Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure Stands Review by Display Heroes (and Interview w/ Founder Adam Falk)


Frequenting the various sixth scale Facebook groups and pages allows me to see a lot of content.  Most times I just lurk or give the various thumbs up but there are times I do comment or ask questions.

A couple of months back, I saw some awesome sixth scale figure stands for figures I already had.  They sure weren’t the plain black ones that came with them, though.  By joining in a conversation where I started off praising what I saw, I discovered the stands were created by Adam Falk who runs his own company, Display Heroes.

We touched base a few times in forums and I had told him I was interested in some stands and I asked to get some stands from him a few so I could review them and also interview him for a feature on my site.  I wanted to know why and how he made them and I thought the sixth scale collecting community should know, too!  Below are the three stands, followed by an interview with Adam, and concluding with a short video about the stands from my YouTube channel.


Stand for Hot Toys’ Yoda

Yes, it’s true the Hot Toys Yoda sixth scale figure (see my review) comes with a diorama base already, but it doesn’t include a nifty nameplate.  This stand includes one and fits under the diorama perfectly, raising it up ever so slightly.  Seeing how everyone else that is on my shelf currently with Yoda has a nameplate, it’s about time our little friend did, too.  It’s an excellent complimentary piece.
Stand for Sideshow Collectibles’ AT-AT Driver
This figure (see my review) came with the basic black stand that many of the Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars figures do. Getting this particular stand from Display Hereoes stand is a must if you have the AT-AT driver because the snow environment just makes this figure pop even more on your shelf.  I love the texture of the snow on the base and the colour of it works well with the figure.
Stand for Sideshow Collectibles’ C-3P0 and R2-D2 Figures

C-3P0 (review here) came with the same stand the AT-AT figure did while R2-D2 (review here) never came with one at all.  I can see the logic in Sideshow not making a stand for the R2.  I’m sure most people that got an R2, snagged a C-3P0 or vice versa.  Perhaps some had a sixth scale figure of one of the characters from another company already and only got one Sideshow piece.  What I’m getting at here is that it’s probably a rare thing that a collector is going to have one of the droids and not the other.

The idea of Adam creating a base for both of them was an excellent idea and using the Tatooine desert theme was probably a no-brainer.  Once again, the textures of the stand look outstanding and it’s really cool to see some variety in the sizes of the rocks.  My two figures look amazing on it and I couldn’t be happier.  If you have these two figures, you gotta pick this up, people!

I’ll mention that included with most stands (for figures that need them) are translucent rods that will help hold your figures up and in place if you worry they will tip over wherever you display them.
All the stands in this review are top-notch and do not feel cheap whatsoever.  They make your high-end figures look even better and will really add to people’s displays.  I can’t say enough about them and will be in the market for more.  When I get a few more, I’ll do another showcase and video.  Here’s the interview, followed by a video.
Interview with Adam of Display Heroes.

1. Hi, Adam! You go by the name Cocoboloboy. Can you explain the significance of that name? Is it a pop-culture reference I have no knowledge of?

I’ve had that name for probably 15 years now. Lol! It’s simply the exotic hardwood Cocobolo with boy at the end. When I started doing turnings it was a favorite wood to use and sounded like the perfect name for eBay and various toy forums.

2. How long have you been collecting sixth scale figures and do you have a main franchise you collect?

My first high end 1/6 figure was the Medicom Vader around ‘05. I’d been hooked ever since.

3. Why did you start Display Heroes?

I started pushing Display Heroes as a business a couple years ago when my regular woodworking job began to really slow down but I had been making custom action figure stands for over ten years now.

I first began making wall mountable shelves with 3D superhero emblems on them for the smaller 6” figures from DC Direct. After I stopped collecting in that scale I moved on to wall mountable displays with printed mini movie posters on them for 1/6 figures.
Then when the C-3PO and R2 figures from Sideshow came out and there wasn’t a proper stand for them, I designed and made one for myself. It became a popular request from me and also the flagship display stand for Cocoboloboy and Display Heroes was born.

4. How do you choose which figures to create stands for?

First, if there just isn’t one included with a figure, or a very bland stand, and I think a nicer one might sell then I start making it. If someone requests a stand that I don’t offer and I can produce it cost effectively I’ll design one too.

Also, if it’s something I’m personally interested in I’ll make one for myself and see if it’s one anybody else wants. That’s probably the reason for most every different stand I offer.

5. What are the various materials you use to create the stands and, on average, how long does it take to make one? Walk us through the process if you can.

I use a mix of different things to produce a stand. Depending on which one it is I use hardwoods, wood composites, Bondo, plastics, resins, metal and whatever else I think will look good.

If it’s a simple, black stand I might get it done in less than an hour. If it’s one of the more complex stands it may take one and a half to two hours. I try to do things in batches in order to speed the process up and keep the individual stand costs as low as possible.

6. What have been your most popular stands so far?

The most popular has been and continues to be the C-3P0 and R2 dual display stand. I started out making just a Drifting Sands version then began offering a Jundland Wastes version. It became my favorite. The JAWAS Jundland Stand and Yoda diorama add-on plate with plaque are my next best sellers.


7. Are there any characters that are on your radar next? I think it would be cool to see a bounty hunter set to mimic the stands that came with original releases of Boba Fett and IG-88, so all the bounty hunters could stand on something grand, yet similar.

A Jack Sparrow ship deck stand is in the works with a stand for Tarkin and his chair being the next new design.  So far the Sparrow Stand has been a blast to work on.
I’ve had so many requests for Bounty Hunter stands that I’ve just got to get back to that. I’ve always envisioned having them all on a stand or stands that look like the mottled concrete floor in the ESB bounty hunter lineup scene. That look has proven to be a challenge to produce quickly so I’ve constantly put it on the back burner.  (EP note: count me in for a stand for Tarkin’s chair – maybe a co-display for people that bought the 2-pack?)

8. Is there anything you’d like to share about yourself people may find interesting?

I don’t know if it’s interesting but ever since I can remember I’ve found ways to put my toys on exhibition. I never had a toy box as a kid. Instead, after playing with my Transformers, G.I. Joes, M.A.S.K., Thundercats, whathaveyou, I always put them on display either on my dresser or whatever shelves I could get dad to install on my walls for me. I’d even cobble display stands together from various items as a kid. It’s been a passion of mine for a very long time.

9. Thanks for answering all these questions! Can you please list all the ways people can interact with you, order your from you, and see all your work?

It’s been a pleasure, Peter! I can always be contacted through Facebook at DISPLAY HEROES and COCOBOLOBOY or emailed at I’m also very active on the Sideshow Freaks toy forum.

I’d personally like to thank Adam for taking the time to do his interviews and making these great stands.  I know I’ll be snagging a couple more for figures I have.  Enjoy the quick video!