Masters of the Universe Classics Rewind – The Mighty Spector (30th Anniversary Series)


Yep, I’m BAAA-AACK! It’s been awhile but I’m continuing my look back at the Masters of the Universe Classics line in the order they came out.  What better way to come back after a near-month break and breather than looking back at a figure that caused some serious backlash and division in the MOTU community?  That figure is none other than The Mighty Spector.

Before I continue, before the holiday break, I was unsure if I was going to continue on with the site.  With family, work, and other hobbies I enjoy that I’ve neglected to do this site, I was pondering if it was all worth it.  I had a vent/diatribe post that I have now taken down.  I had quite a few responses via email and posts to that article that made me decide to keep on going, but to slow things down a bit.  Thank you for all your support and…HAPPY NEW YEAR! With that all being said…

MOTU was celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012 and, alongside the usual MOTUC line, Matty Collector/Mattel commissioned a special six-figure line that would feature all-new characters.  We had already received Fearless Photog and the amazing Draego-Man.  The Mighty Spector was the third figure in the line and it came out in May of 2012.

This figure was the creation of the (then) brand manager, Scott Neitlich.  Just over three years into the line, Neitlich had supporters and haters.  Not just people that disliked him, I mean actual HATERS.  I never understood why.  The guy made mistakes here and there, but I found his passion for the line, and delivering many things I thought we’d never see happen ever, outweigh any of the mistakes made.  I had absolutely no issue with him being one of the people chosen to create a new Masters of the Universe figure…and I still don’t.

What I had an issue with, as with many, is the figure just didn’t look like a character that would be in the Masters of the Universe world.  He looked more like a Marvel Legends figure more than anything (a blend between Cabal and Deadpool perhaps?).

The bio just doesn’t do anything for me.  Some guy named “John” gets flung into a portal, meets and serves King He-Man, and then gets to be a time traveler who can help those in battle? Geesh.  I think it’s even more insulting when it is written in one of the future bios that he actually offs one of Skeletor’s well-known henchmen.

As you can see below, the figure is pretty damn basic.  From the reuse of Trap Jaw‘s legs (yet again – yawn), to the bare chest that only has a holster, featuring an ace of all things, the figure is just boring.  The colours don’t do anything for me either.  It’s not aesthetically pleasing.

The face sculpt and design of the figure (as seen in the blurry photo below I’ll end up fixing soon) just doesn’t scream “MOTU.” It doesn’t even whisper it.  It looks like some guy in a mask who was trying to put on some face-paint to look menacing and then said, “screw it.”


The left forearm has a slot where you can interchange this little blaster thing.  The one that isn’t firing can be seen throughout various pictures in this feature while the one with the laser firing out of it has a close-up below.

The Mighty Spector comes with a gun that fits snugly in the holster.  I’ll give points for the top of the gun looking like the back-tip of the laser.  I’ll also say that while the gun isn’t as elaborate as many other weapons in the line, it is unique.

To tell you the truth, before sitting down with this figure to take pictures for this feature, I was never bothered enough to really pose it in various ways.  While the figure does look better in more dynamic poses than what I had on my shelf, it always looks like a Marvel character ready to shoot things up rather than a MOTU entity.

I suppose I wouldn’t mind seeing The Mighty Spector fry someone’s face off with the flame on his laser.


Yeah, this feature isn’t as long as many I’ve done in the past.  I guess it all goes with how much interest I have in a figure that really dictates how much I can say about it.  For this figure, I’ve tried to be concise with what I don’t like without the vitriol that was spat at the time towards Neitlich and others that didn’t mind the figure.  I will end by saying this figure would easily appear in my bottom five MOTUC without hesitation.