Star Wars – Executioner Trooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


What’s this? ANOTHER Trooper? Damn right it is! After Hot Toys put out a plethora of Troopers from The Force Awakens, it seemed like it may not have been the best idea.  To this day, Sideshow has many of them still available on their web store with deals and free global shipping to try and get them sold.

I’ve been lucky because I didn’t snatch them up right away besides the regular First Order Stormtrooper.  Even then, I still waited for some kind of deal on it.  For the majority of the other ones  I’ve featured here on my site, I’ve gotten them using the deals from Sideshow and on Ebay in conjunction with codes to get me them even cheaper than what Sideshow is offering AND free shipping (with no duties or customs).

This Executioner Trooper was the only new Trooper produced to coincide with The Last Jedi.  Why would Lucasfilm introduce more when so many were created for The Force Awakens (not to mention those that were created for Rogue One)?

I was really on the fence about getting this figure but I ended up getting it for pretty cheap with free shipping (and no customs and fees – gotta keep bragging about it).

The box is the same style as the rest of the Star Wars Hot Toys products.  Two little difference are the band across the bottom of the box and the Toys R Us Exclusive sticker.  TRU you ask? Yeah! In Hong Kong and China, their TRU locations actually carry these things and this figure came with an exclusive (or should I say alternate) stand.  That’s really the only difference.



This is where I’m going to inform you that this review will probably not be my usual length.  As you can see from the pictures below, this figure is basically the exact same figure as the regular First Order Stormtrooper.  You can read my review of that figure because much of it would be the same.

There are some subtle differences, mind you, but when discussing articulation, I’ll repeat that upper leg and shoulder armor hinder how far you can move the limbs. The under suit at the elbows and knees may have marks and wear if you keep your figure posed with elbows and knees bent.



All the armor is clean and doesn’t feature any weathering.  It’s great when these are supposed to be crisp looking and the figure ships without a scuff or mark on them.

The belt and the pouches on them are not removable. Same goes for the canister on the back of the figure.



The head/mask sculpt is similar, again, to the First Order Stormtrooper with the only difference being the added black paint.  That’s it.  The helmet is sculpted well and the paint is clean but it’s technically nothing we haven’t seen before.



The figure comes with nine hands in total (check em out in the vid) so you can give your Executioner more presence when you display it.  I got this figure so I could pose it with its electric axe so I won’t be using most of them.  You have to be careful when swapping these because I find the hands seem to pop out of the pegs often when trying to move them (or the peg pops out of the wrist area). This problem caused me an issue with the axe and you’ll see what I’m talking about in the video at the end because it happened again when I wasn’t expecting it, so I kept the footage. If you’re getting this figure or have yet to display it, watch the video!

Speaking of the axe, it’s a cool looking weapon with some delicate sculpting in some areas.  The problem with it is that it is very delicate.



The figure also comes with the blaster the original FO Trooper did.  It’s a cool weapon that attaches to the figure’s leg by a magnet.  I didn’t take pictures of the figure holding the gun and aiming it as I already did that in my FO Stormtrooper review.  Plus with all the headaches with the hands staying in and the unfortunate accident that I had with the axe already, I wasn’t going to take any more chances.


The Toys R Us exclusive piece is a different shaped and styled stand.  For people that use these (like me), I think it’s a cool bonus.  It’s not something that most people would cry foul about not being able to get with the regular release, so as an exclusive piece, it makes sense.  I only snagged this because the price was right from the seller and lower than those selling the non-exclusive version.  I guess I got lucky.


As mentioned, I got this figure because I thought it looked awesome with the weapon in the promo shots.  I had fun posing him, but in all honesty, you’re not going to get a lot of a variety.  Then again, maybe I was lacking creativity and was being too careful with the accessory and hand.





I knew what I was getting when I ordered this figure: a FO Trooper with a bit of additional paint and a new weapon.  If it wasn’t for the deal I got, I think I would have passed on him and I understand why some have.  As of the time of writing this, there is low stock remaining so I’m not sure if that’s because people bought them in droves or if the run of these figures was lower than The Force Awakens Stormtroopers.



Enjoy the video!