Masters of the Universe Classics Lodar Review (Collector’s Choice)


For as long as I’ve been reading various forums (like on among others on Facebook), I have seen fans clamoring for a figure of Lodar.  Who is Lodar you’re asking? Well, for those in the dark, he appeared in one mini-comic that came with a couple of the vintage Masters of the Universe figures.

The iconic cover for that mini-comic remained in the minds of many fans throughout the years. Hell, it’s probably in the top five I could easily visualize myself.  I can understand why people would want to throw their support for this character.

slave city

Cover pic from Ebay – copyrights are respected owners.

In the story, Escape from Slave City, He-Man is knocked unconscious by a boulder on his way to save the people of Targa and awakens without his memory to find he’s imprisoned by Lodar.  He-Man is forced to fight another person but regains his memory and refuses.  Of course, Lodar gets defeated by He-Man in the end and is banished. This story was enough for fans to constantly demand Lodar’s representation in plastic.

The bio for the character is basically the story from the mini-comic but Lodar is given an origin.  I think that was wise because to get invested in characters properly, we are going to need to know a backstory to flesh out the character to have some kind of emotional context to connect to.  This bio gives a bit of a backstory on Lodar and it makes sense that he was a gladiator.  The story sets up the mini-comic events well and elaborates on Lodar’s banishment afterwards.  Good stuff!

The figure is on the standard buck we’ve grown to know very well over the years.  The articulation isn’t too bad but I find that his legs are looser than I’d like, especially the left leg.

I go off on a bit of a tangent in the video embedded at the end because the top of the right leg has a portion where it pokes out.  It doesn’t stay under the crotch area and it’s very unappealing.  I don’t remember other Classics figures ever having this problem before. It seems like many of the figures have short “shorts” or loincloths across the Collector’s Choice and Club Greyskull lines and it causes some of the figure’s legs to have a top part that sticks out.  It’s a shame and I hope it’s rectified for the next wave of figures.

The armor and the gauntlets are new but we see a reuse of some of Beast Man’s  arm spikes/arm armor.  They are made of a softer plastic and don’t hinder the articulation in the shoulders.

The colours of the figure look good to me, although I’ve read others complaining that they aren’t 100% perfect.  They work for me and from what I see in the mini-comic.  Then again, I’m not the best with colour differentiation.  I do notice and dig the metallic shine given off from some of the paint.

The shoes are really cool because, from what I remember, this is the first time we’ve seen a figure with some cleats before.

The head sculpt is great.  I think the ex-gladiator vibe comes through with the mask and the helmet.  You could even swap him out for a post-apocalyptic football player.  You can really sense some angst just by looking into the eyes of the figure, so that’s quite the accomplishment without having a mouth sculpted to help with an overall expression.

The spikes on the top of the helmet aren’t as rounded or soft as other spikes we’ve seen in the line.  They won’t hurt anyone, of course, but I found it surprising they weren’t like the softer plastic we’ve grown accustomed to with some of the figures that feature spikes.


For accessories, Lodar comes with a spiked mace and the giant chains that were attached to He-Man on the cover of the mini-comic.  To not include either would basically be sacrilegious to fans.  I’m sure many couldn’t wait to get their He-Man figure shackled in them.

I’m happy Super7 gave the go-ahead for some paint on the mace.  It brakes it up and I think all accessories deserve a bit of love.


While Lodar may not be the most interesting of characters for many, he sure does look vicious when posed with his mace.  He reminds me of someone would could have been a main baddy in The Running Man.  He does add presence to my figure shelf among the more familiar characters.

The cuffs for the chains are made of a softer plastic and fit over other figure’s forearms with no issue.  It’s also essential to point out that you won’t have to worry about them scraping any paint off of figures because they’re just the right firmness.  I demonstrate it in the video at the end.

For a much requested figure, I think Super7 did a good job.  The cover of the mini-comic is definitely a huge piece of nostalgia for fans and I’m glad he finally got his chance to be immortalized in plastic.

While he may not be a figure that will stand out for many who visit me or be the basis for a long conversation, I’m glad to have him on my shelf.  If you would have told me 35 years ago I would be taking photos of this character’s first action figure and writing about it, I would have probably laughed and then asked to either play with my MOTU figs or watch cartoons.


Enjoy the video!