More Star Wars – The Last Jedi 3 3/4″ Figures (Review)


I think the last time I looked at Star Wars 3 3/4″ figures was way back for Force Friday II before The Last Jedi came out.  Hell, I didn’t even sneak in the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda figures that trickled out a month after in any feature.

That ends today with my look at figures I’ve snagged over the past couple months – some as far back as December.  I figured I was doing some more recent ones, so I may as well include my Christmas stuff.  I’m still searching for an Emperor Palpatine and Flametrooper in this scale from the last wave.  Hopefully I’ll find ’em soon.

Like usual, I’m going to give my quick two cents about each figure.  Don’t forget to watch the brief video at the end of the feature from my YouTube channel.

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Exile)

This figure seemed to be one that many were after when the movie dropped.  Whether you liked it or not (I did), people want Luke.  This hooded figure doesn’t look too much like Mark Hamil but I really dig the textures in the clothing and the paint work on the face.

Princess Leia Organa

For such a tiny figure, I like the detail here.  The eyebrows may be a little darker, but if the face was painted a bit better, this figure would be a knockout.  Once again, the textures on the clothing on the figure is great.  I wish the weapon had just a tad bit of paint on it to make it pop.

Rey (Island Journey)

This figure is a disappointment.  From the paint on the face to the bloated look of the figure overall, I think this is one needs the most improvement.  At least she comes with a lightsaber, right?

DJ (Canto Bight)

Here’s a figure all kids will want! All kidding aside, DJ is a terrific looking figure.  I think the head sculpt and paint on it is top notch and I love the gold design at the top of the jacket.  The wrinkling in the jacket is also sculpted well.  Too bad the character wasn’t more exciting or essential.

C’ai Threnalli

Aww, yeah! This guy rules! I know we had Asty in the Black Series for The Force Awakens but nothing beats another alien Resistance pilot.  I think they absolutely nailed this figure with the sculpt, the paint, and the outfit.  This is a cool figure for collectors and kids.


I’ve lost count with how many R2-D2 figures I have in this scale.  I always say “that’s it, that’s my last R2!”  It always reminds me of that episode from The Simpsons about Lisa Lionheart and the figure that comes with a new hat.  There’s always something little they’ll add to make me say, screw it, and buy another.  This R2 looks really good due to the paint job.  Not only that, the rockets on either side of him made him a must buy.  I had to find this guy on Ebay because I haven’t seen him in the wild.  If I do, I’m snagging one because I want my daughter to fly him around.

Force Link First Order Starter Set

While I have the first Force Link set that came Kylo Ren, buying this was a no-brainer because of the two exclusive figures it comes with: an Executioner Trooper and an Elite Praetorian Guard.  This Toys R’ Us (RIP) exclusive was $70 here in Canada (plus tax). Screw that.  I waited until it went on sale and bit the bullet when it came down to $40.  I’m sure it’ll go down more now with the horrible news about TRU.  At least here in Canada, stores are staying open and will probably be bought out before any closures.

Rose (First Order Disguise)

I’m sure this figure would be a hard sell on it’s own.  While I didn’t mind Rose’s character in the film, I don’t have the urge to get more action figures of her in addition to the one I already have in this scale or The Black Series.  This set adds the only way to get BB-8 in this scale for this line and the newly created BB-9E from the movie.  That doesn’t make getting this set not hard to swallow.  I actually scored this on for $20 and that was even better.

Those are my brief thoughts on these figures.  Enjoy the video!