The Future of Electrified Porcupine

Hey, people that read this site/blog!  I have some stuff I’m contemplating quite hard.  It has to do with the future with this site and all my social media.I’ve had a great time learning how to take everything I do for this site to another level. This includes taking pictures (the lighting, the editing, and everything that goes along with photography). my YouTube channel, and all other social media channels.  I’m still what I consider an amateur, but I feel I really have gotten better.

Here’s the problem: my WordPress account is getting close to capacity.  That means I’ll have to pay double what I have the last two years in order to keep the site going.  At this point, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

While I’ve been happy with the growth I’ve had, I just simply can’t “compete” or be “relevant” with those in the US or overseas who get things I collect weeks ahead of what I do.  I don’t get breaks, I don’t have endorsements, and while I’ve had sponsorship, that hasn’t even helped (and I’ve cut ties with some and some have done so with me because I haven’t delivered).  I don’t have the opportunity as a Canadian to use US shops that ship to US addresses for $5-15 bucks to get new products within a week or their release dates or earlier.  Instead, I’d have to pay 40-50 US PLUS customs and tax (and the awful conversion of the Canadian dollar), just to try and get stuff close to a release date.

I’ve contacted many companies whose products I’ve featured out of love of what I’ve purchased for my own collection.  I’ve never looked for stuff for free but US companies don’t give two shits for Canadian sites. I’ve seen that Canadian sites don’t give two shits about collaborating with or endorsing an up and coming Canadian site.

I know I’m late to the party with this kind of stuff.  I focus on a lot of stuff I enjoy so I’m not just a “toy” site. I’m not just a “wrestling” site. I’m not just a “sixth scale” site. I’m not just a “music” site.  I started this site to bring my love of all the stuff I enjoy to others.  Frankly, I don’t think it has taken off like I would have and I think my hodgepodge approach, especially doing 99% of the content myself, has bit me in the ass.

I’m not a site that just copies and pastes corporate press releases. There are many that do that, so why would I? I’m not looking for “hits” for something like that.  I’m a one man show that juggles my passion for all the stuff I like with a family, a career, and (a bit of) a social life.  I don’t follow thousands on Instagram or Twitter, so I’ve learned fast that people only follow or will keep following you if you do the same.  Frankly, I don’t give a fuck if you follow me on any social media and if I’m not interested in or have any relevance to your stuff (eg: clothing, cosmetics), don’t be alarmed I don’t follow you back. If you follow me just for me to follow you, piss off.  It boggles my mind people actually have the time to do that stuff or to follow thousands of accounts.

Suffice to say, I’ve had a bit of support.  Not much, but I am grateful for those who have. If you told me Val from would be an advocate of mine when I first stared this site, I would have laughed. I thank him so much for the exposure.

The funny thing is if even half the people on my friends list on my personal account (even the 20 or so who absolutely close to me) would “like” or “share” here and there, perhaps I’d also get more exposure, but no one does.  I guess being almost 40 in a week, the people I grew up and those I’m close with don’t give two shits about the stuff I like (I guess I haven’t “grown up”) and really don’t give a shit about most social media. Can I really blame them?  I don’t!  I mean, I don’t repost, like, and/or share their memes they post.

With all this being said, I have about just over a month to decide whether or not I continue. I’ve treated myself (with the generous help of some family and friends due to an early birthday party) to a new surround sound system.  I’ve added an Xbox One X and 4K TV to my man-cave.   I also lucky to be able to do so and to have the funds to buy what I enjoy.

I am strongly heading towards just ending the site and all social media to concentrate on family and, in my spare time, just enjoying what I purchase instead of rushing to see if I can get a “scoop” or first to media blitz.  I’m done with all that craziness.  On top of it all, just going back to gaming while listening to tunes is more of a peaceful thing.

I don’t owe anyone anything except what I owe myself and I think I owe myself piece of mind.  I think the numbers of the growth with my followers over all social media probably speak for itself: it’s just not worth wasting my own leisure time for so few.  Hell, I sent out so much press about the first year of this site – being unique to not only my town of London, but my province of Ontario, but no one gave two shits.

So now the question is, why do I waste my time? I do enjoy what I do and what I’ve done.  I love writing. I now love taking pictures and learning how to edit them better (just look at the difference between the first half of a year on this site to now).  I also love gaming.  I also love playing music.  Those two things have basically been shelved for something I thought I could truly could contribute to a community.

Sorry for the rant, but that’s how I feel and I’m sure the response to this will be as much as anything else I’ve done on here for almost two years: minimal.  I just don’t think I’m going to spend double the money next year on this site when I make nothing on it. That’s not to say I started this site to make money.  I made it so I could share my passion for the hobbies I enjoy but I don’t know if it’s worth spending a third year of money on it if I barely get anything in return for my efforts.

For those who have liked and tried to spread things on social media, thank you. You are a minority, but I know who you are.  Perhaps I just needed to vent having a blah few days.  If you did read all this, thanks!