WWE Fastlane 2018 Predictions


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This Sunday’s show is WWE’s last PPV before Wrestlemania and I have to say thank goodness.  I am not really interested in the show and I really don’t even think it needs to happen.

I think most of the show will be predictable and will unfortunately springboard into some more multi-person matches at Wrestlemania instead of just focusing on feuds that need to be settled at the biggest show of the year.  Maybe we’ll get some surprises, but I doubt it.  I think the Smackdown the Tuesday after this show will be more eventful because there will be only four more weeks until Wrestlemania and the Smackdown roster needs to go into full gear.

The number one contender, Shinsuke Nakamura has barely been featured on Smackdown except to have a longer than needed match against Aiden English, instead of being booked to get the job done quick.  How does WWE expect those who are still not more familiar with Nakamura or haven’t jumped on the bandwagon to connect with him more when he’s not on the show or having difficulty putting away a mid-carder? It boggles my mind just like some of the creative directions that have been taken lately.

If more matches are announced, or if things change, I’ll update accordingly.  With that all being said, here’s what I think will happen on the show.


Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. Natalya & Carmella


Should we be surprised we’re getting another multi-woman tag match that has been thrown together without any story on a PPV? I guess that’s rhetorical.  The supposed “story” here is about Lynch and Carmella going back and forth on Twitter. Good god…

Anyway, the heels need the win here because Carmella has the Money in the Bank briefcase and has almost been an afterthought on TV.  The attention needs to be put back on her leading up to Wrestlemania (and after if she doesn’t try and cash it in at the show).  Carmella still isn’t that good in the ring so she needs all the practice she can get.

Winners: Natalya and Carmella


Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Rusev

Source: WWE.com

If WWE Creative wasn’t so busy writing the same garbage we’ve seen every week between Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan and didn’t focus on them watching matches, eating popcorn, and bickering, perhaps they could have built up some kind of feud between these two to make people care.

You could have had the story revolve around Rusev going on a destructive tear because he’s been overlooked for opportunities and demands to face Nakamura. If he wins, he gets Nakamura’s shot at the championship at Wrestlemania.  Holy shit. Is that so hard to write? Instead, we get a quickly thrown together match so the number one contender can have at least some time in the spotlight before being tossed into one of the main events at the biggest show of the year.  Seriously, WWE Creative, get your heads out of your asses and do some writing.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Bobby Roode (Champ) vs. Randy Orton – United States Championship


Ugh….Randy Orton.  Anyone but Randy Orton, please.  I’m sure this match will have plenty of back and forth action but I have a funny feeling that Jinder Mahal will interfere somehow in this match which will insert him (and maybe others) into a multi-man match for the US Championship at Wrestlemania.  This match won’t have a clean ending and I just can’t see WWE put the belt on Orton again.  At least I hope not.

Winner: Bobby Roode


The Usos (Champs) vs. The New Day – SmackDown Tag Team Championship

Source: WWE.com

While the matches between these two teams have been excellent and haven’t failed to entertain, I ask myself, “why again?” Isn’t Smackdown the land of opportunity? If so, how on earth is The New Day the number one contenders again and why are we seeing these guys go at it so soon after seeing them fight on numerous PPVs in 2017? I wouldn’t be surprised if Gable and Jordan interfere or the Bludgeon Brothers do (or at least come out at the end of the match).  For some reason, I smell a multi-team match at Wrestlemania considering they haven’t built stories up between any other teams on the roster.

Winners: The Usos


 Charlotte Flair (Champ) vs. Ruby Riott – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Source: WWE.com

As mentioned, Smackdown is the supposed land of opportunity and giving Riot this chance is actually giving someone new an opportunity.  This could potentially put Riot on the map if she has a good match with Charlotte.  Some may argue she’s too green, but when compared to Ms. Money in the Bank, there’s a world of difference.  There’s no way in hell Riot is winning, though, and that’s what makes this PPV a bit of a let down – the winners just seem so predictable.  What isn’t predictable, though, is if Asuka will show up after the match ends to officially challenge Charlotte for the championship at Wrestlemania or if they’ll save that for the following Tuesday’s show.

Winner: Charlotte


AJ Styles (Champ) vs. John Cena vs. Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler – Six-Pack Challenge Match

Source: WWE.com

First thing first – how in the hell can WWE justify allowing Cena to pin the WWE Champion so close to Wrestlemania two weeks ago? If they wanted Cena in this match so bad, Cena could have fought anyone else involved in this match, pin them, and then have Styles react that the match is really stacked against him.  It would make him look even bigger coming out of the match when he wins instead of having his loss to Cena in the back of people’s minds.  It’s just such awful booking and it really pissed me off last week.

I’ll also state that if Cena is booked to win just to be 17 time championship and the match for the WWE Heavyweight Championship becomes Styles’ rematch against Cena with Nakamura thrown in just because he was the winner of the Royal Rumble, I’ll be closer than ever to skipping Wrestlemania for the first time ever.

As for the rest of the crew involved in this match, you know none of them are winning.  Owens and Zayn are getting set up to go against each other at Wrestlemania but Ziggler and Corbin will be directionless unless they’re inserted into a multi-man US Championship match.

I can’t believe WWE was so lazy that they basically gave us this match on Tuesday night just without Cena.  Lazy, lazy, lazy! Cena, touting he’s the only free agent in WWE, could get to Raw the night before to yap to the crowd, but couldn’t be bothered to go to Smackdown the next night? Right…

As well, Sami Zayn kicking Owens and winning the match to shock people wasn’t effective because nothing here was on the line and Zayn was rushed through a promo as the show was trying to go off the air. Why in the hell didn’t they save this for Sunday’s match (minus the win) and then have the big follow up on the following Tuesday’s show to let it breath and not rush things?  I’m telling you, they need to fire the main people writing this show as they wouldn’t know compelling TV if it bit them in the ass. Smackdown has been a former shell of itself since the last shake-up.

As for my winner, I’m going with what I want to (and should) happen.

Winner: AJ Styles