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Hey, everyone! As I’m still slugging away on a huge and secretive project (that is taking all my spare time but will be so worth it in end), I’m still going to try and post at least something each week until it’s done.

With that being said, a few weeks ago I was asked to join Chanty and Lynx on their Muses and Stuff Podcast to discuss the site, my youth, music, and other great things! I hope you check it out and also subscribe to their podcast. I’ve never been on one before and it was a great experience.  Make sure to check out all their past episodes, too!

Click this link to check it out!

Here’s the description they wrote:

This week’s episode is very special because we introduce you to Electrified Porcupine! If that name sounds familiar, it’s because you hear it at the beginning of all of our episodes. Electrified Porcupine brings you the best in collectibles, movies, gaming, music and wrestling! That sounds like a l0t- and Peter does it all!

Listen to today’s episode to find out how his passion for collecting began, the importance of purchasing music, being in bands, our awesome moms and so much more!

You can find Electrified Porcupine at http://www.electrifiedporcupine.com

On Youtube (Subscribe) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHx_qcNoqpXHnqEZRbMdaXA

On Instagram @electrified_porcupine

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