Friday the 13th: Part 2 Jason Voorhess Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles Review


As a horror fan and a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise, I’m well aware that Sideshow Collectibles made sixth scale Jason Voorhees figures well before their last effort and way before I got into collecting figures in this scale.  Some of them are harder to get and pricey.  Others, not so much.  When I found out Wes over at Silver Screen Toys and Collectibles had gotten a Jason from Friday the 13th: Part 2 that was never opened and was selling it for $50, I snagged it immediately. This feature is looking back at a figure that’s practically ten years old!

I usually like to do photos and play around with the figure before I do video reviews because it gives me more insight.  This time around, seeing how it’s a figure from 2008, I thought it would be interesting to do more of an unboxing kind of video and give my initial reactions, knowing how the figures from ten years ago aren’t the quality they are now.  I hope you watch it! It’s embedded at the end of this feature like all my other vids are.

The box is great looking with the large Friday the 13th logo at the top and artwork that incorporates the figure.  The back is also aesthetically pleasing as well except for the picture of the Pamela Voorhees figure Sideshow created around the same time as this one.  What a fugly figure.

Inside the box, there are film credits! I found that to be quite surprising.  For mint in box collectors, Jason was packaged so you could admire the figure and the accessories without having to take anything out of the box.  If you do/did, you have quite a few twist ties to get through.

Underneath the figure, you’re treated to a picture of Pamela Voorhees’ decaying head from Jason’s layer that was shown closer to the end of the film.  This was a great idea.

The figure is 12” and right away I noticed just how different the body underneath the outfit felt.  The joints aren’t as smooth as the current crop of figures and it’s almost like they’re on ratchet joints in some areas.   Some are really tight while others, like in the legs, are loose.  The body used is also very light and skinny.  The figure just seems flat in the front and back and looks super thin.  It makes some poses of the figure seem very unnatural.  I posed him a few ways, took pictures, and then decided not to use them because the figure just didn’t look “right.”

The “farmer-like” outfit is decent and I’m surprised they have snap buttons on the overalls.  The overalls and the shirt underneath done well enough, but it’s nothing special.  They do have a dirty look to them, as they should.


You can have this version of Jason on your shelf or in your display cabinet two different ways.  The first way is just by keeping the sack on his head.   I’m sure most collectors would keep their figure displayed like this because it’s what he wears most of the movie.  Sometimes the thought of what is actually under there for many is more frightening, especially with the eye protruding out of the tiny hole.  The blood splotches on the sack are a nice touch, too.

For those that want to, you can take the bag off to display Jason with his deformed face.  The head sculpt doesn’t look exactly like the one on the back of the box, especially with the hair. You can really see how the companies, artists, and sculptors in the sixth scale world have really grown in only ten years.  This portrait isn’t close to what we can get nowadays, but for ten years ago, this isn’t too bad.  I think if the hair was like it was advertised on the back of the box, it was be even better.  He looks like Sloth from The Goonies.

The figure comes with two accessories: a pitchfork and a pick-axe.  There’s some paint on them to mimic blood to show that Jason has had some good use out of these already.  They’re lightweight and fit in his hands well.


The figure also includes a stand with the old-school figure holder we don’t see too much of these days.  I love the logo of the movie being on the stand.


The longer arms on this figure, particularly the forearms, make Jason holding the pitchfork look a little awkward.

I’ll have this figure in my display case holding the pick-axe instead of holding the pitchfork.  I think it looks a little bit more natural.


If this figure was any more than what I actually paid for it, I think I’d be a bit disappointed.  On the other hand, it was kinda cool to go back in time to where figures like this were seen as very high end.  Of course, after I got this, I found out there was an exclusive version of this figure that came with a rotting Pamela Voorhees head.  Go figure!

Enjoy the video!