WWE Greatest Royal Rumble PPV Predictions


Source: WWE.com

I’m one of the people who is kinda on the fence about this PPV.  On one hand, it’s an amazing business opportunity.  WWE has inked a 10 year in Saudi Arabia (in the hundreds of millions, from what I’ve read) and it will open up a new stream of revenue for the business and its performers.  That’s the positive.

The negative is how the women are not performing on the show or heading to the country.  Things aren’t like they are over here in regards to women’s rights and it has confused many why WWE is bringing a show over there where there is lack of gender equality, especially when WWE is touting they are embracing the women’s revolution.  I wonder how the women of WWE feel about this.  I’m sure they can’t voice their true thoughts in fear of being reprimanded in some capacity.

Triple H responded this week (read it here if you missed it) and basically said they can’t change cultures or religion in other areas of the world but by staying away, they aren’t doing any good either.  Money talks and WWE is basically playing by Saudi Arabia’s rules to get it.  That’s the bottom line because Vince McMahon said so no matter how it totally goes against their “women’s revolution.”

News breaking Thursday morning from Jerry “The King” Lawler’s indicates the women will be getting paid even though they’re not going.  Also on the podcast, Jim Cornette mentions WWE is making “more money than you’ve ever seen.”  Two steps forward, one step back?  Hey…I’m no businessman and I’m not a keyboarding social justice warrior (I don’t believe just typing something online makes you part of a solution) so it is what it is and I’ll be watching the show.

Focusing on the show that is happening this Friday (12 pm eastern time, when I’ll be at work), I’m just not hyped for it.  They are advertising a five hour long show, not including the hour pre-show.  I’ll just need to stay off Twitter and Facebook until I get through the show.

Here are my thoughts on who will win the matches currently advertised.  If more matches are announced, I’ll edit when I can.


The Bludgeon Brothers (Champs) vs. The Usos –
SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m sure this match will go longer than the match both these teams were involved in at Wrestlemania. Hopefully The Usos can show their excellence in front of a packed crowd and perhaps show some chemistry with The Bludgeon Brothers.  I just don’t see a title change happening so soon after Wrestlemania.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers


The Miz vs. Seth Rollins (Champ) vs. Finn Bálor vs. Samoa Joe –
Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Source: WWE.com

The Intercontinental Championship match was my favourite at Wrestlemania and the addition of Samoa Joe to the mix and making this a ladder match will probably make this my favourite of the show, too!

Samoa Joe and The Miz are now on Smackdown, so I don’t see the belt changing shows.  That leaves Rollins and Balor as the two men to win it.  While I don’t see the reason for a change right now, putting the title on Balor will help create a friendly feud between the two and will give us another match between them at Backlash.

Winner: Finn Balor


Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Bray Wyatt & “Woken” Matt Hardy  –
Raw Tag Team Championship Match

Source: WWE.com

I think WWE will toss us a surprise here and send The Bar back to Raw with the belts.  Supposedly (according to Slice Wrestling on Twitter), WWE may have stacked the deck too much on Smackdown with the recent Superstar Shake-Up (look how boring Raw was on Monday already).

I think the feud between both teams could keep going if The Bar wins and honestly, I don’t think Hardy and Wyatt need titles.  Then again, if logic directed WWE Creative all the time, we wouldn’t have Lesnar still with the title and WWE still trying to force Reigns down people’s throats as a face or the guy.

Winners: The Bar


United States Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Jinder Mahal

Source: WWE.com

Jinder Mahal just got beat in his first two Raw matches but I can see him winning here.  Why? A rematch at Backlash can happen where Hardy can regain on US soil.  I can see Mahal getting cheered at this show and a win for him would send fans home happy.

Winner: Jinder Mahal


Undertaker vs. Rusev (Casket Match)

Source: WWE.com

I really don’t see the point of this match.  If The Undertaker could squash Cena in less than five minutes, how are we to buy Rusev lasting any longer? The Undertaker also didn’t just win at Wrestlemania just to lose here, either.  Why this match is a gimmick casket match is beyond me.  There’s no reason or point for any of this, so it’s all lost on me.

Winner: The Undertaker


John Cena vs. Triple H

Source: WWE.com

Here’s another match-up I just don’t get.  There’s no reason or story behind it so I don’t give two shits about it.  I don’t care who wins.  The only way this will be interesting is if someone unexpected gets involved and springboards some kind of feud with either man.

I’m basing my prediction of the winner on John Cena’s losing streak.  Having the crowd focus on that and Cena playing into it may take the focus off of the recent break-up between him and Nikki Bella when he finally appears on Raw or Smackdown.

Winner: Triple H


WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Source: WWE.com

I wonder if people who paid insane money to watch these two go at it at Wrestlemania will be pissed off when this match ends up being better than that one.  I will put money on it being a better match because there’s more to be invested in and I think they’ll be given even more time.

Styles got his well deserved Wrestlemania moment, so I can also see a potential title change happening here.  Nakamaura is doing well playing the heel and giving him the belt will have people really want to see him torn a new one and keep people interested in the feud.  And, once again, we can see a rematch at Backlash with a potential stipulation if Nakamaura resorts to heel tactics to win – which you know he will.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Brock Lesnar (Champ) vs. Roman Reigns –
Steel Cage Match for the WWE Universal Championship

Source: WWE.com

Dear god, why? Reigns constantly loses to Lesnar so he gets another match for the title? It makes no sense.  I’m not even getting into how Vince signing Lesnar to his newest “per-appearance” contract (supposedly 500, 000 a match) is absurd.  I think you saw the crowd on Raw really getting tired with it all, too.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Reigns finally wins here, though.  Perhaps the crowd in Saudi Arabia will be more embracing of Reigns and WWE will use it to help kick-start his championship run in a positive light (that is if the fans are cheering him).

I’m not sure how more brutal this match could be than their Wrestlemania match.  That one was surprisingly intense in some areas.  I’m curious if we’ll see blood, too!

I’m not looking forward to Reigns kicking out of basically everything and anything again.  That kind of booking is what puts me off the most about Reigns.  Again, that’s not his fault, though.

I do think Reigns is going to win so Lesnar can go away for a while again and a champion can be seen on TV and other PPVs.  If Reigns loses, though, I’ll wondering who will be next in line to challenge Lesnar and where the hell Reigns will go. Seeing how I think WWE won’t have an answer for that and trying to build Reigns to win the title from Lesnar for over a year, I’m going with Reigns.

Winner: Roman Reigns


50-Man Greatest Royal Rumble Match

Source: WWE.com

I’m not gonna lie – I wish there was something bigger on the line here than just a trophy. Shouldn’t something this monumental justify at least a future title shot? I’m just in awe that the biggest Royal Rumble isn’t big enough to have a bigger reward.  I digress.

Seeing how (at the time of writing this), just under half of the participants have been announced, it’s really tough to predict who will win this thing.  I will predict it will be a fan favourite so the crowd has a feel-good moment.  Having a heel come out on top probably isn’t the best business choice and having someone the crowd is definitley behind will look good in the Saudi Arabia media the next day.

Winner: ?????  Let’s say Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, or Daniel Bryan. That’s as close as I’m getting.