Star Wars – First Order Flametrooper Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


I know…I’m late to the party getting this figure. With the huge amount of product released for The Force Awakens in any scale, there was a lot to choose from.  I previously looked at the regular First Order Stormtrooper and that was the only one I was really going to grab – at first.

What happened next? I saw people posting the pictures of their First Order Tie Fighter Pilot figures, so I snagged that when Sideshow did a promo for $35 or $40 off with free shipping.  Then it seemed like Sideshow was having trouble selling through their stock of Troopers from the movie and many ended up getting discounted with free worldwide shipping.  Thankfully, because of that, Ebay sellers were also marking their figures down and that is how I scored this guy.  It was lower than the price Sideshow was asking, even with their discount.   I used a save 20% code AND I got free shipping with NO customs or duties.  That’s all a huge win!

I wanted to amass a collection of the various First Order Trooper crew because I really liked the designs of them and the variety.  I’m definitely not a hater when it comes to the re-imagined Troopers.  With that all said, I figured I’d give my two cents on the figure for those who still may be sitting on the fence.  Make sure to watch the video review embedded at the end of this feature, too!

The box? It’s the same old/same old and there’s not much new to say.  Inside the box, we’re treated to an excellent collage created with the figure once again.

This guy stands at just under 12″ tall, so that’s pretty much expected.  What I didn’t expect was how beefy and heavy he is compared to the other Troopers already in my collection.  He’s not top-heavy, though, and he can stand easily.  All the articulation (that I run down in the video) is solid, although you won’t get any really in the torso or the upper legs due to the armor.

I’m actually surprised with the level of articulation you can get with the figure’s arms with the shoulder armor.  The shoulder armor isn’t tight and you can get this figure’s arms to line up horizontally with his shoulders.  I’m sure people would never pose the figure with the arms like that but it’s still cool to see how they are working on the armour not hindering movement.

Hopefully you can see with the picture of the waist how bulky the figure is.  I’m sure it’s to help offset the weight of the backpack and the large flamethrower that comes with the figure.

All the plastic is clean with no scuffing and the black lines all over the figure are smooth and neat.  The pouches on the side of the figure on it’s belt are sewn on, so don’t try and remove them.

The figure also includes a leg band with three cylinders.  I think are little explosives but I can’t find what they are anywhere.

I just wanted to point out that while the under-suit is sturdy and seems durable, you may want to double check under the arms for any potential ripping when you get the figure or if you’re being rough with it when posing it.  Mine is fine but I’ve read in the past some people have had tearing in this area.

As well, the various places on the figure that the rubbery under-suit may end up getting some creasing if you’re keeping the figure’s arms bent at the elbow.  Mine was left for a few days with the arms bent holding the flamethrower before getting around to taking pictures and I’m already seeing it.


The sculpt for the helmet is top notch.  Like the rest of the armor on this figure, the helmet is clean and smooth looking with the black paint accenting it perfectly.  The visor area inside is a glossy plastic that adds more depth to it.  It’s simple but it’s so awesome.  I totally love the designs of the First Order helmets.  They are all varied but still have similarities and throw back to the original Stormtroopers.

The Flametrooper comes with five additional hands.  I’m sure most people won’t utilize many of them.  I got this figure so it can hold a damn Flamethower in my cabinet and that’s what it will do! I’m only using the hands that will give me the pose I want.

Additionally, the figure comes with the hexagonal stand.  Nothing new to see or write about here!

The flamethrower is quite large.  It’s probably one of the largest and longest sixth scale weapons I have (well, those that are “guns” anyway).  There is some intricate sculpting found along the weapon along with paint here that matches the armor.

In the bottom right picture, you can see the piece that comes shipped on the front of the flamethrower.  It helps represent the flamethrower in the “off” position.  All you need to do is dig in to pry it out to add the flame accessory, which I’ll get to in a moment.

The backpack for this guy is large but because the figure is so bulky and has a good centre of gravity, you don’t have to worry about it tipping backwards.  I’ll also add the backpack is quite light even though it is pretty big.  It attaches to the figure by a magnet and rests on a piece just above the belt.

The backpack features a small metal chain, a pressure gauge and more clean paintwork.  When you attach the flamethrower to the figure’s hand, you run the tube from the weapon to the bottom of the right tank.  I think this was well planned out by the designers.

Even when holding the flamethrower in the “off” position, the figure looks pretty bad-ass.


Let’s get things cooking with the flame attachment.  This plastic piece looks so amazing.  The sculpt is bang on and the colour changes throughout the piece, especially the are where it leaves the weapon, is impressive.  It looks like the designers really took their time when creating a realistic piece.  This kind of detail really validates the price we pay for these collectibles.


Posing the Flametrooper with the weapon in hand and the flame piece plugged in is a work of art.  I am in awe with how this all turned out.  In hand, this figure is so much better than expected.

One of the only issues I have is how hard it is to position the flamethrower on the inside of the right arm.  Maybe I just didn’t play around with it as best as I could, but what I shot in the various pics is what I could do without forcing it closer to the figure.   I didn’t want to risk any paint scuffing.  I go through it in the video and it’s easier to see what I’m talking about in action.

I mentioned this in the video – you may have to heat the hand up just a tad in order to slide the flamethrower into it.  The hand is very tight and it was a tad difficult to slip the weapon in it.  I also advise you do this with the hand not attached to the figure.  When the hand is in place, then insert the peg back into the wrist area of the figure.


I totally understand now that I have the figure in hand why this guy (or girl) was a bit more money than the other troopers.  With a bulkier frame, the amount of armor on the figure, the large backpack, the magnet used, and the large flamethrower (and flame attachment), there’s a lot going on with the figure.  The figure is so much better in person and may actually top the First Order Tie Fighter pilot as my favourite First Order trooper now.

If this is your first visit to my site, I have various sixth scale Troopers by Hot Toys and Sideshow Collectibles reviewed on the site and YouTube channel, so make sure to check them out! More Troopers are coming, too!

Enjoy the video!