Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Snake Man-At-Arms


June, 2012 was a great month for Masters of the Universe Classics, in my opinion. First, we had the amazing Horde Prime and we also got the second quarterly bonus figure of the year, Snake Man-At-Arms.

“Snake” Man-At-Arms you ask? Well, yeah! For those not in the know, the 200X MYP He- Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon was darker than the Filmation cartoon I grew up with.  I loved the style of the cartoon and how the themes and plots weren’t as kid-friendly or safe as the original.

That being said, in the episode, “Second Skin,” Man-At-Arms (Duncan), along with Teela and Mekaneck, was transformed into a Snake Man by King Hssss with the power of the Serpent’s Ring.

By the end of the episode, everyone is back to normal (from what I remember), but the bio for this figure takes the plot of the episode one step further.  Instead of Duncan getting changed back and going on his merry way, he remains in his snake form until he was basically killed by Clamp Champ.  When I first read the bio, it was my first real moment with the Classics bios where I screamed like Luke in The Empire Strikes Back, yelling at the package, “That’s not true! That’s impossible!!!”

I was totally surprised that Matty and The Four Horsemen were actually giving the fans this figure.  I was all for it and thought it was a really cool idea.  I think some people were pissed off, like usual, on various forums and groups because there wasn’t too much new with this figure and we were paying full price for it.

You’ll see a comparison in just a bit between this figure and the original Classics Man-At-Arms, but besides the Serpent’s Ring and the new head, everything else had been used before.  We have Roboto’s arms on this figure, a longer loincloth that we saw on Hordak, and, yep, those damn Trap-Jaw legs were back again.  At least the armor got some new paint apps.

I didn’t have an issue with this figure being a mash-up.  I know companies do this stuff in order to help pay for partially or newly tooled parts and figures.  I was just happy that this was green-lit.

This head sculpt is wicked.  I how vicious it is and it reflects how truly possessed Man-At-Arms is.  He’s no longer the character we’ve grown to know – he’s just a vessel for evil now.  It works sooo well.


For your viewing pleasure, here’s the first Man-At-Arms release beside the Snake Man-At-Arms figure.  You’ll notice where there are differences with the paint decos and the swapped parts previously mentioned.  I know some people took the Man-At-Arms head and put it on this Snake Man-At-Arms’ body to make their own 200X version of Duncan.


The figure came with two accessories: the mace (with some paint on the circles) and the Serpent’s ring.  I love that there’s a snake (with a defined head) sculpted onto the ring.  It makes for a cool accessory and one I keep in my King Hssss’ hand on my shelf.

I find that no matter how you pose this figure, it just looks fierce and like it wants to destroy anything that comes in its path.

To this day, my figure’s joints and articulation are still working well.  Nothing is loose or too tight.

I thought it would be fun if I did a few pics with Duncan being put under the spell of the Serpent’s Ring from King Hssss.  I know I should have used the 200X King Hssss, but seeing how I’m looking back at these figures in the order they are released, I haven’t gotten to him yet in a feature, so I’m not introducing it at this point.


While this figure is damn cool and makes another excellent addition to Hssss’ army, it does create some sadness realizing who this is really supposed to be.

This figure also came with a comic book from Dark Horse comics.  I have it in a safe spot but if you’d like to read what was in it and the others, make sure to pick up the MOTU Comic Collection from Dark Horse.

I’m still a big fan of this figure.  It was an excellent idea to make and pulling the trigger on such a big decision regarding the fate of Duncan sure caused a stir.  This is one of those figures that I actually appreciate more now after taking pictures of it for this feature and will be reposing it more periodically now on my shelf.

He seems to hover around the $50 US price point on Ebay, so if you missed him, I don’t you’ll be disappointed shelling out a bit extra to snag him for your collection.