Ultimate Chucky (Child’s Play) Action Figure by NECA Toys Review

This is another one of those features that I should have gotten to a bit earlier, seeing how I score this figure at the beginning of January, but that is life.This feature isn’t really a true review because just like many other NECA figures I get, I’ll be keeping it in the packaging.

Why you ask? Well, if you’re new to my site, my reasons are because I like the packaging many NECA figures come in and I lack the room to take the figures out to display.  I find it’s easy to display figures in the packaging and open up to the window box packaging many have to admire them. It’s just that simple.  It’s not a keeping mint in the package to make money down the road thing.

This figure came out a bit after the Retro-style Chucky figure at the end of 2017.  I’m a big fan of Chucky and I love what NECA has done with the license (as well as other horror icons in the “Ultimate” line).

The packaging is a large box that showcases a non-possessed, happy-go-lucky Good Guy doll on the package.  The sides follow the same kind of motif that mimics the Good Guys packaging seen in the Child’s Play film.  On the back, you do see more of the classic Good Guys packaging in the top left, but that’s where the nostalgia ends.  For the rest of the packaging on the back, you’re treated to some amazing shots of the figure and many of the accessories it comes with.

Opening up the front flap exposes the window box packaging showcasing another excellent shot of the figure on the inside flap and the figure and accessories displayed on the right.  There’s just so much included in here!

For such a small figure (approx 4″), there is sure a lot of detailing, not only in the normal Good Guys’ face, but the rest of the body as well.  The paint on the overalls and the shirt is top notch and very, very clean.  I’m actually in awe with all the work done just on the body and clothing to make it look film accurate and to keep it looking sharp.

I could gush about the same work done with the head. The sculpting isn’t anything to scoff at either as it’s top notch.  Chucky, as a normal Good Guy, looks pretty happy and doesn’t have an ounce of evil in that cute little face.  It’s almost ironic there’s a handgun right beside it.

If you wanted to keep this version of Chucky on your shelf, you can see faintly behind it, a Good Guys box to insert this figure into.  It’s a pretty cool little extra for fans.


The figure comes with three additional heads to swap on and off.  If I had the dough and the room, I would definitely have one to display in the box and I would buy four more so I could display Chucky with each of the different heads on.  I can bet many fans who open these and have the display room bought more than one!

Running down the additional heads this figure comes with, going from the left to the right, include the possessed face from the first movie, the second head from the third movie, and the third scarred face is from Curse of Chucky.  While all these head sculpts are fantastic, I am really a fan of the second face and all the disfigured/melted detailing found on it, especially around the mouth area.  Just writing about this figure and ooking at it while writing this feature makes me really wish the place I bought this from would have had a second one to buy because I need to get one to open.

Speaking of “all of it,” there are so many accessories that come with the figure, all from multiple movies in the franchise.  You get a bat, a hammer (with the Good Guys logo on it), the voodoo knife, a gun, butcher knife, sword, yardstick, dagger, his knife hand, and additional hands.  It’s like NECA thought about almost everything to go along with this figure so fans could build their own ultimate representation of the figure or at least build an homage to their favourite film in the series.

While this isn’t a long review at all, especially because I don’t have a plethora of out of the box pictures like other stuff I own, I felt like I should give this figure some exposure on my site.  I’ll be on the look out for another one of these when I’m out in the wild so I can snag one to open and place somewhere.  Amazon.ca and Ebay aren’t usually the best places to buy NECA stuff for us Canucks, so getting lucky finding NECA stuff sometimes is indeed just that – luck.

Enjoy the quick run-through video!