More New (but not as recent) Star Wars 3 3/4″ Figures to Review!


I’m back to give my two cents on some more 3 3/4″ Star Wars figures.  A bunch of these have been out for a little bit.  Some I’ve had for a while but never featured on this site.  Seeing how I’ve been plowing through a bunch of Star Wars stuff recently, I thought I’d finish off the week looking at this stuff.

If you’re new to my site – I display my figures by hang them on the spare space on my walls.  I don’t keep them in the package hoping for a future pay day – it’s just convenient for me.

Like usual, there’s video with some more insight on these figures at the end of this feature.  Now…on to the figures!



This is the second of three figures that came out at the end of The Last Jedi wave of 3 3/4″ figures.  I got lucky and found C’ai Threnalli a long time ago and already featured him.  According to many, these figures didn’t show up on the pegs in the US and I think it was Entertainment Earth that got some in to sell.  We got the figures in Canada in certain areas and thanks to Ben over on one of my Star Wars figure Facebook groups, he hooked me up with this figure and the one I discuss next.

While this figure seems to be the exact same figure as the one released for The Force Awakens line, the plastic for the armor is now glossy and the paint is a lot better, bringing out the helmet better and the minute lines on the figure.  If you want one definitive Flametrooper, this is the one to get.


Emperor Palpatine

It seemed, from what I’ve seen on Ebay, this was the figure many people were clamoring for out of the three figures.  Tell a collector a figure is rare and a popular character’s figure goes up in value.  I don’t pay much attention to what figures are going for but he seems to be getting purchased for $30-55 US dollars according to my recent search on Ebay.  That’s a good mark up!

I really like the face sculpt, the details on the robe, and the overall pose for the figure.  If I had the room to open these guys, I think this figure would really pop with those force bolts coming from his hands.  This is a great figure and I hope those who really want him get him.


Battle on Crait Set

This four pack came out a while back for about $40.  Not too bad if you’re considering a $10 a figure value.  Yeah, we get another Rey.  I have no idea why, but we do.  The main reason for getting this set for me was to get the First Order Snowtrooper and the First Order Gunner.

After taking a look at the awesome First Order figures, I really wish we got them as 6″ figures in The Black Series.

When discussing the Rose figure in my video, I say, “and everyone’s favourite, Rose” and I paused for sarcasm considering what people had been spewed online about The Last Jedi, the Rose character, and other unbelievable stuff.  Little did I know after filming it that the actor who played Rose, Kelly Marie Tran, deleted her Instagram due to the toxic crap Star Wars “fans” were saying about her and harassment.

I know this isn’t toy related now but I would like to state it on my page.  You can critique things, you can have an opinion, and you can like or dislike whatever you want.  With that right, you also have to realize that people will like what you don’t and people will have the opposite opinion than you.  You have to deal with it maturely.  Don’t harass people.  Seriously, don’t some of these toxic, hateful people have anything better to do with their time than spread hate on the Internet? It’s an f’n movie and there are people behind the script that was written for them.  To those people, I say “grow the hell up.”


Rathtar (with Bala-Tik)

This creature and figure came out just before The Last Jedi opened and I didn’t buy it until about two weeks ago.  I scored it for $10 at Walmart.  The Bala-Tik figure is quite boring but I thought the Rathtar was kinda cool.  At $10, I thought it would be a welcome addition to the collection.


Imperial Probe Droid (with Darth Vader)

I’m never going to pass up a Probe Droid! This set also came out a while ago but I just haven’t featured it.  I think pairing up this droid with the Force Link technology is a good idea because who doesn’t love the Probe Droid sound effects? The addition of the droid being able to fire projectiles makes an awesome figure!

Hasbro had to make this purchase even better by including a Darth Vader figure with it.  I’m not actually sure what is reused with the figure or if it is a brand new sculpt.  When I have time to sleuth, I’ll hopefully remember to update this.  The figure is pretty cool looking and checks off all those boxes for what makes a good Darth Vader figure.  The eyes on the helmet seem to have a red tinge to them that is more prominent than on other Vader figures.


Wampa (with Luke Skywalker)

This was one of the earlier releases I found for the Force Link 2.0 figures.  It was a easy buy for me because I actually don’t own a 3 3/4″ Wampa! How could I say no to a furry Wampa with a detachable arm?  It looks pretty cool! The packaging for it isn’t too shabby, either!

Let’s not forget Wampa also has a Hoth Luke Skywalker figure as well! I like the sculpt of the figure and I couldn’t believe the paint around the right eye to show there’s been a bit of an encounter already with our fuzzy friend.  That’s some good detailing right there.

That’s my quick look and two-cents on these figures.  I know they’re not the most recent but I needed to give them some love on here.  I’ll be getting some newly released figures next week, so stay tuned for that!

Enjoy the video!