Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con 2017 Exclusives by Super7 (Part 2)


Two Masters of the Universe Classics 3-packs were available from Power-Con and Super7 this year.  One featured three familiar characters done as comic colour variants (check out my look at them here) and this one featuring three new characters.

The story behind these characters in the set (if I am recalling info correctly) is the discovery of artwork made for card backs for these characters before the vintage line got cancelled.

The vintage Masters of the Universe line was always about reusing parts while still trying to make characters look new and refreshing. These new characters really take that mashing-up attitude to heart by swapping many pieces and parts of existing MOTUC figures to create plastic representations of what may have been in 80s line.

We always embraced Mer-Man and Stinkor being two separate characters (same with Beast Man and Moss Man) but they are basically the exact same figure, just done up a bit differently, so I don’t think that mindset should change with these figures.  I can totally understand how they may not be for everyone and that’s why these are a good choice to be exclusives.  Then again, die hard completists for this line around the world may have had to pass because of the price plus shipping.

Just like the comic 3-pack, there was panic created online when people first saw these and started to get them in their hand.  Some outspoken people on various forums and Facebook pages cried that they looked horrible, the plastic was too glossy, the articulation didn’t work the same, the paint wasn’t good, and more that I can’t think of as I’m typing this late at night.

I admit, I did get worried a bit and was contemplating cancelling them because buying two of each hit my wallet hard and I just didn’t know if I could justify paying for something many were calling inferior.  Then I calmed down and decided to wait to get them in hand.  I knew if I felt that disappointed when I got them, I could get close to what I paid for them if I wanted to sell them.  Thankfully,  I don’t think either 3-pack are as flawed as vocal minority made them out to be.

The box has the Classics aesthetics that us long term collectors are used to and I’m happy that they’ll blend in with everything else.  Three new bios are featured on the back with some fantastic artwork showcasing all three characters in battle (with some foreshadowing in the background with another character).



Terroar is a being who was frozen and sent barreling through space, landing on Eternia. When awoken during a battle between factions, he ended up becoming an amalgamation of various inhabitants of Eternia.  As you can see, Terroar blends Whiplash with Trap Jaw (and he wears Mosquitor’s boots).  King Hssss decided to help Terroar, so Terroar decided to pledge his allegiance to the Snake Men. It’s wacky, yep.

I think the character works when you get used to everything blending together.  The colours used and the contrasts really help.  While the skin colour works well, just seeing “Whiplash” in this colour (especially with the close-up shot below) makes you chuckle.


Just like Trap Jaw in his other various representations, you get three interchangeable  weapons: the claw, the hook, and the blaster.  I had no issues swapping them in or out.

What’s this piece you ask? It’s Terroar’s way of showing that he actually took on the ability of yet another inhabitant of Eternia: Rattlor, the member of the Snake Men who could instantly spring his head forward at his foes through extending his neck.  This piece allows you to do the same with the figure.


As you can see, Terroar is out for blood with his striking ability and it looks quite cool.  The only thing I don’t get is why the paint on the extending neck piece is different than the middle of the torso.  I would have liked that to match.

You’ll need to use a hair dryer to heat up the head piece to pop it off and then heat up all the pieces a bit to snap them all into place because it’s all quite snug and tight (you’ll see this all in the video at the end of this feature).  People cried fowl about this because we really never needed to do this before with MOTUC figures.  Well, if you’ve collected other lines (especially NECA), this happens quite a bit with other figures.  It’s nothing to lose sleep over. I’ll also add you have to heat up the figure’s hand if you want him to hold the snake staff accessory I’ll be discussing later.

Here’s a comparison shot of Whiplash with his (kinda) doppelganger.  I wonder if they’d get along.




Plasmar has been hunting the Snake Men after seeing his family and friends all die at their hands.  The story is simple and makes sense.  I like in the bio how Plasmar is also tied into MOTU continuity by being enlisted by Clamp Champ and is also on the hunt for Camo Kahn, one of the exclusives from last year.

As you can see, Plasmar is Fisto from the waist up, wearing Rio-Blast’s forearm pieces and Sir Laser Lot’s armor.  The lower half seems to be Sssqueeze’s bottom half, leg armor, and boots but with different paint.  The bio mentions that Plasmar wears the hides of the dead Snake Men as a trophy, so I’m assuming he’s wearing snake skin on his lower half for intimidation.


Below is a closer look to see how you insert the cyber guns that Rio Blast uses and a closer look at the reptile legs.

The bio also explains that Plasmar has the knowledge to create and use various powerful weapons he’s seen and that’s why he has Rio Blast’s cyber guns and a Horde crossbow.  The translucent plastic is a great touch for these weapons and I’m a sucker for new Horde crossbows in new colours or variations.


While I wasn’t too excited about Plasmar leading up to this release, but after posing him and reading the bio, I’ve warmed up to him more.  I just envision him just being a cold-blooded killer of the Snake Men who won’t rest until justice for his fallen friends and family has been served.

Here’s Fisto alongside Plasmar.  Brothers from a different mother indeed!



Lord Gr’asp

This guy! This guy was the character I was really looking forward to the most in this set.  He just looks so bad-ass! The character’s bio really accentuates the gnarly look of the character with his ties to the Unnamed One and Lady Slither, as well as his battle prowess and manipulation factor – all just to obtain power.  Yep, that IS bad-assery right there.

Lord Gr’asp is an amalgamation of Sssqueeze with Scareglow’s cape, Clawful‘s claw, and what seems to me to be the regular male legs.

I love the look of Sssqueeze’s head in a glossy black with the yellow around the lips.  I’m not a fan of the red paint slop all over his teeth, though.  Then again, I’m training my mind to think that it’s blood from taking chomps out of his victims.  That works, doesn’t it?


The glossy black and yellow highlights on the figure help make his “Captor Claw” seem more in place on the figure and I think the black paint design on the claw itself is a pretty cool idea.

I also really like the snake emblem on the figure’s chest.  I really didn’t notice it at first for some reason and it’s just another pleasant surprise and extra on the figure.

I may get some flack for this, and I’m fine with that, but the two accessories you see below aren’t technically supposed to go with Lord Gr’asp.  The shield is supposed to, but the snake staff (another weapon I always welcome in different colours) is technically supposed to go with Terroar.  I don’t know why, but when I was taking pics, I thought it went better with Lord Gr’asp and I think I’ll keep it with him on my shelf and I posed him with it for this feature, too.

I think he looks awesome with both accessories in his hand.

More comparison fun: here’s Sssqueeze with Lord Gr’asp.


The joints for all these figures were a little tight here and there, but after working them in, I had no issues. Hell, I’d rather have some articulation being a little stiff than loose. That concern of some people wasn’t an issue for me.  Same with the plastic used – it’s a bit more on the glossy side but it doesn’t bother me and I don’t find it really stands out when putting these guys on my shelf in the ol’ man cave.

I have no idea where all the doom and gloom came from for this set and the other.  I’m not a company apologist and I’ve called a spade a spade with the figures I use my hard earned money on when I’m not happy with them. While these were expensive and cost me more than I wanted to spend (and aren’t 100% perfect), I’m not disappointed with them at all and I’m happy that they’re in my collection.


Enjoy the video!