Star Wars: Dengar Sixth Scale Figure from Sideshow Collectibles Review


February has already become an awesome month.  I reviewed Zuckuss earlier in the week and now I get to let you all know my thoughts on the last bounty hunter to join The Empire Strikes back group: Dengar.

Dengar kind of reminds me of the kid that is always picked last in gym class – not many people would come running to snag this character and he is definitely one for completists only.  If I didn’t have the other five bounty hunters, I really doubt I would have pre-ordered him.  With the figure in hand, though, am I ever glad I did!  I like him a lot more than I thought I would and I’ll be explaining why in this feature, of course.

I’m not going to go into huge details on the box – it’s the same thing we’re used to.  The flap is held tight with a magnet and opening the flap allows you to see the figure snug in the package and another picture of the figure on the inside of the flap.

Dengar stands at 12″ tall and he’s pretty damn bulky, especially with the backpack on him.  You’re going to have to re-position him to make sure he won’t fall backwards. The jumpsuit underneath also leads to some of the bulky look of the figure.

The head has a lot of movement and so do the elbow joints.  The shoulders, arms, and knees are hindered a bit by the armour.  There’s barely any movement in the legs and there isn’t any in the waist if you’re trying to move it forward or backward.  There is movement moving the waist side to side, though.  You’ll also find articulation in the ankle joints just above those cool looking shoes of his.

The armour pieces are on tight and I wasn’t hesitant moving the limbs around the best I could, or handling the figure. There’s minimal detail on the armour, besides the middle of the chest piece.  It’s fine for what it is but I wish it was accented like it was in the promo pics and the box with some silver paint/weathering.  I find it’s a bit too clean.

The pouches on the belt can’t be removed but the flaps are held down by a small magnet.  The belt also seems to be non-removable.

I really like this face sculpt.  It looks pretty close to actor Morris Bush from the stills I’ve seen.  The proportions seem to be on and I really like the smug/not looking amused expression on his face.

At first I was unsure if the eyes were looking up a little too much but the more I posed the figure and looked at it from other angles, I think where the pupils were painted work.

The one thing I would have liked to have seen with this sculpt is the scaring to be more pronounced.  The promo pics have the scar a lot darker and I’d like to see how customizers accentuate it.

Dengar’s bandages are made up of a fabric piece for the bottom and side of the face while the top is a softer plastic that can be removed, if you wish.  I know there was some bitching on various forums and groups about the decision to do half in fabric and half with plastic instead of it all in fabric, but it works and I have no issue with it.  I really blends in when you have it in hand.

The backpack is held on by a magnet and it’s a strong connection. You won’t have to worry about it falling off.  There’s some faux-leather straps on it and the painting on some of the pieces really make them seem like they are metal.  I really dig the rolled up blanket on top of the backpack.  I think Sideshow using fabric for it really adds to the realism of the figure.  I’m very happy it’s not a plastic piece.

For the extras, Dengar comes with six additional hands, making the figure have a total of four pair you can mix and match.  The figure also comes with the basic hexagon stand.

The first weapon Dengar comes with is the DL-21 Blaster Pistol.  There is minute detailing on the sculpt of the weapon and not a lot of paint to accentuate it except for a splash of some silver here and there.  The weapon fits well in the holster on Dengar’s side.

Dengar looks pretty cool posed with the blaster.  I had no issues getting the blaster in or out of the trigger finger hand and the index finger fits into the trigger area well. I think Dengar would have given Han Solo a run for his money in a blaster pose-off.

The second weapon that is included is the Balken-38 Blaster Carbine.  I’m actually surprised with the amount of moving parts on this thing.  I’m actually going to refer you to the video embedded at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel (sub, people!) to see them.  Near the end of the video, I also find out another hidden gem on it!

Although I had some fun posing Dengar with the blaster, I think I’m going to have to play around a bit more to find that “sweet” spot because of how large this weapon is!

Once again, I’m surprised about how much I ended up liking this figure.  I know he won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and may be up on Sideshow’s site longer than the others, but you also have people that want to make sure they have all six of the bounty hunters in their collection. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dengar ends up becoming a surprise hit and longed for on the aftermarket once he sells out.  He’s only limited to 2000 pieces and he’s still available as of the time of writing and publishing this feature.

If you’re new to my site, check out my past reviews, specifically the bounty hunter crew: Boba Fett, 4-L0M, IG-88, and Zuckuss.  I have the sixth scale Bossk figure that was released a long time ago (the first version of the figure, not the reissue) that I’ll get to next week so I can officially have them all review on this site and on YouTube.

Enjoy the video (and spread it around!)