How I Light Up My Detolf Cabinets for Sixth Scale Figure Display. My How-To Guide.


It seems like every week there are new people joining the various sixth scale Facebook groups I belong to that ask, “what are you displaying your figures in?” or “how do you/what do you use to light up your display cabinet?”

My buddy Dustin started lighting his up just as I was starting to buy these Ikea Detolf cabinets to display my quickly growing sixth scale figure collection.  We’re no experts and I know the options out there are many but I decided to actually take some pictures and film what I do to light my Detolf cabinets up.

I know there are other ways of doing it and my way may not be someone else’s “best way.”  It’s probably also not the cheapest, but this is a pretty easy way of doing it for what’s available to us in Canada.  If others have other ways of lighting up theirs or other products they use, please feel free to share it in the comment section.  The more knowledge and options shared, the better it is for the community.  Hence why I’m sharing and made this: to help out those who have never done this yet. It’s just one option.


The materials (besides the Ikea Detolf cabinet)


Alpena White LED Strips (2 Pack)

These are the LED light strips I’ve used for all my Detolfs.  They are really bright. I mean really bright. Don’t look at them directly.  It tells you that on the package and even if it catches your eye just a bit, you’ll be seeing white for a bit.

These retail for $35 (Canadian), so getting two packs of these and the Powercube to power them (shown below) can add up.  Then again, when you think about the Detolf cabinet ($60) plus lighting it all up, I don’t think that’s too bad of a price.  I mean, look at the price we pay for these figures, right?


The Alpena LED Powercube

The LED Powercube is needed to be able to power the LED strips.  It retails for $20 and this is new packaging for this product.  It actually comes with a mini screwdriver needed, which was surprising because the other five I purchased never did.  I think that is an awesome idea from Alpena.


Wire Strippers and Screwdrivers

If a screwdriver isn’t included with your power supply, just getting a screwdriver set like the one pictured above will have the size you’ll need.  As well, get some wire strippers because you’ll need them to take the end off the wires.  I think I called them wire “cutters” in the video.  I don’t know why.


Clear Cable Ties


Grab these (they cost me like $3-4) for a pack of 100. You’ll need them to help make your wiring look neat and tidy by having them run down the frame of the cabinet.

I run through all of these in the video and then share a few of the things I do so you see the before and after. Hope this helps someone out there or at least gives them an idea to start.



Here are a few quick pics of the finished look.  You can see more lighting with my older feature of my sixth scale figure collection back last August.  I’ll have a new video and feature with my collection updated some time next week, so stay tuned!