Figure Shield 6×9″ Protective Action Figure Clamshell Cases Review


I first got introduced to Figure Shield cases when I was searching for something to display and collect my Star Wars 40th anniversary Black Series figures in.  I came across their product and really liked them. If you missed my review of them, check it out!

When it got announced the company was making protective clamshell packaging for 3 3/4″ figures, that typically come in  6″x 9″ packaging, I was definitely interested.  With the company having a special of 15 cases for a special shipping price, I made an order and they came to me in less than a week (props, guys!).

The cases come packaged well and are neatly packed.  The image below shows them after I fumbled them a bit as I was heading down the stairs.  It doesn’t represent how they came out of the mailing box.


I was going to do a write-up about the what make their cases different by taking more information from their site, but it’s cool to see the company providing this excellent information sheet describing their cases and the technology infused to protect your figures.


The cases are pretty clear and feature the Figure Shield logo on the back.  Some may not like the promotion on the back, but it’s not too distracting and if stores or sellers are using these to protect figures they’re trying to make money of, it’s good forward thinking on Figure Shield’s part.  In the video at the end of the feature, I show you how both pieces of the case snaps firmly in place.

The main reason I wanted to get some protective cases for figures in this scale were to protect my Reaction Dark Crystal by Funko figures that I really love.  As soon as I got these in, I had to get the figures into them.

I started with Jen, then I put Augra in.  I decided to take pictures of her for this feature because the bubble on her card rounds out the clamshell more.  Jen’s is skinny, as you’ll see in the video, but the clamshell keeps him tight.

I am happy to see these cases having the peg/pin hole right in the middle of the packaging so they hang evenly.  That was a critique of the ones I bought for the 40th anniversary Black Series figures.

The other critique I had of them, that isn’t solved here is how hazy the figures look in the clamshells.  They just aren’t clear.  The back of the card isn’t too bad, but the front isn’t crystal clear like other cases.  I thought it was perhaps the batch I got or maybe it’s just the technology Figure Shield uses to really protect the figures from the UV Rays.  I’m wasn’t 100% sure so I reached out to them for an answer. Here is what they said:

The haziness is from our micro-beaded surface which acts as a defense against UV rays. It’s the same size of beading as with the 40th shells but since the artwork is bigger the distortion doesn’t seem to be as noticeable. We know some collectors won’t like the way our shells aren’t 100% clear but we focus on protection first. The other cases out there (star cases) don’t have this feature and beyond turning yellow they are somewhat harmful when it comes to UV protection.

So there you have it. If you want the upmost protection, this may be your best bet.  If you want absolute clarity and want to risk potential UV damage, you have other options.

You can really see the haziness when looking at the Boba Fett I put in a clamshell, especially when trying to focus on the back of the card.  It’s just as hazy in person, holding it in your hand as the picture.

If you’re looking for these to add protection to all figures in this scale and card size, not all will fit.  You’ll see my Chamberlain figure’s bubble is just too big to be placed into these.  That’s not the company’s fault, mind you, but you will have to look for an alternative.  Perhaps the company will produce boxes that could take care of this issue further down the line.


Below is the picture of my Darth Revan figure.  I say it in the video but I had no idea how many people are after this figure.  I bought him back when I wasn’t collecting Star Wars figures just because he looked cool and I had loved Knights of the Old Republic.

Once again, I’m happy with the product Figure Shield created and will end up getting more in the future – especially if the front of the clamshell gets clearer.  It would cost me an arm and a leg to buy enough to protect all my figures but at least I know I can grab more of these for the valuable and rare ones I have for the time being.  Check out today! Enjoy the video, too!