Masters of the Universe Classics Teela Review (Club Grayskull)


A few days ago, I reviewed my least favourite figure of the new Collector’s Choice line, Hawke.  To start off my look at the Club Grayskull figures, I thought I would tackle another other figure that got so much attention for the wrong reasons: Teela.

Fans have been clamoring for a Filmation accurate Teela for ages.  I’ve been a fan of most Teela figures under the MOTUC umbrella and was as excited as others when it was announced a more Filmation accurate Teela would be included with the Point Dread and Talon fighter set.  Unfortunately, the figure was badly messed up.  The head sculpt ended up being pretty brutal but the figure was at least salvageable with the pilot head.

Hopes were high that Super7 and the Four Horsemen would rectify the wrongs of that figure with their Teela figure for Club Grayskull.  The prototype from the Four Horsemen looked great and most fans online seemed to be onboard, albeit suggestions here and there on how to perfect it.  Then it was shown at an event and shit hit the fan.  The face didn’t look good, the paint apps weren’t great, the legs were off, and the plastic was very glossy.  You thought things got heated with Hawke? Well, if you missed the discussions online in various Facebook groups and forums, people absolutely flipped.

I understand the passion from fans. They knew this would be the last shot for this style of Teela for a very long time. Why would Super7 do another one in another line or two just because they didn’t perfect this one? It would make no financial sense.  That being said, everything was on the table with this new figure and people were getting damn antsy with how it was turning out.  The final product is what I’ll be walking through in this feature and in the video embedded at the end.

The packaging continues the Club Grayskull packaging from Matty Collector.  Thank goodness Super7 did this because I really loved the look of it and it helps mint on card/mint in box collectors keep a uniform look on their shelves.

The package features a slip case that, when removed, reveals the figure in window box packaging.  The packaging is an homage to the Filmation Castle Grayskull and it’s done really well.

The back of the packaging features a still picture of the character, although some of the pictures used on the Club Grayskull packaging in the past have been a bit off.  There’s a small write-up of each character at the bottom but it’s nothing elaborate like the bios on the Collector’s Choice or older MOTUC figures.





The figure does portray the minimalist look from the Filmation cartoon, so it succeeds in that sense.  The majority of the articulation on the figure isn’t too bad, except the legs being a bit wobbly.  There’s another issue with the legs, though.  It suffers from the one short and one long peg issue that one of my Hawke figures had.  Go to that review to see the pictures of how it affected that figure.  I have to have this figure with the legs wide apart to even have it seem like it can stand vertically.

When you turn the figure around, you can see how lopsided the figure is with her left leg and butt cheek standing out more than the right ones.  I can’t believe I’m actually writing about a figure’s lopsided leg and buttocks,  but it needs to be called out.  It’s unacceptable for at $35 US figure (especially with the Canadian conversion, shipping, and customs fees).

Time to focus on a positive: I’m a big fan of the articulation cut under the breastplate.  It gives a bit of diversity when posing the figure seeing how there’s no abdomen articulation.

The articulation on the head works fine but is hindered by the collar, of course.  What ticks me off about my figure is the head is tilted to the right.  No matter how much I try and reposition it, it slowly goes back.  I’m not risking putting more pressure on it than I have because I’m not risking of the neck peg snapping.




I really liked the look of the make-up on the prototype more than how the production figure turned out.  Teela’s face looks like she’s put on a bit too much make-up.  After some thought after making my video, perhaps the paint on the face stands out because of how insanely glossy the head is compared to the rest of the figure.  Just compare the glossiness of her face to her neck and shoulders.  It really stands out.

The sculpt (including the hair and headband piece) isn’t too bad. I actually like it.  It’s like this release got about 85% there.  It’s just too bad about the glossy appearance.


The figure comes with two accessories: a sword and a shield.  The shield is the same one the Teela from the Point Dread and Talon Fighter figure came with, except it’s darker.

The sword is also the same one from that release except it features no paint whatsoever.  I don’t understand this.  Some of the other weapons in the Club Grayskull line (past and present) have a touch of paint here and there and at the price we’re paying, there’s no way this sword should be as plain as it is.  It looks lazy and unfinished.  Super7 should either pick that all weapons in the Club Grayskull line don’t get paint or they get a touch to make them pop just a bit more.  There’s no reason some get some and some don’t.  Did I mention the top of my sword is bent at the tip, too? Ugh…


Pretending that I didn’t have an issue with the figure’s left leg, the glossy face, or the sword having no colour (and being bent at the tip), the figure was actually fun to pose.  I could just imagine with some tweaks how awesome this figure would have been.










For those really unhappy with her, if you’re not returning her for a refund (which Brian Flynn said you could as long as it was unopened), you could just have her as a cheerleader on another toy shelf.


I decided to get the first MOTUC Teela and the Teela that came with the Point Dread set (not Rewind feature currently on her yet) off my shelf and snap a picture for comparison.  You can see the height difference of the new CG figure compared to the Classics figures.

To tell you the truth, the difference in height doesn’t bother me because you can separate the original Classics and the Collector’s Choice figures from Club Grayskull on your shelf.  If you’re someone that wants to have a shelf of certain characters with different looks, then I can see the frustration with this figure being shorter than the others.


When I put Teela with some of the other Club Grayskull figures, the height really doesn’t bother me.  I figure that Teela should be shorter than He-Man and why should she automatically be the same height as Evil-Lyn? Speaking of, I think the CG Evil-Lyn is a worse figure than Teela.  My review on that figure goes through it all.


This figure has some pretty deep lows and it isn’t a figure worth the money I paid for it.  If it came out like the prototype OR if all the issues I mentioned were fixed, I would be really happy with it.  There are just too many missteps with the finished product to call it a win.  I will say it’s growing on me a bit and I’m trying to focus on some of the positives, although the cons outweigh the pros.  Hopefully this is another lesson learned for Super7 and wave two of CG doesn’t suffer from anything this figure does.

Here’s foreshadowing for those reading:  I thought this would be the worst figure in this line.  I was wrong.  Stay tuned to the next Club Grayskull figure review.


Enjoy the video!