Masters of the Universe Classics Fang-Or Review (Collector’s Choice)


The final figure I’m taking a look at in Super7’s newest Masters of the Universe Classics Collector’s Choice wave is Fang-Or.  He’s a character that is a more recent creation and appeared in the Second Ultimate Battleground mini-comic that came with the MOTUC Dragon Blaster Skeletor figure.  The MOTU fan base thought he was pretty cool and started inquiring as to when he would be made as a figure.

The story behind this guy in the bio is he basically learned engineering and weaponry from Snake Man-At-Arms (poor Duncan got turned into a Snake Man) and became the Snake Men’s forger.  I can buy into that!

Fang-Or has a presence, I tell you.  The scales on the figure’s arms and legs, combined with warrior-like armor and an untamed portrait, gives you a figure that commands an audience.

The articulation on this figure (I run though some of it on the video at the end of this figure) is decent and locations are pretty standard, meaning it bends and moves where it usually does on the MOTUC figures.  The legs on both figures (especially the right one on the figure you see below) are a tad looser than I’d like, but that’s nit-picking.

I love the little details on this figure.  The belt is probably my favourite part of the whole outfit.  It may be because it reminds me of Conan the Barbarian with the snake emblem large and in front as well has having another snake for the trim.  The belt looks like it’s faux-leather but it’s actually soft plastic.  I hope this foreshadows the detailing some of the figures the future Collector’s Choice line will get.  It’s superb!

The work on the leg armour and the gauntlets isn’t anything to scoff at either.  The paint is great and the overall designs really add to the grandeur of the figure.

The one thing I don’t like too much is the return of the bulky armor.  I know the torso size is the standard thing we’re used to, but maybe it’s time to develop one that is a bit smaller around the rib area and use the larger one only for figures that don’t have armor.  I know, I know…the tooling costs.  I understand.

I purchased two figures because this figure comes with two different heads.  I usually do that because I just like the variety on my shelf (and I’m also pretty nuts when it comes to this line).  The first head, as mentioned, is pretty intense and I just love how pissed off he looks.  He’s ready to go at it and won’t back down.

The paint, for the most part, is pretty clean thankfully.  This figure needed the clean paint on the fangs and all the heads I received had it.  I also like the intricate sculpting work in the mouth and the forked tongue.  I’m a big fan of the intensity portrayed by the sculpt.

The second head is identical besides the elongated fangs.  The reason for the long fangs is Fang-Or’s ability to grow them, break them off, and throw them.  That’s insane stuff right there. Anything to do with broken teeth or the thought or ripping teeth out of a mouth is enough to make me puke.  I’ve never been a fan of any videos or horror/comedy scenes with anything relating to teeth damage.

Fang-Or comes with three accessories – a hammer, wrench and a sword.  The tools are obviously to go with the figure’s forging ability.  The best thing about them, though, is the snake theme on them.  It’s so awesome to see the Snake Men only using snake-brand™ tools (ha!).  I pissed myself laughing when I took them out and examined them because they are so over-the-top, but over-the-top awesome.


I said in the video that there’s enough real world violence out there that you can actually believe that this guy would use the tools to beat the holy hell out of someone.

If this guy looks bad-ass with the tools, the intensity increases with him holding the sword.  Whether stagnant holding the sword or in some kind of pose where he’s on the attack, this figure is simply awesome looking.  I’m a bit disappointed that the figure can’t hold the sword in its left hand.  I wanted to do some dual-wielding pictures seeing how I ended up with two swords, but alas, no dice.  The grip on the second hand is too tight for it.

Another extra the figure comes with is a winged serpent.  I think it’s a really neat little bonus.  The issues with it are: it can’t stand on it’s own, there’s no stand for it, and it doesn’t attach to the figure in any way.  Most people will have it lying down on its back unfortunately.  I put the tail in Fang-Or’s hand and he’ll be taming it on my shelf.  Perhaps that is the intent all along seeing how natural it looks.  I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with my second flying serpent, though.

For army builders, getting two of these figures really helps with building their snake “bed” thanks to the two heads.  You could even take one of the heads and draw a black line down the middle of each eye to spruce it up.  I won’t be but I know there are many customizers who like giving their own personality to figures.


This figure is a hit for me.  A big one at that.  I think it’s definitely worth the $35 US I paid for them and I always welcome more characters to grow my army of Snake Men.  I think this may be one character that people may have purchased the entire wave just so they could get it.  I was planning on saying that this figure was my favourite in the wave by a long shot, but I was very impressed with Quakke, so this guy takes the vote of best figure of the wave with a slither.  Oh, bad pun, Peter….bad pun.

If you missed my reviews on the rest of the figures, check em out: Hawke, Lodar, Quakke.  Club Grayskull reviews start tomorrow!


Enjoy the video!