Princess Leia – The Empire Strikes Back – Sixth Scale Figure from Hot Toys Review


For most Star Wars fans who grew up in the 80s, The Empire Strikes Back tends to be the favourite or second favourite film in the original trilogy.This new Hot Toys figure is based on Princess Leia’s look for at least half of the movie – mainly on Hoth and then while on the Millennium Falcon while trying to evade the Empire with Han Solo.

When I first started collecting sixth scale figures, my intention was to just stick to the original trilogy and get only one representation of each of the main characters.  Well, if you’ve been a reader of my site, you’ve seen how well that went.  This is actually my second Princess Leia figure.  The first one was Hot Toys figure based on her appearance in Episode IV: A New Hope.  It was actually one of the first sixth scale reviews I did for this site and YouTube channel.  Damn…what a difference almost two years makes with making vids and doing photography.

I jumped on the pre-order for this figure when it went live because the prototype was breathtaking and I thought it was one of the best face sculpts I had seen – even better than the Episode IV one – and that was an amazing portrait.  It also helped that I had $50 off towards it.

The packaging won’t be a surprise to anyone collecting these figures and I’ll leave it at that.  The plus side, as always with Hot Toys Star Wars figures, you get another excellent collage piece.

The figure is just over 10″ tall to keep it in line with the 12″ standard height (it is the “sixth scale,” don’t ‘cha know).  In the video at the end of this feature, I show where the figure is articulated.  For the write-up, I’ll mention that none of the joints weren’t loose at all and I had stress free movements in the figure’s neck, shoulders, elbows, and knees.  You can get a bit of movement in the ankles but the boots don’t allow very much.  Due to the pants, there isn’t any real movement in the legs.

The outfit is tailored very well.  It’s a basic jumpsuit and vest but it looks like a lot of work was put into making them.  On the vest, there’s the control panel piece on the left breast to break up the plainness of the vest.  The communicator piece is featured on the left forearm.

What you’ll find (and see in the pictures) is the material used for the jumpsuit and the vest are so fine, and there’s so much threading used, you tend to see lots of small little fabric fuzzies that stick out from the surface.  It may bother some people while others will shrug it off.  I’ll just warn people not to be pulling at them because you don’t want to do something to accidentally pull away any stitching.

Another issue that has come up with this figure is people reporting and showing their figures being shipped with blue little dots all over the vest and jumpsuit.  I’m happy to say nothing was on my figure but there have been other very unhappy people because of it.  Some have reported using rubbing alcohol with a cotton swab to fix it.  I’m not sure what works so you’ll have to do the research online and decide for yourself what to do – or just to contact Sideshow, if you purchased directly from them.

Hot damn, Hot Toys! You guys knocked this head sculpt out of the park! Seriously, people.  This is the reason I collect these figures – jaw dropping sculpts.  The expression works so well from many angles, the eyes are open and bright, and the paint for the make-up is perfect.  The figure isn’t as pale looking as the prototype but I’m fine with that.

The hair is very well done, too! The braid blends seamlessly with the pulled back portion.  On either side of her face, there are two little hair strands that are made of a soft plastic.  They do have some movement to them but I wouldn’t play around with them.  In the picture below,  you’ll see the left one is out just a bit compared to the one on her right.  I took it after taking off the breathing mask (you’ll see a bit later on) and I didn’t adjust the left side.

The figure comes with five extra hands, to give it seven in total.  On the ordering page for this figure, it lists that there are eight hands in total that come with the figure.  I didn’t get that one extra that it claims and there isn’t any place in the packaging for one more hand.  I did reach out to Sideshow for clarification, so I’ll update when I get the official word from them.  The instructions only show seven as well.

The figure comes with the regular rectangular stand we’ve gotten with many Hot Toys Star Wars figures but the nifty thing here is it’s sprayed to make it look like it has a dusting of snow on it.  I really like the extra touch! Being someone who uses the stands, it helps really differentiate the figure even more and keeps with the theme.  Immediately I started thinking about Hot Toys trying to pull off a snow covered Chewie.

One of the accessories Leia comes with (besides the aforementioned extra hands and stand) is the breath mask (gas mask?!) that she put on when exiting the Millennium Falcon and unknowingly into the inside of the Exogorth space slug that was lived on the asteroid.  For a small accessory, there is a great level of detail on the canister and the sides of the mask area.  The tube is soft plastic and I didn’t have any fears of it breaking.

What I will warn you about is having to be very careful when placing this accessory on your figure.  The first time I tried, the strap snapped off at the left side of the plastic mask.  When I used some crazy glue and let it settle, I tried again while attempting to slip it on the head from the neck up, after pulling the head off the body.  This time, it strap separated and snapped off from the right side.  I’m not sure if the glue Hot Toys used just wasn’t strong enough on mine or if they’re all this delicate, but just be careful!


As you can see, I did finally get the mask on the figure and after taking the pictures and doing the video for this review, I don’t think I’ll be putting it back on.  One reason is because I don’t want to be messing with the straps more and having to glue them back in place (I consider myself twice lucky for actually doing it and maintaining a clean look on the mask).

Another reason for not wanting to put it on again is because it just doesn’t have a lot of give and I fear that pulling this over the figure’s head often (or pulling it up from the neck area like I did) may scuff up some of the paint on the head.  I can’t risk that.  I also don’t want it messing with the hanging hair strands, either.

One blaster pistol is included with the figure and I immediately recognized it as the blasters that came with the Death Star Gunner.  I really like the gun and I welcome another in my collection.

Although the finger on the trigger finger doesn’t hug the trigger at all, she still looks pretty damn awesome posing with the blaster.

Leia also comes with the safety goggles and welding torch she used briefly in the movie.  I said in the video, before even attempting the breathing mask, that the goggles should be able to fit.  I was mistaken.   Don’t even try.  The strap has less give and won’t fit.  I didn’t even attempt it after the fiasco with the breathing mask.  She never wore them in the film and just held them up to her face so why would the figure.  It’s another reason I like to do the videos after I do my pictures and write-ups but I take the opportunity to film when I can.

I think it’s a cool idea to include these to replicate a very brief scene in the movie and the same can be said about the breathing mask.  I just don’t know if I’ll be posing her in my shelf at all like this with theses in hand.  Posing the figure with them for a brief period does make for great pictures, though!

As mentioned, the additional accessories add overall value to the figure but won’t really be go-to options at all for displaying this figure.  The face sculpt and the simplicity of the outfit all capture Carrie Fisher perfectly and that’s why I got the figure.  Toss in the snow covered stand and the blaster and you got all that you need for your display shelf.  At least I do, anyway.  This figure is a home run for me and it’ll be interesting to see if there will be any other female sixth scale figures coming out this year that will top this face sculpt.


Enjoy the video!