A Nightmare on Elm St. 2 Ultimate Freddy and Friday the 13th Accessory Set by NECA.


Holy crap in a hat! Yeah, I’m actually doing a feature! I’ve been gone (but not really) for a bit working on some super secretive stuff that I can reveal at a later date.  That, plus my career, have kept me pretty busy.  As summer approaches and my work on the project winds down, I’ll be pumping out lots more stuff.

Now that’s all said and done, today I’m doing a quick feature to a) show people I’m still alive and b) to showcase two awesome items from NECA that I picked up.  You know I love my horror stuff, especially action figures, so it’s a no-brainer that I snagged these two items.  They’ve been out for a bit but I needed to give them some love on the site.


Friday the 13th – Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Set

I know, I know.  You’re gonna ask, “why are you featuring this but only showing the box?” Well, if this is your first time to my site, I only have limited space in my man-cave and I keep my NECA (and many other) figures in the packaging because it’s easier for me to display them that way.  I also have no room for massive amounts of loose figures to set up.

That being said, I couldn’t pass this set up in the odd chance, down the road, I have a place to open and display it.  This was a great surprise from NECA and once I saw the promo shots, I knew it was going to be mine! With so many amazing Jason Voorhees figures released by NECA, this made perfect sense to make.

In the package, you get a Camp Crystal Lake sign, a large dock, a rock and sign with a chain.  I’m sure many will take their Part VI Jason and use that one to recreate the ending of that film, but any NECA Jason figure will work well.  It’s such a cool piece! Make sure to check out other people’s photos online where they put their hanging Jasons in their aquariums/fish tanks.

I scored mine for $30 or $35 Canadian, so that’s a pretty good value.  The box art is pleasing so I have no problem keeping everything minty fresh in the box and displaying everything in the package.


Ultimate Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street 2

I’ve loved (and purchased) all the Ultimate Freddy figures NECA has pumped out so far.  I’ve picked up the one based on the original film and Part 3: Dream Warriors.  It’s only fitting that NECA goes back before moving forward and pay the Ultimate homage to the Part 2 Freddy.

I say in the video at the end that I’m not going to use this quick look at the figure as a platform to go in-depth about the movie (and what people want to read into it).  I liked it as a kid and I still like it today.  I think Freddy is dark and the most evil in this film and it freaked me out when I was a kid, especially when he exposed his brain and ripped through Jesse’s torso.

The packaging is f’n fantastic.  I’m so happy NECA used the movie poster instead of the cover found on the old VHS box.  The side of the packaging featuring the bus is a great touch and the back features Freddy with the different looks you can give him on the bus (with the two demonic dogs).

Opening up the package, you’re treated to the figure posed in a window-box.  I’m very thankful for this because, as I mentioned, I keep these kinds of figures in the box to display.  How can you throw out the box for these things???

On the opposite side of the front flap, the figure is posed with the flame attachment behind it which replicates an amazing scene in the film where Freddy crosses over to the real world and states the teens he’s about to shred up are all his children.  Props to Randy and the crew for making this iconic scene possible.


Above is a closer shot of the figure in the package and everything you get.  There’s a lot here for the $35 (Cnd) price point.  You get the figure (which is a tad different than NECA’s first Part 2 Freddy – see the vid for a comparison), two demonic dogs, his gloved hand (to swap out with the flesh razor hand), his fedora, the flame, and three interchangeable heads.


The detailing on the faces (including the demon dogs) is top notch.  I think the paint on them make them pop even more than the original release.  The original Part 2 figure came with the head that comes on the figure and the one with the brain exposed.  The head on the top right is, I think, a new sculpt just for this release.  The lower half is also different than the original Part 2 release as well.

People opening and displaying both these things are going to love them.  I love ’em and this is how I’m displaying them!

Anyway, thanks for the patience as I’m getting back into the swing of things.  Within two weeks, I’m sure the content will be a little bit more regular again.  I just had to start off my “comeback” by showcasing these things two awesome purchases for anyone still sitting on the fence about getting them.

Enjoy the video!