Star Wars: The Black Series Amazon Exclusives and Rey’s Speeder (w/Rey) by Hasbro Review

Happy official release day of The Last Jedi! I’ll be sitting comfortable with a beverage in had at 7:50 tonight with my wife (yeah, she’s gonna go with me) to get lost in what is being touted as an excellent movie.

I’ve stayed away from spoilers and only saw one trailer.  I’m the same way with album teasers.  I need to watch and hear things in one sitting with fresh eyes and ears.  I may even post a review.  I dunno.

Anyway, this site is more about collecting than anything else so I thought I’d save three recent additions to my Star Wars figure collection to feature here and in the video embedded below from my YouTube channel.  This won’t be a long feature, but I wanted to add to the plethora of Star Wars hype today.  Two of these are exclusive to Amazon (.com AND .ca), and one I still hadn’t seen in person in a store until about two weeks ago.  Here we go!

Elite Praetorian Guard (with Heavy Blade)

I already took a look at the first Praetorian Guard back in early October and this figure is basically the same except it has a different weapon, a differently styled helmet, and is exclusive to Amazon! Everything I said about the other figure applies here, but if I had to pick one stylistic approach it would be the other one because of my preference of helmet.  Army builders will really dig these guys and how they act and what they do will probably effect the amount sold.  For me, one of each to hang in the package is good enough for me.

First Order Stormtrooper

This is the second Amazon (.com and .ca) exclusive for this feature.  While we have gotten a few First Order Troopers in the Black Series line already, this one is special because it blends many of the versions seen in The Force Awakens, and presumably in The Last Jedi, all into one package.

Speaking of “package,” that’s where an exclusive like this shines for me being someone who keeps his collection to display in the packaging.  The figure comes shipped with this really cool slipcase that has illustrations of the three variations of Troopers you can create with this release, while the back runs down the names of the three Troopers while showcasing the plethora of accessories.

Under the slipcase is this awesome display of the classic Death Star paneling that opens up so you can get at the figure and his stuff.  I think it’s such an awesome visual and worth the extra bit of money.  If you check out my video for these figures, I show off the back of this, too.

The figure is the same Black Series figure we’ve seen in the past – as far as I can tell.  As you can see on either side of the figure is all the weaponry that you have at your disposal to create your ultimate edition of a First Order Stormtrooper.  Accessories, new and old, will have people mixing and matching for a long time.  I can see army builders buying a couple of these.  This is a well thought out exclusive.

Rey’s Speeder (Jakku)

This is my third Star Wars: Black Series vehicle.  I snagged the huge Tie Fighter (never did a feature on it, though – it’s still hanging in the HUGE box in my drum room), while I bought the SDCC of Luke’s Landspeeder.  I mentioned I’d love to get a second in the more standard packaging but that vehicle/figure set, just like this one, are $100 here in Canada….PLUS tax.

That being said, I had not seen that set nor this one in a store until about two weeks ago, still at the $100 price point.  During Black Friday week, I finally scored on of these at $60.  I still shed tears seeing people in the USA post pictures of them picking up these vehicles at $40 or less.

Focusing back on the vehicle/figure set, you can see the packaging is pretty attractive.  While it still features the same Black Series aesthetics, I think the blend of the illustrations, the actual product, and the figure in the window, all makes for quite the visual feast.


This Rey figure included depicts her outfit as she travels on her speeder on the dry and dusty Jakku.  I really like this variation of the figure.  While don’t find the vehicle that exciting, this figure is definitely the reason I purchased the set.

The box is way lighter than expected, so I’m assuming this Speeder is super light.  It’s times like this where I wish I had the room to actually open and display all this stuff so I could have a better handle on it all, but, alas, I don’t.  From all the promo pictures, it looks like Hasbro tried to make it worth the money with the panel that can be exposed, the junk included, the stand that allows the vehicle to be display on a slant like it’s turning, and the paint job.

The close-ups below really show the damage and cut marks on the packaging that arrived.  I didn’t have the time (nor energy) to put in for an exchange, so it is what it is.  It’s not like I’m collecting these or keeping them in the box as an investment.