Star Wars: Bossk Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Review


I’ve featured every other sixth scale bounty hunter from The Empire Strikes Back crew on my site.  Last week, I took a look at the new Zuckuss and Dengar figures and I had already featured Boba Fett, IG-88, and 4-LOM.

I’ve had Bossk longer than any of these figures, besides Boba Fett, but I never did a feature on him.  When I got him, I had not started Electrified Porcupine yet and when I did, I tried to keep the sixth scale releases current to try and build an audience.  No more excuses because it’s time to give Bossk, the Trandoshan, his due and let him shine!

Before I start, this ISN’T the current figure that you can buy on Sideshow’s site.  This is the original one released in 2013.  The new version seems to be the exact same figure but it has a darker skin tone and a new head sculpt.  I’m not a fan of the dark colour nor the new head sculpt, so I didn’t “upgrade,” just like I didn’t “upgrade” my IG-88 with the newer one.

Seeing how this was one of my first few sixth scale figures,  and being new to collecting them, I didn’t know that many releases had “Sideshow exclusive” versions.  Those are figures that come with something extra if you purchase directly from Sideshow’s website and not a retailer.  I didn’t know that and spent the money at my local comic/collectible store. The exclusive piece for this figure, shown below, was a second head with a very vicious sculpt.  I wish I knew this had existed because I would have bought it off Ebay instead.  Now this first edition of the figure is pretty pricey on the aftermarket.



The box is pretty similar to what we see today with Sideshow Collectibles’ Star Wars packaging, minus the movie stills on the back and sans the Scum & Villain logo.  You open up the flap (held tight by a magnet) to reveal the figure in the window box packaging along with a bio of Bossk on the other side (and the Scum & Villainy write-up that was included with all figures in this line).

The figure comes in at 12″ tall and is pretty poseable.  All the articulation you expect from these figures is present and nothing really hinders any of it, except if you are trying to bend his knees back due to the bunched fabric.  I also find my figure to be a bit loose in the legs and the arms, but that could be because he’s older.  You can see what I’m talking about in the video at the end of this feature.

I love the outfit on this figure.  There are so many little details and unless you really sit and admire it, things could be lost.  While the pressure suit (jumpsuit?) seems basic, it’s tailored well.  The cloth-like vest over top of it fits snug and there a piece that sticks to the middle of it with Velcro (sorry, I’m not sure what it is).

There are other little details that are awesome, like the wiring around his neck and the tube going from his side to his back.  He also has a harder support around his shoulders and collar bone.  There are also removable signal flares below his knees.  There’s so much goodness here!

Although I missed out on the second head,  the standard one this edition came with is fine by me.  I think it really captures the character from the brief time we saw him in The Empire Strikes Back.  The reptilian-like scales are very prominent (as well as on his arms and legs) and the black wash really help the sculpting pop.  The eyes are way better on this head than the re-release.

Bossk is pretty light on the accessories.  He comes with two extra hands to hold his weapon and an extra set of feet with the toes curled up.  The right clawed hand that holds his weapon has a small hole in it to insert the peg that’s on the gun in so it stays in place.

Bossk’s weapon is the Relby V-10 Micro Grenade Launcher.  It really doesn’t look like a grenade launcher to me, even in the “mini” sense but I’m going with what was advertised.

Finally, we get a stand with the Star Wars logo on it.  After looking back on this figure, I am now appreciating the hexagonal stands that we get with the figures now even more.

Here are two pics with the alternate feet on the figure.  I have no idea why you’d want to pose him like this, but then again, variety is the spice of life for many.  I find the figure to have almost no balance with these on.  You’d have to make sure he was on his stand for sure. The re-release does not include these feet.

Bossk looks cool as hell in a relaxed pose with his grenade launcher or if he’s got it draped over his shoulder.

I had a lot of fun posing Bossk.  He can wave hello and greet you when you walk by your display area, he can flip off your friends (as seen at the top of this feature), he can look fresh and funky with his arms crossed, or he can be ready to kill.  The choice is all yours!

While this is an older figure, I think it really holds up today.  I totally understand why Sideshow re-released it, thanks to many wanting to not pay the aftermarket prices to have this go along with the more recent bounty hunter releases, but I don’t understand their rationale with the changes.  I think I read that they said their changes were because they wanted it to be more movie accurate.  I don’t feel like that’s the case but you know what they say about opinions.

I’m really happy with this guy and will continue to search for someone selling the second head from the first release.  I know it’ll happen one day! If you’re reading this and know someone who has one (or have one and were just curious to see the pictures I took), please contact me.

Enjoy the video!