Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – Horde Prime

After a so-so month in May of 2012 (the awesome Stinkor, the so-so Slush Head and the poor Mighty Spector), June had to be on-point to erase Spector from the minds of many.  The first of two figures from that month, Horde Prime, did that and it remains a fan favourite of many (and mine).

Horde Prime was a character that made his debut and appeared, to a degree, in the She-Ra: Princess of Power Filmation cartoon.  What I meant by “to a degree” is that Horde Prime was basically a smoke silhouette with a voice.  We never saw much of Prime’s appearance at all except for a large robotic arm that would come out after Hordak in some episodes.

For the MOTU comics in the UK, Horde Prime was actually drawn and given a more face that has been deemed “insect-like.”  I’m not sure if Mattel had to sign off on this design and if the artist(s) had to work alongside the company in creating it, but the end product looked decent.

When the figure was announced, Matty/Mattel and everyone involved with the figure did a stellar job keeping the head sculpt secret until he started landing in people’s mailboxes.  I was impressed because I thought it was going to leak sooner than it did.  I remember people starting to post it on some forums and Facebook, but I actually resisted and stayed away from the spoilers.  The same goes for the secondary head it came with.

A great write-up about everything to do with Horde Prime can be found over at Wiki Grayskull – a site I reference sometimes for my features.  You can click the link to also see the image of Horde Prime from the POP Filmation cartoon and the UK comic version.

The packaging is the same old, same old, except the large MOTU 30th anniversary logo in the middle of the back that was on all the figures throughout the year.  I think it’s great that there’s actually no picture of Horde Prime for the bio, lending to the mystery around the figure inside.  The name Anillis Kur sounds awesome and instantly ties him to Hec-Tor Kur, otherwise known as Hordak.

The bio explains how Hordak ended up on Eternia, going after He-Ro, and how things will eventually go full circle, sending the biggest bad-ass in the universe to meet his fate.  I think the bio was well-written and allowed a lot of holes to be filled, but at the same time, really laid a time-line out.


With the helmet on, this is one of the tallest standard MOTUC figures in the line.  The grandeur expressed through the outfit lets you know this character is of the utter-most importance.  The large shoulder pads and cape, oversized Horde bat logo, elongated outfit that extends past his waste, and the large bat wings just screams majesty. Let’s not forget how the black and red colour scheme really reflects evil here.

I love keeping the helmet on my figure on the shelf.  I love how the menacing eyes peer out through the mask.  I wouldn’t have even minded if Matty and the Four Horsemen would have just left the helmet as non-removable and just leave the eye sculpt  underneath it just to keep the mystery…but they didn’t!


When you first take the the helmet off, it makes you think that you’re looking at an older looking Hordak.  I think the longer face (red floppy skin or is it facial hair) and larger ears really show there’s a difference in age between Prime and Hordak.  I’m also quite happy they kept the look of their race to kind.  I makes me want to know if there are more of their species out there (or what happened to them).  I think it’s also a great idea that no additional colours were used for the face because it blends exceptionally well with the rest of the figure.


As alluded to, Horde Prime comes with a second head so people who are/were “in the know” could display the character how they’ve always dreamed: with the UK comic head.  While the outfit doesn’t really reflect the outfit from the UK comic, besides the larger shoulder pads, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  The head still works with the figure and the white face contrasts well with the black and red.

As for the “insect-like” appearance, I really don’t see it.  I never thought the head had antennae.  I just figured it was the design of the hat/helmet for some weird reason.  When I look a the face sculpt, it reminds me more of Dr. Fu Manchu more than anything.


With two heads and huge cape/armour piece, you’d think this huge hunk of plastic already had enough and would make fans of the line happy to come without anything else.  To sweeten the pot, the figure also came with the patented, traditional Horde crossbow in silver, a transformed and more robotic-looking crossbow, as well as a high-tech looking staff that seems to also double as some sort of laser/blaster at the top.


No matter what combination of weapons and head display you use, Horde Prime looks simply amazing.  As you can see, the high-tech crossbow fits into Prime’s right hand.  Simply pop out the right hand and voilà!

Doubling the staff as a weapon totally works for me.  While I’m not 100% sure if that’s what it should be used for, it seems sculpted that way.   Rip that helmet off to have your figure take a more focused blast!

Below are various pictures I took for the feature.  I had a great time posing the figure and both of my figures still are still in really good condition (and came as such).  Neither have loose joints or issues.  There’s a bit of red paint slop in a few places but nothing that really affects my overall thoughts on it.

This figure would probably place in my top 10 of the line if I had to ever narrow them down and actually do a Top 10 list.  I think he was a pleasant surprise for many.  I know he was for me!  I don’t remember people bitching about it when it came out, but then again, unless it was a vast majority of people complaining (like when it came to Spector), I wasn’t paying too much attention.

This is a great figure and, like usual, if there was a second way to display, I had to grab two (and as you can see, I did).  If you missed out on him, get online and track one down! You won’t regret it.