Star Wars: Greedo Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Review


Full disclosure for those not in the know – this is NOT a new figure. It was actually released in 2010 – years and years before I even started collecting sixth scale figures.  I thought seeing how I finally completed featuring all The Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters this week and now having them all reviewed on my site, I’d give Greedo time in the spotlight.

I snagged Greedo from my local comic place for about $100 about three years ago.  I thought he was an easy to come by figure, but currently there aren’t any on Ebay and some of the “sold” listings have him over $300 US!  I had no clue!  As well, I didn’t even know there was a Sideshow exclusive version of him.  That version came with a “Wanted” poster of Han Solo.  Check it out over at

The Scum and Villainy line featured almost the same packaging that we see today from Sideshow except without the S&V logo and there aren’t any movie stills on the back of the box.  Opening the flap (held in place with a magnet), you can see window box packaging as well as a bio for Greedo.  I like how the accessories are listed, too!

Greedo is about 12″ and is a pretty basic figure compared to some of the stuff we get/see these days.  The body underneath the clothing is pretty loose, especially in the legs but the knees, when bent, sound like ratchet joints.  I know Sideshow and Hot Toys have changed the bodies they’ve used over the years but I don’t know the story behind the changes or when changes were made.

The large jumpsuit that covers the figure is tailored well but there’s not too much to it.  The vest is nicely done as well.  I mean, how much more can you add to a character that was wearing something basic in the film?

On top of the jumpsuit is a pleather belt, very reminiscent of the one Han Solo wears.  It looks pretty sharp and the blaster that comes with the figure fits snug in the holster.

I really dig the portrait on this figure.  For 2010, I think the people at Sideshow did a great job sculpting the figure.  There are intricate details all over the face, especially from the brow down to, and over, his mouth/snout.

I’m a fan of how the eyes really pop.  Adding how protruding they are to the expression of the figure, I think it all really represents what we saw onscreen.  Another neat little touch is how soft plastic was used for the mohawk.

Greedo’s elongated fingers and slender body allow you to put him in some friendly or relaxed poses.  I don’t think he’d be so relaxed in my photo box if he knew what his fate would be.

Greedo comes with his DT-12 blaster that he tried to use to off Solo.  He also comes with what Sideshow touted on their page for the figure as a “tasty beverage.” Hell, who doesn’t enjoy a tasty beverage? I’m now curious as to watch is actually in it.  Was it a sort of intergalactic booze?

I can see Samuel L. Jackson show up in mid-drink and asking Greedo to have a sip of his tasty beverage.  Maybe Greedo’s motto was drink first, shoot later.  Sounds like some of the Redneck stories from the southern US.


Due to Greedo’s long fingers, Sideshow made an alternative hand with Greedo grasping his blaster.  I didn’t notice that when I opened the figure up and figured it was already pre-owned, so I tried taking the gun out of his hand before I realized what Sideshow included in the packaging.  I snapped the trigger finger but I glued it back on.  Oh, the little mistakes we make.

Greedo can be put in a multiple poses with the blaster and looks cool in a shooting pose or just on alert.

For a figure about eight years old, I’m still a fan of it even though it’s not as elaborate as today’s figures and doesn’t include as many extras.  I wonder if Sideshow or Hot Toys will ever go back to this figure for another go.  I’m not too sure if there’s that much that can be improved on him, though, and there are so many others that still need to get represented in this scale.  I’m just glad I got him for cheap and that he can hang out with the other bounty hunters in my display cabinets, even if any of their paths never actually crossed.

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Enjoy the video!