Masters of the Universe Classics Power-Con 2017 Exclusives by Super7 (Part 1)


It’s been a long time coming.  I seriously don’t even remember when I pre-ordered this year’s Power-Con exclusives but they are finally here!  After years of having monthly figure arrive on my doorstep, barely getting any MOTU figures in a year has been quite surreal.

This is the second year I’ve purchased exclusive figures that were only available online through the Power-Con convention.  Last year, I bought the Red Beast-Man and Camo Khan figures but I had to pass on the Green Granamyr (due to funds).  I’m thankful us fans have the chance to get these even if we can’t make the long trip to the convention.

This set is based off of three character’s comic book appearances.  We are treated to new variants of Stratos, Trap Jaw, and Prince Adam and while these figures may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I do find them to be suitable choices for an exclusive set. I’ll be looking at the second set in the next day or two.  For those who’d rather watch, there’s a video embedded at the end of the feature.

The packaging is similar to other three packs like the Star Sisters and the Fighting Foe Men in size and aesthetics but on the back there is a large, beautiful illustration of all three figures plus newly written bios.  On the side, there is a Power-Con exclusive logo as well.

All three bios expand on the Classics bios from the original figures.  There is a lot to digest here but I don’t think there is anything here that will make long term fans disgruntled.


If you have a Stratos, I don’t think you’ll be too surprised with what you’re getting here.  This version doesn’t come with his jet pack but he does come with a little plastic belt piece (that I can’t remember the significance of).  He also features a feather neck collar piece made of soft plastic.

Speaking of soft plastic, the major issue for many is the soft plastic used for the bracelets.  Not only is the plastic really soft, the bracelets are loose and don’t stay in place.  People complained before about not being able to move them and now people complain because they won’t stay in place.  I’ll use a small piece of sticky tact to keep them where I want, so it’s not a big deal to me.

All the joints are tight on my figure but not so tight that I would be afraid that anything would break on the figure. This sure beats really loose legs or joints that I’ve had in the past with some figures.

The face sculpt is good – it’s Stratos.  If you liked the sculpt on the older figures, you’re getting the same thing here. The paint work is thankfully pretty clean on the face.


The accessory included for Stratos is his staff.  This is also a repaint of a staff that was released earlier in the line as well.


The great thing about this Stratos figure is you can hold the staff in either hand – something you couldn’t do with the first release of Stratos because of both his open hands.

Below is a comparison picture of the Power-Con Stratos with the first release and the DC Comic two-pack.  I quite like the colours used on the figure.

You’ll see in the comparison picture the ball joints showing at the top of his legs.  All three figures have them showing and that is one thing I really don’t like about the look of the figures in the set.



Trap Jaw

The evil fan favourite gets a variant release that many of been wanting for quite a while.  I find this version blends some of the detailing that was found on the arm of the original Classics release with some of the plain look of the Filmation Club Grayskull figure.

I had no issue switching the attachments on the figure whatsoever.  As well, the articulation of the figure works well and no joints are too loose nor too tight, just like Stratos.  Yeah, there may have a joint that’s a bit too tight at first, but after working them in with a few movements, I really can’t complain about them.

The face sculpt on this guy kinda makes Trap Jaw look like a zombie.  Perhaps that’s also due to the colour the figure is cast in.  There seems to be a bit of an issue with the left eye where just under it, there seems to be some plastic dug out and then it’s accented with a bit of black paint.  I’m not sure if this was an accident or done on purpose.  I would have preferred it to be clean like under the right eye.

I’m unsure why Super7 could add the articulation to Trap Jaw’s jaw.  The other figures we have gotten had it, so I’m a bit disappointed that this edition doesn’t have it.


Just like the vintage toy and the Classics, you get three weapons that you can swap in and out: a blaster, hook, and claw.


Here’s another comparison picture featuring the original Classics release, the Power-Con exclusive and the Club Grayskull Trap Jaw figures.


Prince Adam

Out of the three figures, Prince Adam is the one I like the least.  I find the choice of the expression on the head odd because I just don’t understand why Prince Adam would have such an angry face, as that isn’t his character.  This figure is also the one where I notice the plastic being more glossy than all the other figures we’ve gotten previously in Classics.

The figure’s joints and articulation is similar to the other two figures in the set.  The vest is identical to the first release of the figure but it’s nice to see Super 7 added a spot for Adam’s sword to go.

The head sculpt borrows from the one that first came with Oolar but the hair piece seems to be off.  It’s almost like it got melted a bit and became lopsided.


What would Adam be without the Power Sword? Not He-Man! Thankfully he does come with a newly painted version of the sword that can fit snugly in the back of the vest.

More comparison pictures are below showing the various Prince Adam faces that came with the first release and the head that came with Oolar.

I was expecting to be really disappointed with these figures due to people on various groups and forums tearing them down.  Thankfully, they are nowhere near the doom and gloom people were stating.  I can understand some people not being happy with Stratos’ wings not being able to stay in place or the more glossy look of the plastic but c’mon…we’ve had worse issues than these in Classics and other toy lines.

I bought these two sets with my own money and while does periodically feature my Rewind features and I’m allowed to post my links, that has nothing to do with me seeming more positive about these figures than those blasting them.  Hell, I was so nervous about the quality due to the outpouring of disdain for them I was going to almost cancel them by any means necessary.  These were a lot of money for me with the shipping, the dollar conversion, and the customs (that thankfully wasn’t near what I thought I’d get nailed with). I’m glad decided to keep the orders to see them for myself.

As exclusives, the figures were a great choice and I’m happy to have them in my collection.  I’m sure they are going to be good conversation starters when people stop by over the holidays and see that I actually scored some new MOTUC figures finally this year.

As mentioned, the review for the second three pack will be coming tomorrow or Wednesday, so stay tuned.  There are previews on my Facebook page and Instagram – follow them from the main page!


Enjoy the video of the figures (and sub up!)