Masters of the Universe Classics Hordak Review (Club Grayskull)


Heading into my review of the final figure of this wave, Super7 was 1-2 in the hit list for the Club Grayksull figures.  Man-At-Arms was a total win in my books, something I wasn’t expecting (as in, I was hoping it would be good in hand but I wasn’t expecting it to be as amazing as it is).  Expectations were also high for a fan favourite villain, Hordak.

Fans have wanted a figure representing the Filmation Hordak for ages.  While it was attempted before on Matty Collector in the regular Classics line, the figure was nothing more than a regular Classics Hordak but repainted to kind of look like the Filmation Hordak.  I show a comparison later on and in the video review embedded at the end.

Again, the figure comes in the same style packaging as the others with a picture of Hordak on the back, as he was seen in the She-Ra: Princess of Power Filmation cartoon, along with a brief write-up on the character.

Out of the packaging, the figure looks great.  Yep, it’s Club Grayskull so the detailing is minimal but when the figure looks like the cartoon counterpart, that’s all that matters.  The figure’s articulation is found where it usually lies but once again, the legs on this guy are looser than I’d like, especially in the ankle articulation.  Hopefully for wave two of both lines, the joints are a bit tighter.  Funny thing is, I haven’t had issues with the knee joints for any of the figures.  It just tends to be the upper legs and the ankles for the Club Grayskull figures.

I’m not a fan of these loincloths leaning to one side.  As you and see from the front picture, the upper right leg is exposed more while the left back leg is exposed more.  I hope these loincloth pieces become straight and symmetrical for the next waves.

I really like the work done on the face sculpt.  Like usual, there are people bitching and complaining that it’s not accurate “enough.”  I guess if you’re a stickler for the most minute details, then pick away.  I think this was done really well and the paint on it is excellent, too.  Maybe there could have been some black pain highlighting the nostrils or the lines around his cheek area to give the head a bit more definition.  That would be my nit-pick, I suppose.

You’ll see over my figure’s right eye, there’s some scuffing of the paint.  This stuff happens and I’m not bothered by this tiny error.  I’m going to see if I can add a touch of paint in the future that may be able to cover it.

The headpiece around Hordak’s head (I think it’s called a cowl) is made of a very, very soft and squishy plastic.  I was really surprised because I expected it to be a solid plastic.  I don’t remember any MOTUC figure having something so squishy and I wonder the rationale behind adding something like this on a figure. I’m totally fine with it but I’m just curious.

Hordak doesn’t come with any weapons but he does come with an extra arm that you can plug in.  It is his arm cannon from the show to represent when his arm morphs into a weapon of destruction.  I didn’t have any issues removing the right arm that the figure was shipped with, but I’ve read about breakage and/or people having to really heat it up with a hairdryer to be able to remove it.  The worse thing that happened to me was some paint was flaking off the arm where the pegs are.


Here’s a front and back view of the figure with the arm cannon piece plugged in.  I will say the arm has difficulty staying raised when this piece is plugged in.  It’s not as tight as the regular arm for some reason.

For extras, Hordak comes with his little partner in crime on the cartoon, Imp.  I totally thought this little bonus was nothing more than the one that came with the Matty Collector “Filmation style” Hordak but it’s not.  This one improves on the first release of Imp.  He’s more cartoon accurate as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Another bonus is the addition of Imp as a chest.  This was a SDCC extra a while back and was available in a sealed bag.  I always meant to get one off Ebay but ended up forgetting.  Plus paying $30-40 US for a little bagged chest just seemed too much for me. Thankfully I now have one.  From what I’ve seen online, this appears to be the same one that was released before with the exact paint scheme.

I tried to find ways of Hordak being able to pose with Imp on my shelf.  The two pictures below seemed to be decent ideas.  I’m curious to see how others will do it.

While Hordak was fun to pose, I really wish there could have been a few effects for the arm cannon thrown in like Man-At-Arm’s gauntlet blast.  I think it would have put the figure over-the-top.  I also wish the arm cannon stayed in place no matter where I positioned it instead of falling due to the weight or loose joint.

For comparison, here’s the first “Filmation-style” Hordak from Matty Collector on the left vs. the new CG one on the right.  Quite the difference, huh?


I thought this figure was going to be the top one out of Wave 1 of Super7’s Club Grayskull line, but I think that honour lies with Man-At-Arms.  This is a great figure and done well, don’t get me wrong.  It seems like many are really happy with it except those that got some quality control issues.  I’m hoping Super7 is fixing that for those people.

Before I end, I’d like to thank those who have read and shared all these reviews I’ve done for both the new Super7 MOTUC Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull reviews.  I got the figures later than others and also have a career and a family that keeps me busy so I did what I could in the time I had.  It was a big undertaking to take the pictures, edit, write, film the video reviews, edit them, and do all the social media for each.  For those who have written comments on forums/FB groups, commented on videos, or shared any of these, this one man show thanks you.


If you missed the CG reviews, check out Teela, Tri-Klops, and Man-At-Arms.  You can check out the main page for the Colletor’s Choice reviews.

With that being said, enjoy the last video review on the newest batch of Masters of the Universe figures until probably the fall (that’s when I think wave two of the Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull figures will get to us – don’t quote me – it’s just a guess).