Masters of the Universe Classics Quakke Review (Collector’s Choice)


I’m not gonna lie. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t get through any episode of The New Adventures of He-ManIt’s not that I couldn’t accept a re-imagining of the series, it was just so awfully done I can’t handle it.

My reluctance to give the New Adventures cartoon any more chances does not mean I cannot embrace the characters from it in plastic form.  The original NA toy line looked like garbage (I was appalled when I saw them in the stores in my youth), but the re-imagining of the cast by the Four Horsemen brought some NA love into my house and toy collection.

It’s been quite a while since any new NA figures were available.  Before Matty Collector ended, Tuskador was the last one released.  Before him, the last villain we got was the leader of the Space Mutants, Flogg.  I think the time was right to add to the NA crew!

When Super7 announced the figures for their latest Collector’s Choice line, NA fan rejoiced when Quakke was shown.  Honestly, I was pretty damn happy, too.  I like the character’s quirky look and I really do want to fill out the ranks of the Space Mutants even if I can’t stomach the show.  The Four Horsemen’s designs are that good.

As usual, the packaging is the same old/same old (but that’s good) and we get another bio on the back.  We get more of a background on Quakke and it blends how fierce and feared he is (and should be) mixed in with the bumbling personality he has in the cartoon.

I simply love the aesthetics of this figure.  The armor on him is just awesome.  There’s such a parallel to NA He-Man’s armor as well.  I find the figure has such presence due to the abundance of armor and how the colours pop and contrast off each other.  Most of the articulation on this figure is fine with no issues but my figure’s left leg is extremely loose and it made for posing the figure with his weapon difficult.  I’ll get to that in just a bit.

The work that went into this figure’s outfit is top-notch.  I love that Super7 didn’t skimp out by reusing parts and gave us a figure with so many new components.  The armor has a large vital sign display connected to a bunch of tubes and wiring.  This is a great piece of armor that looks just as good on the back as well.

The leg armor sculpting and the colours chosen really makes this figure pop.  I especially like the broken piece at the top of the left leg.  It’s touches like those that make me fine with spending the money I spend on these figures.  I can also see where the minimal approaches with Hawke and, to an extent, Lodar may have helped Super7 spend the extra money on the tooling for this figure.  Of course, I’m only assuming.

I love how the shoulder pads are a softer plastic and don’t hinder the articulation (check out the video at the end).  It was also a great idea for them to add the gold paint underneath the pads so everything blends in.  I’m also a huge fan of the soft plastic tube connecting the right shoulder pad to the forearm piece.  It’s very clever and works well.

I love how quirky this guy looks.  It captures his ferociousness but also kind of portrays that he may not be “all there.”  His face sculpt is so unique I had to take a couple of different pictures of various angles (and the back of the head) just to show the work put into this.  I’m a fan of the look and the paint of this head sculpt.  Score one for the Four Horsemen and Super7.

The figure comes with a staff that has a bit of silver accents on it.  Thankfully it’s not just one monotone colour like Hawke’s weapons.  He also comes with a boulder that features some electronics inside of it.  I’m not sure as to what the use of it is or if it comes from a particular episode, but it looks pretty cool when split apart.

The boulder has three holes on the outside of it that helps lock in the boulder.  While taking these pictures, it popped out often but as I was filming the video for the feature (at the end), it locked in pretty well.  I guess you just have to play around with it.

Unfortunately, this figure can’t hold the staff very well at all.  Add the boulder on top of it and you’re lucky if it doesn’t fall out of the figure’s hand or cause the figure to fall over.  My figure has a very loose left leg so it can’t hold the weight of the figure with the weapon very well.  I had to really play around with the figure in these pictures to actually get it to stand holding the staff with the boulder attached.  I wish it was designed a bit better.  It’s a little bit of a let down for such a cool looking figure.

I suppose if you want Quakke on your shelf holding something and not worrying about him falling over or the boulder falling on your floor, you can perhaps envision the staff is also some kind of spear.  I dunno.  I gave it a shot and it didn’t look too bad.

When you can balance Quakke with the staff and boulder, he looks pretty damn good.  As mentioned, if your figure has any loose joints, you’ll really have to play around with it to balance while trying to get the grip just right so he holds the staff well enough to not drop it.


All gripes aside, this figure is a win in my books.  He’s cool looking, he’s a monster/mutant, and he fills out the ranks of the Space Mutants.  It’s just too bad his weapon can’t be held well without it either falling out of his hands or causing him to fall over due to the weight of it. I know some people still won’t give this figure the time of day and that’s OK – they can always sell him on the aftermarket.

The verdict so far the Collector’s Choice line:  Hawke – meh,  Lodar – good, but not nothing special, Quakke – amazing and worth the dough. My review of Fang-Or will be up tomorrow!


Enjoy the video!