Star Wars – Grand Moff Tarkin Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


This year is already kicking into full gear with sixth scale collectibles! This Grand Moff Tarkin/Darth Vader set wasn’t supposed to be out until around August and out of nowhere it was ready to go and mine arrived late last week.

Many collectors of Star Wars sixth scale figures have been waiting a long time for either Hot Toys or Sideshow Collectibles to do a Grand Moff Tarkin figure.  While he wasn’t near the top of my must-make list, he was a character I knew I’d want one day and I was super pumped when he got announced. Peter Cushing finally gets the Hot Toys treatment and joins Princess Leia and Darth Vader on many collector’s shelves.

This two-pack costs quite a bit of dough and I used every bit of the almost $400 in reward points from Sideshow to put towards it (I’ve been saving since my first purchase years ago).  Although I already have a sixth scale Darth Vader (based on Return of the Jedi by Sideshow), I needed to score this two pack to get the exclusive item and to make sure I had an Episode IV: A New Hope Vader represented on my shelf.

As you can see, we get the standard Star Wars packaging from Hot Toys along with another excellent photo of the figures on the inside.  The packaging puts Tarkin in a pose that I found impossible to put the actual figure in.  I’ll get to that more a bit later.

Once again, everything was shipped snug and arrived without any damage.  I am always impressed with the steps taken to make sure these figures are packaged well.

Tarkin measures just under 12″. He features articulation in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, neck, waist, legs, knees, and ankles.  You’ll be able to get a lot of movement and poses out of him.  None of the joints on this figure were loose and none were too tight.  You do get some restriction when trying to move the arms high because of the outfit.

The outfit is pretty basic but tailored well.  The green uniform thankfully didn’t have any rips or tears.  The pants do look a bit baggy but I think that’s because you need to be able to have the figure sit and if the pants were too tight, it would be hard to do so.  It is hard to try and tuck them back into the boots, though.  You don’t want Tarkin looking like he’s sporting some MC Hammer pants (does that reference date me or what?)

The belt is removable but I didn’t bother playing with it.  The faux leather looks good with the silver buckle and buttons.

The top of the uniform features the iconic rank insignia plaque (not removable) while the pockets have the four imperial code cylinders.  Both of these things I didn’t even know the name of until researching them for this write-up!!! I totally forgot to take pictures of them out of the pocket but they’re in the video embedded at the end, so you can check them out there.

I’ve read on some FB groups and forums that some are having difficulty getting the cylinders to fit into Tarkin’s right pocket because some pockets aren’t sewn correctly.  Thankfully mine doesn’t have that issue and all four fit well.

The head sculpt is pretty damn awesome on this figure.  The expression is stern, commanding, and serious without looking angry.  I’m glad Hot Toys went with a closed mouth for this figure.  The subtle wrinkle lines all over the figure are really well done and the sunken face, especially around the eyes, really makes the figure look life-like.  Hell, look closely at and around the lips to see the amazing work done.

I think the hair is done well on this figure, too.  The receding hairline is mapped out perfectly and has the right amount of lift where needed.

This face sculpt looks fantastic from any angle.  You can see sculpting of the wrinkles around the mouth, the cheeks, the temples, and his forehead really well in the picture below.  It’s quite mind-blowing.  I applaud the work people do on these.


Tarkin comes with four extra hands, bringing the total to six.  There is some excellent work on the knuckles here.  The detailing really does make them look like an older person’s hands – all with numerous age spots.

The chair included with the figure comes in two pieces.  You have to insert the base into the bottom of the chair and push it in.  Be careful how you hold the base because you don’t want to break off the adjustment wheel.

The chair is a light plastic and barely has any weight.  It balances well so you don’t have to worry that it’s so light that it won’t support the figure.

For those who don’t want to have their figure sitting down in their display area, you have the standard Hot Toys Star Wars stand to use.  I didn’t take the protective wrapping off mine because I think I’ll be putting it back in the box.  My Tarkin will be sitting pretty with Vader by his side.


The exclusive piece this two pack comes with is the IT-O Interrogator droid.  It comes with a translucent rod and a stand.  I’ll start by stating the stand is a piece of garbage.  It’s cheap, flimsy plastic and I’m surprised Hot Toys took the cheap way out out with this stand.  You’ll see what I mean in the video.  Make sure the rod is connected well to the base because if it isn’t, your droid will be taking spills.

The rod is inserted into the bottom of the droid.  I don’t think it goes up enough into it and along with the flimsy base, it isn’t as secure as I would like it to be.  Make sure you display this thing in a sturdy area.

The droid is quite lightweight.  I mean, surprisingly lightweight.  I expected it to have some heft to it, but it’s just hollow plastic.  The paint on it is clean and looks really good, though.  Adding all the attachments to it does make it look more impressive.  All the attachments need to be pressed firmly into place so those are more pieces you’ll have to be careful with so they don’t snap.

While I was more upbeat in my video, I had more time to take pictures after filming and I have a bit to gripe about here that I didn’t in the video.  On the box and all the promo pictures, you see Tarkin in a “signature pose” and there’s no way to get his arms into the position exactly as shown.  Trying to do the poses on the box and from other photos causes the sleeves to roll up and expose more of the figure’s arm and those awful wrist joints.  I wish Hot Toys would have developed the figure where they were hidden better.  It’s just such an eyesore.

As well, because the figure’s body is so small and the face is so skinny, the hands look like they’re a bit too big.  Maybe it’s just me, so I’m looking to see what others think about them.

I think Grand Moff Tarkin looks pretty authoritative sitting in the chair.  You’ll have to play a bit with the arms, hands, and the pants to get the pose just right.  I think mine turned out decently below but I could still fidget with it a bit more.

Yeah, this two pack is a lot of money but you get two great figures. Thankfully for those who don’t want or need another Darth Vader, you can pick up Grand Moff Tarkin on his own.  Hot Toys didn’t pack Vader out on his own again, though, so if you want this Episode IV Vader, you’ll have to pay the dough. I decided to take a picture of the two together just to wet everyone’s appetite for my look at Vader.

While Tarkin has some issues with the aesthetics of his wrist ball joints showing and hands that seem a bit oversized, the figure is still pretty cool.  I think this will be a figure that will sell out sooner than later and people will be clamoring for it down the road.  The figure looks great in the chair and has that commanding look in his expression that will make it golden in my cabinet.


Enjoy the video!