New Star Wars Black Series Figures Review – Wolffe, Rex, Chewy, Mimban Stormtrooper and Kylo Ren


Wow! Another feature this week? Get outta here! Told you I’m slowly going back to a routine! Today, I’m going to be doing a quick run down of some recent additions to my Star Wars Black Series collection.  If you want to see my video review, it’s embedded at the end of the feature.

Once again, full disclosure: I buy these and keep them in the box because that’s how I display them.   That’s it.  I’m not sitting on them to strike it rich when I’m 60.  When I die, they go to my daughter and she can sell ’em or keep ’em.  I just like showcasing what I buy and giving my two cents on them – that’s the whole point of my site.


Clone Captain Rex

I’ve kind of featured this figure before when I took a look at the HasCon exclusive version that came out last year.  This figure is basically the same except a few things I’ve noticed.  He doesn’t come with the larger blasters and his armor doesn’t look as weathered.

It’s also nice to see he comes displayed with his helmet off so you can see the sculpt under the helmet.  The exclusive was shipped with it on.  Considering I’m an in-box/package collector for these figures, I never got a good look at the sculpt besides what I saw online.  This is a solid release and the figure pops, not only because of the colours, but because of the great paintwork on the figure, the mask, and the head sculpt.  I have to say that I’m quite happy with all the paint on the faces on all these figures I’m featuring.


Clone Commander Wolffe

It’s not often us Canucks get lucky with Star Wars products.  Most of the time, we’re the last ones to find things in stores and waves sometimes miss us completely.  This time around, it seems like our EB Games were getting the exclusive figure before GameStop in the US.  Score one for us!

I love the sculpt of the helmet and the head.  The paint on both of them are done really well and I love the scaring effect and white eye.  All the other scuffing on the armor really makes the figure stand out, along with the grey paint.  This figure will definitely stand out among the many Clones and Troopers that have been released so far.


Chewbacca (Han Solo Movie)

I liked the Han Solo movie.  I went in without any expectations and I avoided all trailers and the hatred being spewed by Star Wars “fans” before the film even came out.  I didn’t think it was an “awesome”or perfect movie, but I liked it a lot and will be watching it again when it comes out on BluRay.  I found all the actors to play their parts well and I loved all the Easter eggs.  I do hope we get another film.  I talk a bit more about it in the video, but those are my thoughts on it in a nutshell.

This Chewbacca figure is a Target exclusive in the US and at EB Games here in Canada.  I had an awesome member a Canadian FB group I’m on send me this figure.  I paid a bit more for it with the shipping than I would have if I waited to pick it up at the store but, like I said, sometimes we don’t see exclusives at all even if we’re supposed to (I’m looking at you, Inferno Squad Agent).

I love the fur sculpt on this Chewie  (I’ve been a fan of all the Black Series Chewbaccas so far).  The  double bandolier is awesome, the face sculpt rocks and the colours on the fur look great.  The huge shotgun-style weapon is done really well, too!

The figure comes with a pair of goggles that do fit on the figure.  I think it’s a cool touch and will really help this Chewbacca stand out from the others for those that have the room to open them and display them all.  This figure is a home run for me.


Stormtrooper (Mimban) – Han Solo Movie

AWWW YEAH! More Troopers! Thanks to Ben (again) who is a part of many Canadian FB action figure groups I’m a part of for snagging me this figure (and the one I’ll be discussing next).  This is an exclusive figure to Walmart in the US.  We never see US Walmart exclusives here in Canada and I have no idea why.  Suffice to say, not only am I happy to not have to search on Ebay for the figure, I’m also happy because it adds another Trooper to the collection.

This figure checks off all the boxes on what makes a good addition to the Trooper ranks.  It has a slightly varied helmet, additions that makes it a bit different than other Troopers thanks to the dirty/muddied look all over the armor and the soft goods came, and a blaster.  Army builders are going to have a ball snagging a couple of these for their collection.  I was impressed with the 3 3/4″ one I’ll be featuring soon and I’m even more impressed with this.  I hope Hot Toys gets around to making one!


Kylo Ren (w/Throne Room Base)

Speaking of pain in the ass Walmart USA exclusives, this Kylo Ren was also hard to find for quite a bit for many in the US.  It seems like many aren’t having an issue snagging it now and Ebay prices have come down quite a bit.

I was on the fence about picking this one up at first when this figure got announced last year.  I mean, I already have a few Kylo Ren figures in various sizes (just use the search feature on my site to see ’em) and I have three Black Series figures (two in the regular boxes and the SDCC exclusive from two years ago).

The packaging on this figure is great.  The art on the front and the stance of the figure on the back make it quite attractive.  Opening it up, you are treated to another shot of the figure posed with a breakdown of everything you get.  And then for those people like me who like to display them in the boxes, the window-box packaging allows you to really get a good look at the figure and the accessories.

From what I can tell with my other Kylo Ren figures, there’s a lot of new stuff on here, mainly the head sculpt.  I think this is probably my favourite representation of Kylo Ren yet and now that I have it in my hands, I definitely am glad I parted with my money for it.

It’s so cool to see the helmet and the hilt are diecast.  That’s something unique that I don’t think has been added to a figure in the Black Series line yet.

I’m extremely happy with all five of these figures and there’s not really anything to gripe about.  I’m sure the most hardcore person will pick out inconsistencies but they can waste their time doing that.  From what I see and how I’m going to display them, they look great!  If you’re looking for these figures, I hope you’re successful scoring them.

Enjoy the video!