Masters of the Universe Classics Man-At-Arms Review (Club Grayskull)


I really needed some good news after the disappointing Club Grayskull Teela figure and the anger that arose from the depths in me courtesy of Tri-Klops.  Would Duncan be able to save my faith in Super7’s Club Grayskull figures? The short answer: hell yeah!

An accurate Filmation-style Man-At-Arms figure has been something longed after by the MOTU collector community since the cartoon aired.  There has not been a figure created of him that has looked anywhere near the cartoon version.  Thankfully the Four Horsemen and Super7 delivered something I think the majority of collectors will embrace.

Like the rest of the figures in this line, it comes in the Castle Grayskull window box packaging.  On the back is a picture of the animated Man-At-Arms with a small little write-up on the character.

Let’s get to the good stuff – this figure looks like it popped out of the cartoon and into my hand or on my shelf.  I am 100% certain that when my friends who are familiar with the cartoon see this figure on my shelf, they’ll be blown away.

While the outfit is minimalist (which is the Filmation and CG style), it accurately represents what we’ve seen on the cartoon.  The armor doesn’t hinder any of the articulation and the head has enough movement that you can raise it enough that it is visible over the neck guard.

The articulation on this figure isn’t too shabby except for the upper legs that aren’t as tight as I would like them to be.  Thankfully that’s nothing that would knock any points off my score this time around.

I gush about this in the video embedded at the end of this feature about how they designed the shoulder armour.  It’s separate from the rest of the arm armour and is either glue onto the shoulder ball joint or is a new piece that combines them both.  I’m not 100% sure but I’ll tell you this: it works and it’s a great idea.  Kudos to those involved with the planning of it.

Here’s where the money is with this figure: the head sculpt.  By far, I think this is my favourite head sculpt out of every Club Grayskull figure so far.  While Trap-Jaw, He-Man,  Skeletor, Hordak (review coming tomorrow) really nailed the looks of the cartoon, this is by far my fave.

I know there have been people who have unfortunately gotten figures with some derpy eyes/pupils or some slop around the eyebrow area.  I totally feel for them and hope they can get a replacement.  My figure is painted well and I think it’s so accurate that I can hear Duncan’s voice telling me to make good decisions in life as I look at it.  C’mon, he was a father figure to many!

For the accessories, Man-At-Arms comes with his main weapon – the club.  He also comes with a canon and a blast effect that plugs into his gauntlet.


The blast effect is awesome.  It wasn’t until I was taking pictures of the figure that I noticed it can plug into both the right and left gauntlets/forearm armor.   It makes me wish that two blast effects would have been included, perhaps one long one like the one we got and a shorter one.  I would have loved to have the figure in a pose with two blasts coming from his arms.  It would have looked amazing.


The club is plain and has no deco on it.  It is what it is.  With no extra sculpting on it, I can live with it being a solid colour.  There’s a little black blemish on it but it’s nothing I’m ticked off about.  Man-At-Arms looks great looking to beat the tar out of Skeletor and his gang with it.

The cannon suffers from the “looks cool but it’s plain” problem some of the other weapons in the line have had.  This is a really cool sculpted cannon but it wouldn’t have hurt to splash a bit of colours on it.  There’s no reason some weapons in the line have some paint and some don’t.

Getting back to the cannon, Man-At-Arms looks great with it.  Aiming straight or high, posing him with it is a, ahem, blast.  I’m so glad the figure is well articulated to be able to hold it with both hands.

Here’s the original MOTUC Man-At-Arms figure beside the newest figure.  I’ve always loved the original MOTUC figure and thought it was well done but I never realized how much I really wanted or needed a Filmation Man-At-Arms in my collection until now.  Sorry, first Classics Man-At-Arms, you’re now no longer my go to Duncan figure but I still love you.


This figure is a home run and one Super7 definitely needed after the first two I reviewed from this wave.  I can’t be happier with it and I hope the next wave uses this figure as their benchmark.


Want to hear how impressed I am with the figure? Then watch the video!!!