.

You get ten hands with this figure.  Ten freakin’ hands! As you can see, you have a gloved hand and a hand that shows the blaster mark when Luke got shot on Jabba’s sail barge.  All these hands will help you replicate key poses from all throughout the film.  It shows the people over at Hot Toys really thought this out.


Luke comes with a soft, beautifully done robe that just slides on over his head.  I think in the video I said you had to move the arms back.  I was mistakenly thinking of removing the vest.

The robe drapes perfectly over the figure but it seems to have a hood that’s a bit too big.  I don’t know if it’s just me and never being able to pose them just right, but I find all the robe hoods that have come with figures to be extremely large.  In the video I play around with it a bit.  The hood also has a wire, so you can position it to your liking.

The figure includes the blaster that Luke pulls out on Jabba.  Just like other Hot Toys sixth scale weapons, the detailing is intricate although this doesn’t seem like a very complicated accessory to make.  Still, accuracy is the goal and it seems like they nailed it here.

I love posing Luke with the blaster with his damaged hand.  I’m so conflicted as to how I’m going to keep this figure posed in my cabinet – robe on with the blaster or robe off with a lightsaber in hand.

Also included with the figure are the handcuffs Luke was put in when he was delivered to Vader on Endor.  It’s a cool extra piece to have but I really can’t see people displaying this figure in cuffs.  Then again, nothing surprises me these days.

The lightsaber hilt is the one Luke had in Return of the Jedi, of couse.  Lightsaber hilt freaks go over these things with a fine-toothed comb to check for accuracy and I’m sure there may be something not right for some.  To me though, this is another home-run.  The blade it comes with it shipped on detaches so you can have it hooked to the belt.

Two lightsaber blades are included for the stand alone hilt or to be placed into the second arm that is battery operated to allow the blades to light up, like we’ve gotten with many other figures in the past.  I forgot to take a picture of the battery powered forearmarm, but you can see it in the video below.

This is the first time we’ve gotten a blade in action piece.  I think it’s a really cool accessory and for those who have figures posed with lightsabers in their collection, it will add more variety.


Click on the smaller pics to enlarge them.

Swapping the standard forearm for the battery operated one was so easy.  In the past, there have been figures where it has been a big pain in the ass to swap in and out those pieces, but it was so easy to do on this figure.

The light didn’t seem as bright for this figure’s saber when the light was activated.  Perhaps it’s the colour of the blade itself not protruding like it should but even in the dark it didn’t illuminate the dark room like others have.  You can see for yourself in the pics below.

The stand for this figure is pretty damn cool  You can have the standard base and stand like other figures have to keep a more uniformed look.  If not, you can attach the canisters and one of two stickers onto the base.  You get the one pictured below, which mimics the trap door floor in front of Jabba’s throne or one (not pictured but shown in the video) where it’s just sand.  I’ll be keeping mine as shown.  I hope Hot Toys continues this trend with their stands.

DSC_0171I’m really impressed with this figure.  While it may not be the top Star Wars Hot Toys figure for me this year, it keeps the solid releases rolling along.  Maybe it’ll top my list the more I play around with it and keep changing it up.  For the price point, you do get a fair amount of stuff.


Enjoy the video!!!!