The Hilarious House of Frightenstein: ON VINYL!

Readers know I love The Hilarious House of Frightenstein! I’ve written about it in the past and I also got an awesome interview with Frightenstein Vinyl/Groove Records, who had the passion to put the show out this release before it dropped!

I’m completely stoked to announce that my two copies arrived last Friday.  I ended up getting the versions with Count Frightenstein (Billy Van, yo!) and Vincent Price.  I knew I needed the main character for the version I was going to play.  I got the Vincent Price version because of the glow in the dark feature and as a collector’s item.  I would have loved to score the other two versions (the Wolfman and Igor), but I just didn’t have the funds at the time.   If you bought all four, you also got a special tote bag, too!  Maybe the people at Groove Vinyl have some extras they can toss my way!

The records were shipped very securely, so I’ll assume that anything you buy from them will be shipped the same way.  I was also really impressed with the record sleeves they came with.  Most companies will ship you the record and assume you’re buying the sleeve but Groove Records shipped these with what I would probably call the most solid and protective sleeves I’ve ever gotten with records.

The front and the back of both records are high end.  They are of great quality with the graphics and the paper used.  The drawings of both Billy Van as Count Frightenstein and Vincent Price really convey their characters on the show without being a parody.  It’s an excellent style and a great idea to blend a cartoon look with the actors.

The count’s vinyl is clearer than I was expecting, but that’s not a bad thing because the red splatter truly shines.  As for the sound, I only have one loud pop on side A.  Besides that, everything sounds high end and very clean.


I said in my video review (featured at the end) I was a bit disappointed that the intro track where The Count and Igor have their banter and sing “Gory, Gory Transylvania” could have been a better version because of how The Count ends suddenly.  I stand by that.  I love how his impromptu endings in the show would carry on in some instances and I wish that was portrayed here.  Instead, the one featured here has The Count going right to point and ending the song.  I wanted more of Billy Van’s impromptu magic to shine.  Then again, everyone is going to have their favourite moments, right?

As well, while Grizelda is one of my favourite characters on the show, the segment used seems to be more reliant on sight gags with Billy Van losing his mind laughing and I think it doesn’t translate as well as an audio release as some other selections could have.

The song used for the Wolfman segment totally reminds me of the theme music The Ultimate Warrior used when he ran to the ring.  It’s like the writer of his theme music totally ripped it off. It’s a killer tune and a really excellent surprised to have included.  I remember reading Groove Vinyl

A cool bonus/surprise was the inclusion of two postcards featuring Billy Van as Count Frightenstien! Bonus points for the inclusion of Igor and Brucie!


The booklet included recounts tales from the set and features many never seen before photos.  It was such a treat to sit and read all of it and flip through the photos while listening to the album.  This was worth the price of the record!

As mentioned, the Vincent Price version glows in the dark.  I tried to take some photos of it because it is quite bright, but my camera just couldn’t pick it up no matter what settings I used.  It comes through in the video at the end, though, so make sure you check that out!


Vincent Price’s version also comes with some bonus post cards, too! The difference is the addition of writing that probably came from the fan club back in the day.  Little touches like this show that Groove Vinyl are also true fans of the show.

Having gotten the release in on Friday, I’ve already spun it all four times.  Yeah, four times.  Of course I was listening to it while doing stuff for the site and it brought a smile to my face to whole time and couldn’t wait to spin it again.  I turn the big 4-0 this week and I’m excited for my buds to come over this weekend to spin it for them.  It’s that much of a treat.

While some may question the choice of some of the segments over others, this release was done with care and by fans for fans.  I will have no issue parting with my money for any more releases if they continue to do them.  I feel sorry for anyone coming late to the party for these releases because I think they are going to be hard to get on the aftermarket due to their 1000 per copy run.  While I’m kicking myself for not being able to afford the Wolfman and Igor releases so I could see their postcards and the work done on their vinyl, I’m gonna try and hunt them down eventually.  Thanks to Groove Vinyl and everyone behind the scenes for making this all happen. a

Enjoy the video!