Masters of the Universe Classics Hawke Review (Collector’s Choice)


If you’re a Masters of the Universe fan and haven’t been on the Internet in a year and a half, you may not know that Matty Collector closed down shop and Super7 picked up the Masters of the Universe Classics line.

Super7 launched a pre-sale for a wave of four MOTUC Collector’s Choice figures and four Club Grayskull figures over a year and a half ago.  They were supposed to be in people’s hands by the end of last year but got delayed.  There were issues at the factory and the head of Super7, Bryan Flynn, traveled over there himself to make sure things were going to plan.

The figures were delayed as more changes were made after fan outcry over things on various figures not looking correct, especially when it came to the legs.  Some issues were fixed, some were not.  Things also changed from the initial prototypes, which is not uncommon, but some changes left fans scratching their heads.

I’m staring my look at all four of these Collector’s Choice figures (and later, Club Grayskull) with the figure I like the least out of the wave, Hawke – the sister of Stratos.  You’ll see with this figure where some crap hit the fan with many on the ol’ Interwebs.

Starting off, I’m happy to say the packaging the line had during it’s time under Matty Collector’s wing remains the same.  What I really dig about the packaging is how the back of the packaging looks.  The large character illustration really pops and the figures from both the Collector’s Choice and Club Grayskull waves are there to be admired.

What’s also f’n awesome is the return of the bios! I know some are fans and some aren’t into them and that’s OK.  You can make your own MOTU history and cannon at home, if you wish.  I like them because they really connect and expand the world of Masters of the Universe and create some excellent discussion or sometimes some heated war of words on some forums/Facebook groups.  I just sit back and read.

While I may not really dig this figure, I do like the story surrounding Hawke, Delora, Evil-Lyn, and General Tufos.  There’s a lot crammed into such a tiny bio!

Standing straight out of the packaging, the figure isn’t that bad. There are glaring issues, though.  You’ll see the articulation in the video at the end of this feature, but areas are damn tight (and still are) but some are really loose.  The plastic groin piece at the year looks mangled and looks a bit crooked, but that can also be because of the legs not being designed as well as they should have been. It has something to do with the leg pegs and engineering from what I’ve read.

I really like the details on her wings, so I’ll give the figure that.  They can rotate but you may have to work on it.  One could rotate well while the other I needed to work in.  I actually thought it was going to snap off.

The feet have two points of articulation: the forward and backward motion and side to side.  They are loose.  Very loose.  Check out the video to see.  When posing this figure, or just getting it to stand up, you have to play around with the top portion while always adjusting the ankles.  It’s a bit of a pain.  I do like what they are trying to do, though, because you can get a wide range of action poses because of it, when the figure stays in place.

I don’t mind the head on this figure too much.  Don’t get me wrong, it is different from the prototype with a jaw that is more squared instead of a softer, more feminine point that was first shown.  As well, it sits a lot lower than anticipated, making the figure seem like it has no neck.  People were really pissed about this. Seriously pissed…and they still are.  I can understand because this was some people’s most anticipated figure and one that probably won’t get a second chance to be made.  For me, it’s more of a completionist character so I’m not as bothered as others except for not getting something I’m not blown away with for the amount of money I paid.

The other head included is to “transform” the figure into Stratos’ wife, Delora.  It really doesn’t.  The only difference with this head is the hair at the back. At $35 US, I was expecting a little bit more.  I’m sure something could have been done to differentiate the two heads a little bit more.

Both head sculpts have some slop in various places on them (or on the hair) and there seems to be a few spots where there seems like some paint that has “chunked” up (see to the right of Hawke’s eye area).

I read that some people were taking some Sticky Tack (adhesive putty, here in Canada) and using it to add some height to the figure’s head so it looks like it actually has a neck. I still have to play around a bit with it but below are the pictures I took with it raised.  I don’t think it looks too bad.  I also compared it with the Delora head so you can see how much it raises the figure’s height.

Now…more bad news.  I said the first figure out of the box didn’t look too bad.  At least the legs weren’t as bad as others I saw online.  That was until I took out the second figure and set it up.  Not to take a “perv shot” or anything, but I needed to show you the difference in the peg sizes for the second figure.  This is not acceptable for a $35 US figure.


You can see why a peg being longer is a major issue.  Look at how awful the legs look and off centre it seems.  If that’s not bad enough, look at the figure from the back.  It looks horrible. It’s so bad, it’s funny. Well, it’s funny until I realize again how much I paid for it.  There’s no way to fix this unfortunately.  I guess putting the other head on this figure actually does turn it into a new figure because the awful legs does make it look different. Delora just needs to shake her rump!

Hawke comes with two weapons: a smoke gun and a sword.  The smoke gun is bulky and something I won’t use on either figure except to keep it on Delora’s back.

The sword has some decent sculpting but I would have loved to see just a touch of paint in place on these weapons.  At $35 US a figure, there should be something. This isn’t Club Grayskull where paint apps are supposed to be kept to a minimum to keep that Filmation look.  I digress.


When I started posing the figure, I tried to focus more on making the figure look decent posed and to have fun with it instead of concentrating on the faults.  While it was tough to keep it in place the odd time while posing it, when you get a great pose, the figure looks decent.

Below I have Delora holding the oversized smoke gun.  It’ll likely stay on her back on the shelf and she can hold a sword in her hand.

What would this feature be without an appearance by Hawke’s bro, Stratos? I thought I’d also take a “family shot” and include Delora as well.  Thank goodness for the difference in the hair or poor Stratos may mistake the two (geeesh).

I think it’s safe to say this figure has taken the majority of hate for this relaunch.  It is definitely my least favourite of all the new figures but it still isn’t the worst figure in the Classics line in my eyes.  Hell, I was more pissed off with Evil-Lyn from Club Grayskull when it arrived.  Yeah, the legs on my second figure really pissed me off and the random paint slop on the heads don’t help matters.

I’m not as angry with the actual head sculpt as others but I do understand about wanting the head higher so the figure looks like it has a neck.  Let’s hope these are all just growing pains.  It’s too bad a figure had to turn out so disappointing to many in order for this stuff to hopefully not happen again.  I hate to start off a reviews of a line of figures negatively and I hope I don’t come off as spiteful as other has but, like I said, it’s a money vs. quality thing here for me.


I don’t usually do videos for my MOTUC Rewind features, but seeing how these are newly released, all I can say is…enjoy the video and stay tuned all next week to my site because I’ll be getting to all the other figures in the new Collector’s Choice line as well as Club Greyskull.  I may be late to the party, but I still have to party!