Electrified Porcupine’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration!


Hey, everyone! Technically last Friday marked the 2nd anniversary of my site with the Darth Vader Hot Toys sixth scale figure review.  I was gonna do a huge hoopla about still going on and on, but I’ve been enjoying my little vacation this week away from my day job, so this will suffice!

I still have LOTS of stuff to come over the next two weeks.  To give a sneak peak, I have all the new Super7 Masters of the Universe figures in and will be reviewing each of them, I pulled the trigger on a Star Wars Execution Trooper figure from Hot Toys, I have a Flametrooper from Hot Toys coming in as well, and I’ll be taking a look at a few custom sixth scale Star Wars figure stands courtesy of Adam at Display Heroes.

If that’s not enough, I have my reviews of the new protective cases from Figure Shield, my thoughts on my latest Star Wars 3 3/4″ figures I’ve had given to me (or purchased by yours truly) since December.  I’ve also just recorded my first appearance on a Podcast thanks to Chantal and Lynx at Muses and Stuff.  I’d like to thank them very much for asking me about my site and what makes me click.  It should be a good listen!

Adding to all of that, I’m going to do a few collection videos so people can see some of my stuff in its entirety instead of periodically getting MOTUC Rewind features, I’m going to show you how I wire up my Detolf cabinets from Ikea to show off my sixth scale figures, AND I just may get back into writing about some vintage video games and my music collection.

Going on two years, I’d like to thank Dave over at Mad Rush Media for his continued support and excellent customer service, Wes over at Silver Screen Toys and Collectibles, my cousin Dan for helping me out with the site when I need it, my buddies Dustin and Dopey for helping the odd time when they can, my bro-in-law, Chad, for tossing me the first YouTube intro/song and for letting me use the second song we wrote for the latest intro, and my mom and sis for always spoiling me with stuff to also feature on this site.  I’m so loved and spoiled.

Speaking of feeling loved and spoiled, last but not least, I’d like to thank my wife Kim for her ongoing support and encouragement for continuing to have a creative outlet and giving me the time to do so with such a packed life.  I love you more than I can ever express, baby.  That goes for our little girl, too.

Just like I mentioned over in my “About section,” I’d also like to give props to a few web sites that inspired me to start my side: Dinosaur Dracula,  TheFwoosh.com, and Michael Crawford over at Michael’s Review of the Week . It’s also been nice to strike up some conversation with Pixel Dan, who also inspired me to do what I do. Same goes for the excellent talks I have with Toy Bro, who has had incredible growth this year on his YouTube channel.  Same can be said for Val Staples at He-Man.org who has given me his own personal thumbs up and has struck up some good conversation.  I really appreciate it.

I hope everyone enjoys the stuff I review or write about, contributes in the discussion. Follow me on Twitter, YouTube , Instagram, Facebook  and Google + to spread the love! While I may not always have the time to flood my site with content, I do enjoy doing what I do and I’d like to thank everyone and anyone who has enjoyed my stuff, shared it, given their two cents on how to be better, or given me a good, swift kick in the ass.  Props to who you are.  I should also mention a big shout out those FB Groups that allow me to post my links AND I have to apologize for anyone I’m forgetting as I quickly type this all up!