New Figure Showcase – Predator 30th Figs, Ultimate Ash vs. Evil Dead & Supreme Leader Snoke

I got a couple of figures in over the last two weeks! I usually do focused features where I look at figures from a certain series or property.  Seeing how I’ve already looked at a few figures from one specific property and I have two other figures from separate ones, I thought a little hodgepodge feature was in order!

The first two figures I’m going to feature quickly are from the Predator 30th anniversary line from NECA.  I already took a look at many figures, plus the SDCC exclusive from this line but one figure I couldn’t find and I passed on the other.  Now I’m happy to say they’re both in my collection!

Jungle Extraction Dutch (NECA Toys)

I passed on this figure because, if you check out my feature on the figures in this line that I linked above, there are so many variations on Dutch, I figured the one I got at retail was the one that encompassed the character the most.

I ended up getting this figure for free (thanks, Wes), so I chose this version over the remaining one that I would need to complete the collection.  I like the vest and the abundance of accessories it comes with.

I think I’m most impressed the head sculpt on this figure the most, although the small attention to detail all over the figure isn’t anything to scoff at either.  The camo paint on his face doesn’t take away from the expression and you can also appreciate the stubble all over his face.  That’s some fine detailing right there! Props also for the cigar!


Jungle Disguise Dutch (NECA Toys)

Now THIS was the other Dutch I really wanted to get when I picked up all the other figures I first featured a few months ago.  Alas, there was no sight of him at the local comic store and I haven’t seen him since. Thanks to my sis and bro-in-law, they snagged this for me in Toronto as an early birthday present.  Aren’t they amazing??

I’m really impressed with this figure, too, minus the wonky paint job on the eyes.  I also wish the figure’s head was tilted down slightly in the packaging (as I’ll be keeping these guys in the box and hanging in the man-cave).

Once again, the sculpt on the face/head is quite mind blowing.  The intricate detailing on the chest and the shoulder area of the mud and foliage on Dutch must have taken some time to get right.  Add the lit torch (and spear) to the package and you have quite a cool collectible in and out of the box.


Ultimate Ash – Ash vs. Evil Dead (NECA Toys)

While I thoroughly enjoyed season one of Ash vs. Evil Dead (and am hoping to get season two on Blu Ray for Christmas), I didn’t collect the figures.  It’s not that they’re bad at all, but they just started to appear in my Toys R Us here in Ontario, Canada and I had other stuff to buy.  I still may need to get them just to get those damn awesome Deadites.

The packaging is similar to the Ultimate Friday the 13th Part 3 Jason Voorhees figure with the lenticular front that gives it a 3-D effect.  I think they could put this effect on other collectibles and I’d buy them just for the box.  Seriously, though, this is a cool box.

The back features a quick write-up and the figure posed with the various heads and weapons it comes with.  I have yet to see this in any stores here but, again, my sister and bro-in-law bought this for me in Toronto as part of an early birthday gift. Hoorabies for them! Thank you!

Like all the other “Ultimate” versions NECA has produced, inside the amazing outer packing, opening up the flap reveals the figure clearly in a window box with the figure posed on the left inside flap.  I think NECA has done a stellar job with this line just and it’s so collector friendly.


This figure is loaded more than Ash’s shotgun.  It comes with his trademark chainsaw, a mechanical hand, a wood hand, a hand stump, a photo of his car, and his trusty shotgun.   The figure comes with four interchangeable heads so you can pose Ash to replicate almost any scene you wish.  This is a lot of stuff for your dollar.

Just like previous Ash figures, the detailing on the upper portion of the figure is top notch.   I’m a fan of the wrinkles and creases in the shirt.  It really helps make the figure look more lifelike.

Supreme Leader Snoke – Star Wars: The Black Series (Hasbro)

Leading to the highly anticipated new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi,  we’re finally getting our hands on a Snoke figure! Yeah, I know one has already been released in a huge playset in the 3 3/4″ line so this Game Stop/EB Games exclusive is the most affordable at the moment.  A Snoke figure in regular Black Series packaging is already popping up in the US and will be widespread soon for people who can’t find this exclusive (with the throne) or want a cheaper option.

The throne is the biggest selling point here, of course.  While I keep all my Black Series stuff in the packaging (for hanging or stacking), The throne seems to be perfectly in scale but doesn’t seem to feature a vast amount of detail.

I don’t know why, but I really dig the robe on this guy! It’s tailored well and the belt just makes it seem like he’s quite comfortable wrapped in the robe! Maybe I’m thinking of how I feel when I’m all toasty in my housecoat some mornings on a winter day.


Yikes! What a disturbing head sculpt! It looks like Snoke has been beaten with an ugly stick. Literally.  Hopefully we get to know more about this guy in The Last Jedi because I’d like to know what’s turned him into a prune and what the deal is with all the cranium damage.  I’ll also add that his neck is sickening.


I think Snoke is a hit.  I’m glad Hasbro is giving the collectors the choice to pick up this edition.

Enjoy the video!