WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Predictions


Source: WWE.com

Here we are, just under a month from the Royal Rumble and not too much has really happened in WWE programming except for building towards matches on this PPV and the following Smackdown one in a few weeks, Fastlane.

It’s too bad WWE has two PPVs between the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.  The build used to be epic but it seems like WWE goes at a snail’s pace just to get to these PPVs so the real build can start.  I find Smackdown has been particularly hit hard by this crawl.

On the plus side, we’re almost over this hump and starting tomorrow night, and especially after Fastlane, I’m sure we’ll be in for some amazing programming that will set the stage for the biggest show of the year, Wrestlemania.  Here is what I think will happen on tomorrow night’s show.


Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson vs. The Miztourage – Kick-Off Show

Source: WWE.com

I don’t think anyone will be surprised by who wins this one.  Gallows and Anderson have had a bit of a re-birth thanks to getting paired with Finn Balor again.  The Miztourage, while paired with The Miz, continue to be just a pair of lackeys with no direction except to be The Miz’s shield.  Both of these teams, though, should be in the title picture on this show instead of Titus Worldwide.

Winners: Gallows and Anderson


Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Source: WWE.com

I think this match will kick off the main show.  WWE has ended some of their last PPVs with the women closing the show but I think this time the men will close the show because it has a bigger feel to it and the outcome of the Asuka/Jax match needs the winner of this match to be established.

Looking at all the women involved in this match, I don’t think there’s anyone better to take the belt to Wrestlemania than Alexa Bliss.  She’s got the heat needed to be the heel that needs to be dethroned by Asuka.

Banks and Bayley will probably move to Wrestlemania to have a one on one encounter with some kind of stipulation to make the match seem more of a big deal, considering WWE just gave us a one on one match between the two a few weeks ago on Raw.  As for the other women, WWE will probably have some kind of women’s “Andre the Giant Battle Royal” match at Wrestlemania but name it after someone like the Fabulous Moolah.

Winner: Alexa Bliss


Cesaro & Sheamus (Champs) vs. Titus Worldwide – Raw Tag Team Championship

Source: WWE.com

I still don’t understand anything to do with the “Titus brand” or why a tag team is named after one of the members of it.  Seriously, after being jobbers for so long, why are these two even getting a title shot? I suppose they’re just placeholders on this PPV until we see who The Bar is really facing at Wrestlemania.

Winners: The Bar (I don’t know why WWE just doesn’t officially change their name)


“Woken” Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt

Source: WWE.com

Wyatt got a quick win over the Woken one on the horrible Raw anniversary show so it’s only fitting that Hardy will get the win here to tie it up.  You can bet anyone that these two will be squaring off at Wrestlemania in some sort of strange match.  It’s been foreshadowed for so long and who else is on Raw that would have any sort of meaningful feud with either man right now?

I’m curious to see if WWE will introduce any more members of the Broken Universe during or after this match or if they will play it out over the next few weeks on Raw.  If WWE can let this feud take crazy turns and build it correctly, this could be one of the feuds that will be most interesting leading to Wrestlemania because it will be unique.  Just don’t let anyone who worked on the Orton/Wyatt feud or matches work on this one.  As well, let’s not have weeks of these two laughing at each other in the ring, please.  Build a damn story.

I suppose Wyatt could win this and send the “Woken” one into a downward spiral so he truly transforms into the “Broken” entity he was in TNA. Now that WWE supposedly has gotten rights to air and show what was happening in TNA with the Broken Universe, I think it could be done and done well.

Winner: “Woken” Matt Hardy


Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Source: WWE.com

This match is a bit of a head-scratcher because I would have thought WWE would have kept these two apart longer until one of them won the Raw women’s championship.

The stipulation here is if Nia Jax wins, she gets inserted into the Raw Women’s championship at Wrestlemania.  Auska hasn’t even challenged either Bliss or Charlotte Flair yet and she may very well have a different person to choose from after the women’s Elimination Chamber match.

I don’t want a three or four-way women’s title match (for either women’s title) at Wrestlemania.  Actually, all championships should be defended one-on-one this year, but that’s another subject entirely. That being said, Jax can’t pin Asuka because Askua needs to remain undefeated.  I know WWE could do a DQ or count-out to have Jax win and say Asuka remains undefeated via pin-fall but I think that still cheapens Asuka’s aura.  With that all being said, I’m going with what should happen here.

Winner: Asuka


Ronda Rousey’s official Raw Contract Signing to take place at WWE Elimination Chamber

Source: WWE.com

I’m guessing this segment will happen before the main event and will set up the direction they’re taking with Rousey into Wrestlemania.  We know she’ll be competing and the leaked training videos make it look like she’s doing really well.  The question more towards who will she be competing alongside of and not against.

