Star Wars: Zuckuss Sixth Scale figure from Sideshow Collectibles Review


It’s been a long time coming, just over a year, since the pre-order for Zuckuss went up on Sideshow Collectible’s site.  It was an instant use of my promo points because I wanted, like many others, to complete the bounty hunter crew from The Empire Strikes Back and I was very excited with the announcement of the figure.  The time has obviously come and the sixth scale figure has arrived!

The box the figure comes in is the standard Star Wars figure box we’ve seen many times before from Sideshow Collectibles.  I’m fine with it as I don’t display the boxes and put them into storage.

The front flap on the box is held by a magnet and can be opened to reveal the figure all packed snug.  I’m sure people that keep these in the box appreciate that.

Out of the box, the figure is quite impressive.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to get because I didn’t look at many pictures from others (or watched videos) because I knew mine was arriving sooner than later.  At first glance, I was simply blown away.  I love the look of many of the creatures and monsters in the Star Wars universe and I was always enamored with Zuckuss’ appearance and have many figures in the 3 3/4″ scale.  It seemed at first glance like they really nailed the character.

The figure stands at 12″ tall and underneath, I’m sure it features much of the articulation that we’re used to with many of the other figures in the line. Unfortunately, you’re not going to get a lot due to the large, tight robe.  It prohibits movement in the shoulders, the legs, and the knees meaning you won’t be getting dynamic poses.  I suppose that’s OK because we never saw Zuckuss do anything besides stand in one spot for a few seconds in The Empire Strikes Back.

The tentacle things that hang from his face tuck in the back under the belt.  They are a softer plastic and I don’t think anyone has to worry about them breaking, cracking, or getting warped.

The robe has the weirdest material I’ve touched on a figure.  Watch the video at the end of this feature just to see me play around with it and hear the noise it makes when I rub my fingers on it.  It’s like a rough pleather material but I’m not 100% sure.

I know there are many collectors who have had figures with “leather-like” materials for their outfits and there has been some issues with it.  I am sure that if you keep this figure on your shelf with the elbows bent, you may risk permanent wrinkling of the material or tearing.  I’d love to hear other collectors’ thoughts on this material.


Over the robe, there’s another leather-like harness that features three pouches that can be opened and have little magnets on the flaps to hold them down. I find this piece looks cleaner than what was seen in the movie.

There’s also a cool looking respirator diagnosis pack on his back to probably keep the respirator tube, found hanging on the front left of his body, in check.

Underneath the robe, you’ll find a newly sculpted pair of boots.  They look great and have a little bit of movement in the ankles, which you’ll need to balance this figure.  He’s a bit top heavy and you really have to work the ankles and the legs to find the perfect stance to keep him upright.

This head sculpt is awesome.  I think they really did a superb job in getting movie-like accuracy for this figure.  The front mouthpieces for filtering (or exhaling), as his lungs breath in ammonia, have a dirty metallic look and minute details in the middle of them.  It really seems great care was taken to really get those pieces looking realistic.

I love the compound eyes on the figure.  The translucent plastic makes them pop.  I did go back and check the prototype pictures  and they did look to be a bit darker but I think this works well.

As for the rest of the head sculpt, I like the textures, the slight use of dark wash used here and there, the sculpting of all the bunched up skin, and the veins that are popping out in various places.  It’s hard to find fault with it, unless you’re looking for a lot of movement with it.

This figure unfortunately doesn’t have many extras.  It includes a second pair of hands that aren’t too much different that the others.  The hands change out easily and include their own pegs.

You also get Zuckuss’ GRS-1 rifle. I’m a sucker for new sixth scale weapons and it’s great to see something fresh that is unique to a character.  It may the most interesting or high tech looking rifles/blasters, but at least it’s not a rehash. You’ll see in one of the pictures below you can get the rifle into one of the hands included, but you have to wiggle it in.

As usual, Sideshow includes the generic Star Wars labelled stand we’ve gotten with many other sixth scale figures.

As you’ll see with the pictures below, there aren’t many different poses you can get the figure in, but like I said, people are buying this guy to complete their bounty hunter collection, not because they want it in an abundance of poses.  I know that was my rationale.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for figures like this.  It’s a monster/creature that looks amazing and he’s got great attention to detail.  I guess the only issues for me are the squeaky-clean vest, having to work the figure just right to make sure he stands without a stand, and the lack of extras for this price point.

Even with those issues, this figure has gotten my sixth scale collecting off to a great start to the year.  He’s still available as of writing/posting this, but 4-L0M has sold out and it may make completests jump on this figure sooner than later.

If you’re new to my site, check out my past reviews, specifically the bounty hunter crew: Boba Fett, 4-L0M, and IG-88.  I have a Bossk figure that I’ll look back on after I get my review of my newly arrived Dengar finished.  Enjoy the video (and spread it around!)