Star Wars – First Order Snowtrooper Officer Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


The sixth scale figure I’m featuring today is yet another “it’s old but it’s new to me” one.  I actually got this for Christmas from my awesome wife.  I just getting around to featuring it because I knew I had more Troopers coming in so I could tackle them all at once.  As well, I had a whole bunch of recent Star Wars sixth scale figures released as well as Masters of the Universe figures to get through and I wanted to make sure I was staying current.

With all the newer releases behind me now, I’m giving some time to reflect and review this figure.  As mentioned in my recent review of the Hot Toys Flametrooper figure, I love the various Trooper designs from The Force Awakens and the new Trilogy.  They have their own distinct look yet share similar characteristics all while paying homage to past incarnations of the OT Troopers.

I’ve been slowly building my new Trillogy Trooper army as Sideshow has been discounting them and offering worldwide shipping.  In turn, sellers on Ebay are selling them for less than Sideshow and offering free shipping, too.  I’m glad I waiting many of these out.

This figure came in a few ways: the way you’re seeing in this review (as a Officer), as a regular First Order Snowtrooper (without the accessory or pauldron the Officer comes with) or as an Officer and reg Snowtrooper two-pack (with two bonus guns).  I didn’t need two of these figures, so I skipped the two-pack and with a five dollar difference between a regular Snowtrooper and the Officer, I went for the Officer version to get the extra accessory and the pauldron.

As you can see, the packaging hasn’t changed for the Star Wars figures from Hot Toys.  It is what it is.  It does come with those awesome collages I love featuring the figure.

This figure stands just under 12″ tall to keep the scale in check with the rest of Troopers. I run down the articulation in the video at the end of this feature but I’ll mention that you’ll find the standard articulation most other Hot Toys troopers have and don’t have.

There’s not a lot of movement from the upper arms or legs because of the should armor and cod piece respectively.  Playing around with the figure’s knees, ankle joints, elbows and wrists (and being able to move the head) will be enough for most collectors to put this figure in more dynamic poses.

I really like the overall design and look of the figure’s outfit.  All the armor pieces are clean and feature no scuffing whatsoever.  The paint is minimal but that’s fine.  You have to think that these guys want to blend in with their snowy environments so it’s hard to be seen.

The under-suit and coat are tailored very well.  You can see the quality of the stitching and I can’t imagine how much time it takes Hot Toys to make these things.  The under-suit really reminds me of the work Hot Toys did on their recent Princess Leia figure and this guy was the template.  There were no rips, tears, or marks on any of the clothing.

The boots for this guy are really cool, too! There is articulation in the ankles and I think the lower half of the leg all blend in well together.

In my video, I figured this backpack may have had a different name but I guess it doesn’t.  The backpack has a bit of paint to accent the details on the sides and the upper right corner.  It’s very lightweight and you won’t have to worry about this putting any extra weight on the figure that will cause it to tip backwards.  It simply slides into place on the figure’s back.

I continue to say it in my reviews of the First Order Troopers: I love the various masks and how they all have their own distinct look yet have similarities.  This mask is bright, clean, and free from scuffing or weathering.  There’s nothing really more for me to say about it than I really like it.

The figure comes with seven extra hands, giving you nine in total.  I really like that many of the hands are mirrored for the left and the right hands so you can pose your Snowtrooper Officer how you want.  I’m a fan of the open hand with the extended fingers as well as the fists.

We’ve seen this blaster before with other figures, so it’s nothing new.  It’s a clean and well sculpted blaster so it does the job.  I wish this figure would have had an exclusive weapon – something that the other Troopers in the First Order didn’t have.

The extra accessory this figure comes with over the regular FO Snowtrooper is the binoculars.  I thought they were “quadnoculars” seeing as there are four areas to look through.  What’s cool about this is how it folds in half.  I don’t think I’ll be posing my figure with this in my cabinet, but it was a cool little bonus to pose the figure with for this feature.

You really have to play around with the arms and wrist to try and get the figure to look through the binoculars in a way that’s believable.  What’s worse is the hands it comes with really don’t grasp it well.  I had to be very precise to get the figure to hold it with one hand.

With the blaster in hand, you know the Snowtrooper Officer means business and will guide his battalion with no fear against the Resistance.

This is another figure that I’m happy to have in my collection.  While the figures don’t seem like much, when you put all these different First Order Troopers together, you really appreciate the diversity more.  I also really admire the work put into these. Having it in hand gives me the satisfaction that this was money well spent from my wife – and an excellent gift. Thanks, baby!

Enjoy the video!