I’ll bet good money Stephanie McMahon shows up to “congratulate” Rousey coming to WWE and then suddenly remind her of their altercation at WrestleMania 31.  This will lead to a shove-off or physical altercation of some sort.

The altercation between the two ladies should flow onto the following night’s Raw where Triple H will stand by his wife’s side and have them challenge Rousey to find a partner for a Wrestlemania match.  Will that partner be The Rock? Will it be Kurt Angle? Will it be another wrestler on the roster?  I really don’t think we’ll know until after this PPV.  I will say that if WWE doesn’t surprise everyone with a Rollins win in the Elimination Chamber match, Rollins could be the man to team up with Rousey.  I do NOT think Rousey will be going after Charlotte Flair in a one on one match.


Men’s Elimination Chamber Match

Source: WWE.com

I know, I know…Reigns will win this.  It’s been in the cards since last year.  We’ve had lazy Brock Lesnar plow through all comers just so the win against him at Wrestlemania will heighten Reigns more than Vince could ever hope so and everyone would suck at the proverbial teat of McMahon and his hand-picked golden boy.  Let’s not forget Lesnar’s quick wins also allowed him to stay at home and barely work inside or outside the ring. I can’t stand it!

Hold on, now.  Could plans actually change? Could WWE swerve us so badly that we’ll be totally in disbelief?  With Lesnar probably leaving sometime after Wrestlemania, Lesnar should be played up as the heel leading to it.  That being said, here are some scenarios.

Rollins was the first person to pin Cena clean in years on Raw last Monday during the awesome gauntlet match.  Rollins also looked the best he has in years and people (including myself) really applauded his performance (over an hour, Batman!).  I know people are reporting that Rollins is being groomed for Reigns first feud out of Wrestlemania but I don’t know if a face vs. face thing would work for that program and unless they’re turning Reigns heel, I just wouldn’t understand a Rollins heel turn.  Then again, this is the same company that when Rollins came back from injury, they had him turn on the fans instead of capitalizing on what could have been one of the biggest face runs in years.

Rollins could win and the story could be the underdog tale of Rollins winning the championship from Lesnar without a Money in the Bank cash-in.  Lesnar would come off as arrogant, like usual, and it would be an excellent contrast to Rollins’ never give up attitude and how he still wants to make things right in the fan’s eyes.  It would be compelling TV and the win at Wrestlemania would make the place explode.

Finn Balor could also play the underdog if he won this, but he won’t and I see Balor unfortunately in some three on three match at Wrestlemania with Gallows and Anderson representing Balor Club, unless there’s a multi-man IC championship match (which we usually get).  Perhaps Balor could get redemption from his loss at the hands of Cena in front of a capacity crowd?

John Cena isn’t winning this match.  He’ll come out defeated and sad the next night on Raw and his opponent will appear.  Will it be The Undertaker?  Many signs point to “maybe” and I think Cena could actually pull a good match out of The Undertaker.  WWE could actually announce this as the retirement match. Then again, if ‘Taker isn’t up to the challenge this year and last year was his final match, whoever is in the cards against Cena this year will be in for a big push.

Elias? No, he’s not winning this. He’ll get thrown potentially into a multi-man IC match if it happens.  Then again, if Taker/Cena doesn’t happen, I think Cena going into a program with Elias with something on the line would be a good way for Elias to get over even more.  This guy is going to be a champ before the end of the year.

Many say Strowman should have beaten Lesnar already for the belt, and I agree.  It would have capitalized on Strowman’s popularity and monster antics (some being so over the top, they were comical).  They didn’t pull the trigger on the title change, allowing Lesnar to stay at home and continue to be lazy, collecting a check, while others worked their butts off.  That being said, Strowman has already been in the title picture enough over the last half a year and didn’t win, so there’s no way WWE will put him back in.  I think Strowman will be involved with The Miz leading into Wrestlemania and will capture his first championship there. Then again, could Strowman challenge Cena and go over? There are so many great options here!

With so many prospective people in this match to get tossed into the Intercontinental Championship picture, that means The Miz isn’t winning.  He’s taking the belt all the way to Wrestlemania and defending it there in whatever match WWE comes up with.

That leaves Reigns as the last option and who many feel will be the sure lock here.  Could WWE pull a fast one and have Reigns be the one who teams with Rousey to try and get him over? Could Reigns lose and then do something to win a spot somewhere down the road to make the Universal Championship match be a three-way? Those are possible options but I highly doubt they will come to fruition.  I guess we’ll hear the boos after Reigns wins and the boos before and after his Wrestlemania match all while Vince laughs and counts money.

Winner: Know what? Screw it.  Rollins is winning.  Something is gonna happen.