Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Griffin


We were midway into 2012, and only a few years into the line, but we already had a few oversized figures and beasts.  June 2012 brought a fan demanded 200X beast into the line: the Griffin.

Before I start, I know I did my feature on Spikor already and he came out a month after the Griffin was released.  My mistake! I try and do these in the order the figures/items were released so this was a lil’ hiccup for those keeping tabs on me.

In the 200X cartoon, these creatures were called upon Beast Man to help aid him (along with Skeletor and his crew) in battle or for transportation.  They were pretty damn fierce in the cartoon and it was no surprise that many were clamoring for the Griffith’s first appearance in plastic.  With the previous releases of Battle Cat, Panthor, and Swiftwind, this was an easier task for Matty and the Four Horsemen to pull off because of being able to share parts.

The Griffin comes in the large packaging Swiftwind came in due to the large size and the wings.  The bio basically tells you what I already have but adds how the Griffins arrived on Eternia and how they were a huge part in the Second Ultimate Battleground.  Could you imagine Armageddon with these guys flying overhead?

As you can see, the Griffin is basically the same size as Battle Cat and Panthor albeit a bit long at the head due to the amazing, and massive beak.  It shares the body of the two MOTUC “cats,” as well as the front legs and thigh area.  We get new talons to add more diversity to the back legs and it’s accented by a newly sculpted tail.

While the wings are from Swiftwind, the paint used on them really differentiate them from Swiftwind’s bright colours.  The newly sculpted harness helps give the illusion that this figure is an all new sculpt.

Many years after getting this figure, all the articulation joints are still in great shape and the only issue I have is with the wings popping out of the sockets easier than I’d like.  The overall paint on the figure is clean and everything looks smooth.

The head of this beast is definitely where it’s at! It looks ferocious with the expression from all four of its eyes.  The feathers accent the flowing fur around the jowls.  I also appreciate how that flowing hair continues onto the neck, giving it a real uniform look.


That beak, though.  Man, it’s impressive and really portrays this beast as ravenous. I’m so glad they made the beak articulated as it looks amazing whether it’s open or closed.  I do prefer it open on my display shelf, though. I think this figure has one of the best head sculpts in the line, especially when it comes to the beasts and oversized figures.

The wings on this figure work just like Swiftwind’s.  They can be rotated on the ball joint that plug into the sides of the figure and can also move forwards and backwards.

Whether you have the Griffin on the ground, lunging towards a foe, or swooping down for an attack, this figure is gonna look awesome no matter which way you have it displayed.

Add your Beast Man figure alongside of it and you have a match made in hell.  Beware Eternians!!


This is one of those figures that, in retrospect, I wish I scored a second one of these to open. I think having two on either side of Beast Man would look really cool.  Then again, I didn’t have the room back then and I don’t have the room now. I know that there were many that did grab more than one and were happy with that decision.

If you missed out on this figure, this is another one in this line you have to track down.