Star Wars: The Force Awakens Luke Skywalker Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Review


I’ve had this figure for just over a month now.  I was humming and hah-ing about getting it and then I did the same thing when I got it in the mail and took it out of the package, hence why it took me so long to get around to featuring it on here.

Before I go any further, I need to state two things that really had me on the fence about getting this figure: the cost of it for what you receive and the face sculpt/portrait that is looking off to the left.  Both of these really deterred me for clicking the “order” button.

The issue with the price was softened a bit by $50 off I got from my reward coupons and I eased my stance on the side-looking face after seeing some excellent pictures from other reviewers and on Instagram.  Unfortunately both those issues came flooding back after getting the figure.  You will see that this review (and the video embedded from my YouTube channel at the end) will be shorter than others I have done.

We get the same style box here as the majority of the other Hot Toys Star Wars collectibles.  I think it’s time to change things up a bit but I can understand how people who display their boxes would want the continuity.

The figure, that represents  Luke Skywalker’s minute screen time in The Force Awakens, is your basic Hot Toys figure underneath the outfit.  All the regular articulation is here and I had no issues with loose or stiff joints and that was a relief after some of the ups and down with figures this year.

The outfit isn’t anything to get excited about. It’s done well and replicates what Luke wears in the film, but there really isn’t too much to gush over here.  The little pouch on the belt isn’t removable and I really didn’t play around with the belt to even see if it is easily removable.

The head sculpt is pretty good.  I really like the way the hair and the beard is sculpted.  The expression isn’t bad either.  I’m really impressed with how the little details like the slight wrinkling in the forehead and how the skin folds around his eyes and cheeks really bring it to life.

Like I already mentioned, what gets me here is how the eyes are looking off to the left.  I’m not a fan of figures where they’re looking over to the side because I think it severely limits how you can display the figure.  It’s a huge reason why I won’t be ordering the Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise figure.

Usually I’m getting excited at this point to gush about all the extras and goodies these figures come with.  This time around, I’m not because the figure only comes with three robotic hands and three left human hands in total.  That’s it! The robotic hands are a softer plastic but at least the detailing is intricate.  All these hands can swap in and out with no issues as well.

The robe Luke comes with has two magnets that help it rest on his shoulders.  When I first got the figure, something wasn’t in place properly and it took a lot of fidgeting to get it all the everything to line up properly for a good magnetic connection.

I still have to take the time over the holidays to take some of the extra creasing out of the cape so it looks better.  I’m also not a fan of how pointy the hood is. It seems too large and doesn’t sit on him well.  I’m up for suggestions on how to get the top of the hood to look less like a point.

Like usual, we get a display stand with the figure.  The more basic one follows the same aesthetic as the other figures from The Force Awakens.  Thankfully, this was still considered a “pre-order” on Sideshow’s site when I ordered it (although it was already shipping) so it came with the special bonus diorama stand.  I tell you, for the amount of money they charge for this figure, this “bonus” should have just been standard with all of them.  The diorama base is the one that I’m currently using in my display cabinet with this figure.

I said in my video at the end that I was really surprised that Hot Toys decided to use the same portrait for their newest Luke Skywalker figure that will be released late next year based off of The Last Jedi.   At few days after filming it, Hot Toys showed off some different promo pics where the eyes and head don’t look 100% like this one and I think that’s a good decision.  Leading up to the release of that figure, I may decide to sell this one for that one.

I thought I would like this figure a lot more in hand.  I was so on the fence about it and took the plunge only to be underwhelmed.  For the price of this figure, I just don’t understand why we got so little especially in comparison to so many other sixth scale figures.  I don’t get why he couldn’t even just come with the lightsaber hilt.  The value simply isn’t here for me, even with the extra $50 I saved. This should be a $150 at the most.

I think when I dwell on the lack of extras and then go back to the side stare, I can’t appreciate it like I should.  This figure is almost essential for many collections and I think that Hot Toys knew that people would pick it up no matter how much or how little it came with.  At least all these characters from the film look great together.  Now I just have to track down a Finn figure…

Enjoy the video.