WWE Championship Replica Title Belt Review


Turning 40 has it’s ups and downs.  I guess on the downside, you realize you are getting up there.  On the plus side, you get a WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt Replica!Well, not everyone does, but thanks to my family, I was lucky to get one as a gift!

If you’re familiar with my site, I love watching pro wrestling (I refuse to say “sports entertainment) and have since I was a kid during the whole WWF Rock N’ Wrestling era that spring-boarded WWF (now WWE, obviously) to the mainstream.

I used to do my thoughts on Raw and Smackdown every week but with the commitments for my career and how mind numbing some of 2017 was (especially the second half of the year), I decided to just focus on PPV predictions and results.  That way I can comment on the weeks leading up to a match instead of bitching every week that we’re seeing stories go nowhere for weeks.

My sister and wife put together a most surprising birthday party for me.  It was even more surprising due to the party being over a month before my actual birthday and the amount of people that were there.  I had friends and family from all over attend.  I’d like to once again thank everyone that attended and also treated me to dough to put towards my new surround sound system.  I’ll always remember that bash!

One of the final gifts I got was this championship belt.  I was asked to sit on the couch and a bag was put in front of me.  I took off the tissue paper and there was a mini championship belt – one for the kids that you’d get at Toys R Us.  I think I was kinda snarky because I thought they were playing a joke on me but I really didn’t get that the actual joke was the mini belt was for my daughter and underneath was the real freakin’ deal.  I’m not usually short for words, believe me and those constantly around me, but lifting this belt out of the bag was the second time that day I was at a loss (the first being when I walked in the house and saw everyone).  I think I may have even shed a tear.

This belt is awesome.  It’s heavy and I can imagine it feeling like the real thing. All the “jewels” don’t look or feel cheap whatsoever, and if you ever worry about them coming out and/or losing any, there are some extra included.

All the metal on here also looks and feels top-notch.  There’s a reason WWE is charging the big bucks for this thing.

One thing I found to be interesting is how hard it is to actually buckle this thing up.  You have the snaps lined up perfectly and press them together hard.  I have to put it on backwards and then suck my stomach in a bit so I can turn it around.  Suffice to say, once this belt is secure, it’s staying on you until you pry the snap buttons apart.

From WWE’s ShopZone page, these are the specs:

  • Plate Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Strap Material: Top Grain Leather
  • Strap Dimensions: 50.39″ x 11.02″ x 0.2″
  • Largest Waist Size: 46″
  • Weight: 6 lbs.
  • Snap Fasteners
  • Includes Red Velvet Cloth Carrying Bag with WWE Logo
  • Customizable Side Plates

Speaking of the customizable plates, you can order many different ones from WWE so your belt could represent the champion you want.  They main thing is they have had to have been a world champion before and only the most popular ones have plates available.  If I ever took the plunge to get a set to change in and out, I’d pick up AJ Styles plates.


For those looking for an even more authentic experience, there is a belt that’s double the price of this one (and this is quite pricey – look it up!).  The only difference is it features real leather for the strap and it’s just a tad heavier.  As you can see from the pics below, the strap does look like leather!

*** EDIT****  About a week after writing this, it was revealed to me that this belt IS the top of the line belt with real leather (so I edited the specs from WWE ShopZone’s site above).  I had no idea and I thought I was told by my sis it was the middle of the road (but still awesome) one.  I’m absolutely shocked they went even more all out for me.  WOW!

This belt also comes with a bag that has foam on the inside to further protect it when you’re traveling with it.


I know this feature isn’t as long as usual or features as many pictures, but I really wanted to showcase this and give a HUGE thank you to my wife, my daughter, my sister, my mother, and my bro-in-law for snagging this for me.  They have all made me feel like a champion in life.  Family, I love you all!! AND…Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful, beautiful, and most awesome wife!

Enjoy the video!