Retro Style Chucky (from Child’s Play) from NECA Toys


WHAT??? A NECA figure review with me taking it out of the packaging? Yep! This guy was a Christmas gift for my wife (thanks, baby) and with me taking a long break and then my career getting busy after the holidays, I only got to enjoy him last week!

I’ve taken a look at some other clothed NECA retro style figures in the past, especially Freddy, so look them up in the pull down menu on the main page.  I also took a look at first retro style Chucky figure that was an exclusive if you ordered the Child’s Play Blu-ray from Scream Factory’s website. That figure is long gone and has recently gone for $100 US ($125 Canadian) but you can still check it out HERE.  Technically, the figure wasn’t Chucky.  It was a plain-ol’ Good Guy figure before the possession.  This figure is basically the same thing except it adds weapons and a pissed-off Chucky head.

I really like the packaging that NECA does and that’s why I enjoy hanging them on the walls in the man-cave.  I can keep them in great condition, appreciate all the art, and admire the back of the packaging when I want to. I wish all this stuff was resealable, though.

If you wanted to chuck (excuse the pun) out the main packaging, you could keep the Good Guys box to put Chucky in.  I’ll be keeping it around to go along with the figure in some capacity.

The figure is about 8″ tall with articulation all over the figure.  Check out the video at the end of this feature from my YouTube channel (and sub!) to check it all out! Suffice to say, you’ll get some cool poses out of this guy but I found the legs to be a little weak and my figure falls down often.

I think the work done on the clothing for this figure is pretty damn awesome, especially for a figure of this size.  It captures the iconic look of the character well and is quite vibrant.  I love the little touches like the plastic buttons for the overalls and the detail put into the bottom of his shoes.

There are a lot of positives with the head on this figure: the rooted hair (that I really like the cutting of), the expression on the face with his teeth showing, and the paint for the freckles and eyebrows.  I’m unsure if the teeth are supposed to be as dirty as they are, but I think it gives the figure a harder edge.

The one thing I’m not happy with is the placement of the pupil for the left eye.  The right one is perfect and centered and as you can see, the left isn’t. It’s gonna always bug me  that I didn’t catch it until I opened the figure. DSC_0010

Chucky comes with four accessories: a bat, hammer, butcher/kitchen knife, and his voodoo knife.  I like how they pulled off the wood-like look of the bat and handle of the hammer.  The paint is pretty clean on all the accessories, too.


While I didn’t get to as many pics of the figure as the other features I’ve done, I found posing Chucky to be quite fun and he’ll be one I’ll be going back to regularly to repose and swap out the various accessories because he’s looks great with all of them.

The main reason I asked for this figure was so I could open it up and display it in my cabinet with my sixth scale horror figures.  I saw a lot of collectors posing him this way on various forums and I knew he had to join my Freddy and Jason.  Don’t worry – Ash is in there with them all, too.


Here in Canada, this figure runs about $35 most places and I think it’s worth the money.  I’m a big fan of it except the misplaced painted eye and how it falls over when I’m really trying to get it into more dynamic poses.

Enjoy the video!!